Research societies, secret societies, invisible colleges, think tanks, cultic centers have always existed for good and nefarious purposes. Some are socieites of mutual support draped in sacred symbols most members no nothing about, some are little more than cartels for more sinister groups. The alchemical brotherhoods and and scholarly societies offered a medium for communication, shared agendas, resources and information. As we build a family, an extended tribe/community for modern wisdom revivals, the core group of supporters and those training for full-spectrum adept of the Great Work must step up and aid each other. It is clear to any with discernment that a war, an experiment of nefarious purpose is being conducted on the world, its environment and all life. The very essence of humanity is threatened in a new dark age of which we can not even fathom. The revolutionary, biophobic forces that have been burning the Tradition from the world will never be satisfied or placated. There is no end game in their actions that retains the microcosmic sacredness of human life and the beauty of culture and Tradition. We can see the clouds gather of the full brunt of the tyranny that has been festering in this false liberation from the past in the growing censorship on all fronts. The coordinated attacks on all that is Traditional, on all that aids the family, on all that is of an organic, on all that merit-based is their reverse alchemy of transmuting humanity into something worse than beasts. There is no other Path in reaction to this but that absolute Mastery of Self, and to understand the spiritual component in these times. This is truly the tip of the spear of the occult wars, and one can see the immense expense and patience in creating the artificial realities, worldviews and magical reification into a complete inversion of life. Spiritual perfection breeds the energy and impetus for the healing of body and mind, and the creation of all that is the antithesis to this onslaught. The sacred sciences and Hermetic arts have been forgotten by humanity and weaponized and distorted by cabals of the anti-tradition and counter-tradition. They lurk in the shadows with unlimited resources and pure hatred in their heart. We stand to revive and revivify the Arts of the Wise, in creating the abundance and secluded research temples and laboratories. We seek to distill the degenerate and alien aspects from the Western Tradition from the clutches of these groups who have infected the soul of the West for centuries. We seek to present the highest quality alchemical products, spagyric medicines, custom glassware, research items, plans and designs. We seek translators, editors from text to video, musicians, donors, gardeners/farmers and researchers. We seek the aspirants who are dedicated to the Great Work, who are humbled by the majesty and scope of the true Tradition, and who seek to penetrate the Mysteries of the Hyperoboreans.

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