Artist Cenacle

“Offspring of nine mothers am I, of nine sisters am I the Son.”

Our worldview has always been centered upon being utilitarian, practical, strategic. We govern by logic and reason but recognize there are other modes of apprehending and participating in Reality. By day we build abundance, we sow the earth, we gather the bounty, we feed upon the Sun. At night we enter the Faustian pursuit of occult knowledge, of Philosophy, magia, Hermetica, theurgia in the Indo-European alchemical traditions.

We have spent decades seeking Master Teachers, skillful means, and the sacred lore and mythos. We are a Cult of Memory, devoted to the true science of Immortality. We seek those who work anonymously to collaborate, contribute, to teach and to learn. Our communications will always be silent, our voice spoken in the plural as we work together. Our strategy is to collect as many talented, inspired and dedicated seekers that we may research together our ancestral heritage, in understanding a true pagan ethos, and finding the lapis philosophicum.

Within our research society are separate tribes or clans, or Phyles. Our esoteric warfare is by way of the sacred Arts that expose the Enemy for what they truly are: ugly, rotten, biophobic and inhuman. The testimony in this is in their art, their lack of manners, their preference for the degenerate, hideous and diseased. They seed a pernicious worldview, metastasizing in the cold hearts and minds towards a terminal despair.

Our elixir can be found in the secret fires within that yearn for beauty, for Hyperborean gnosis, for the sacred Memory in our Blood. It is what separates from the unwashed, the profane, the uncultured and mundane. They are asleep, possessed, hypnotized with the demoralizing spells cast upon them. Yet they celebrate their affliction, embrace it and seek to spread as do all parasites. But to those that understand a few words suffice, to those that do not there are never enough.

We wish to extend an invitation to all artists that presence the beautiful, the spiritual, the sacred, the sapiential and the numinous in this world. It is a crucial time and one for each to put aside ego, vanity, and degenerate ways. To stop excuses, to stop scrolling and wasting time. Produce beauty, produce art, inspired by the honor and glory of the ancestors. Encode the Great Work and the fingerprints of the Gods in your works.

So many waste time producing degenerate discordance, celebrations of mental illness and all that is rotten and ugly. Instead of just memes or some soundcloud account, contribute to a project that is secret, quiet, subtle and working towards a true refinement. We are in the occult wars, and we need to act like the future heroes and Gods our ancestors will remember. Many blather on about the right and left path but do not integrate and balance: Solve et Coagula. As with the Masters we shall better speak instead of wet and dry paths, both of which we must study and progress through as an unfolding of initiation.

Our inner guild is from an era and a rural Weltanschauung that does not usually engage in technology or online. But it is crucial to present this ethos and alchemical knowledge for those seeking, for the young, as we build for tomorrow and carve out Tradition for our own progeny. The artists have always been the conduits to the realms of the Gods, but so many have lost that connection. They become vessels for the anti- and counter-Tradition. They must transmute their Being to produce true alchemical Art. The theurgic rites allow one to Remember what it is to be human and Awakened. To this end we are forming this esoteric cenacle.

We are blessed to live in the most extraordinary of times, the twilight of the world ages. We must be both hero and Magus, skilled in the ways of war, refined in the ways of the Adepts. Our way is the rural esoterics of the old forests, the solitary lamp of the hermits, the silent theurgy of visionary Rites. Our joy is in old texts, handblown glass, rare herbs and beautiful Art. Our delight is reading the Stars, and in the woman’s work and child’s play of our Work.

The path is always for the elite, those exiled from the norms, those lost, wounded, sick, but ever Pure, from ancient lineages that have suffered the ravages of Time and Fate. Such is our lot, to drag ourselves as Noble Ladies and Gentlemen from out of the ruins, to dust ourselves off and begin to live, to thrive, to Remember and ever, forever, to Endure.

Serious inquiries contact hyperboreanresearch @ gmail .com (no spaces)

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