An alchemical secret society, devoted to the anonymous research and dissemination of the Hyperborean Tradition in this occult war. We study the ancient myths and lore of the Indo-European ancestral cultures that birth alchemy, visionary herbalism/shamanism, which evolved into the united solar/lunar cult that is the Polar Tradition. It is the inner refinement of the cinnabar path of Odin and Hermes in different phases of mercury, of Apollo as Wolf and Light and God, with the outer rewilding of Dionysus and the forest gods. Honed in war like the ‘barbarian’ Scythians in the external, the microcosmic temple is pure with the training of the inner doctrines of the Sages and adepts of Abaris and Zalmoxis, the teachers of the medicine of the soul. We follow the sacred arts of medicine, war and harmony of Hyperborean Apollo in all aspects and phases. Our life’s work is the relentless pursuit of wisdom and building of discrete initiatory centers, sustainable and autonomous for the devoted to study in the living laboratories of Nature. We work towards a new dynamic alchemy and articulation of the Magus or Adept, working in full spectrum training and discipline for autonomy and self-sufficiency. It is through this strength, skillful means and knowledge that true service can be rendered. Our projects are of creating the finest herbal elixirs for the sick suffering as well as the initiatory elixirs for the spiritual elite who have devoted their life to the Magnum Opus. We present a revived theurgic spagyrics, or spagyricks, a ritualized, talismanic noetic herbalism/spagyrics of cluster medicines and the highest herbo-metallic essences of the Siddhas. We are creating alchemical temples to the Gods, microcosmic laboratories of wombs of the Goddess, with the sacred spring waters, the correspondences of planetary color, frequency and harmonics. Our research extends into the celestial agriculture and Hermetic permaculture, the mysteries of water and fermentation, food flow and forest gardens, and the many others. We are seeking capable, devoted individuals who have fixed the volatile enough to maintain the discipline, spiritual fire and divine fury in pursuit of this path. We seek supporters in many practical ways from multimedia presentations, editing, funding, research projects, seed banks and plant preservation, design drafts, etc. Serious inquiries only.

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