Cleaning the Augean Stables in a Single Day

As the Occult Wars go kinetic, as the spiritual combat intensifies, one must respond with an even deeper devotion and immediacy to the Great Work. There are things to be done in this precious incarnation, tasks to accomplish, skills to master, experiences to cultivate and training to endure and progress in with discipline. There can be no complacency, excuses, surrendering to distraction, to the disease and sin of wasting precious time. It requires incessant work and effort, it requires genius and cunning, science and art, the practical and esoteric skills to succeed. Yet so many just waste their time in idle pursuits, in vanity, in sheer nonsense. That is fine to those of us who work much and sleep little. But do not waste our time in attempts at correspondence or joining our group. There are many esoteric groups which will give you a title, badges, degrees and fluff your ego like paid whores. There are cults and groups to be your surrogate family or virtual tribe, or friend. This is not the place for such mundane sympathy and commiseration.

If the events of the world do not shock you to an alertness and crisis of being, of the keen awareness of an all-intrusive, all-invading assault down to the very DNA, then you are hopeless. If you are stunned and hopeless, you must be incredibly young, naive, or asleep to the open secrets of history. This is the filth and grime of a sick culture and psychopathic ‘elite.’ This stagnation of waste and decay are aggregates of equal parts neglect and intentional poison and pollution, all in the subversion of Tradition.

The Hero has ordeals and tasks, the 12 Labors to accomplish to expiate from their madness and to attain immortality. Each Labor requires the complete and totality of focus to accomplish. This is the absolute integration of every talent, cunning, intellectual and physical labor to solve or accomplish the impossible. There is the stream of Mind, of consciousness, of reality that is swift, powerful, and potentially dangerous. This stream is diverted into channels, into rivers with the body, of solar and lunar energies, of the powers within that long to be reconciled in a purified inner transmutation. There is layer upon layer of psychic and spiritual filth, of waste, generated from ill habits, toxic culture, the fecal matter of modernism and pop culture that decays the essence of being. It is a blockage, a spiritual stagnation, the congested accrued aspects that the soul cannot process nor endure.

In combining these streams, the inner channels flow, the waste can be saturated in the waves whose fiery waters are corrosive to the clinging, deep waste that clogs and knots the subtle body. One must prime and prepare for this labor, which although accomplished in finality in the course of one day has phases of before and after that must be observe. Such protocols require purifications and conditioning, of psycho-spiritual and bodily training both before and after to center and ground these experiences, lest they fade away in bad habits. These are the alchemical medicines, skillful means and initiatory, theurgic rites of the Mysteries. We are joyous to assist those that have proven through demonstrations of their resolute and heroic character to be worthy of investments of our attention, time, and resources. After all, we use this example of Herakles’ fifth labor, because our hero has already completed four others. We have outlined our definition of these tasks in the Membership and Initiation monograph. No one should bother writing for instruction, or any aspect of affiliation without obtaining and reading this text. Worse would be one that has it and has not begun any tasks but seeks attention or communications. Such a one, and there are only a few, are like those that pester a doctor but never take the advice or medicines. Learn from such pitiful future hungry ghosts and demons and engage the Labors with all your Being.

We have no time nor patience for dilettantes. We have members who engage in language studies for decades to translate a single text, to learn a language to study a teacher. Those that learn pottery, glass blowing, who contribute funds for purchasing texts and ingredients, who submit 500 page manuscripts for publication, who work on the websites, wildcrafting herbs, all while doing their own personal training and research. They go on alchemical pilgrimages, dangerous missions and expeditions to trace the Great Way. They build temples, dig crypts and tunnels for rituals, dig cinnabar from mountains. Thus we grow as an authentic source of initiatory knowledge, an alchemical invisible college, a think tank of the pragmatic needs to conduct the Great Work. We share private texts, resources, gifts and gain fellowship, respect and trust in those that etch their trustworthy nature into the details of their conduct and level of devotion. Their noble character is emblazoned in their manners, their work ethic, their attention to detail, the integrity of their word and discipline. The eliteness is in the standard of their art, the ideal they seek to presence, the life as a masterpiece in secret, incessant refinement. These are the true kindred of spirit, the gentleman and ladies of our humble inner circle.

Consider the day as a Pythagorean, that of awakening is a birth, to sleep is a ‘death.’ What we do in the day is a microcosm of life. What do you really do in your day? How much is wasted on the worst of this modern age: degenerate entertainment, mind-rotting games, endless attention span decimating social media, masturbatory wastes of energy and desensitizing poisons. These are the solvents of Being that hollow out a human into a husk of cravings and conditioned responses. It is obvious how certain people spend their time, what they ‘pay’ attention to, what occupies their life in a day, and it is mundane and beyond contempt. How dare you rest, indulge, reward or enjoy some luxury, some repose or thrill when you squander your time and life? You who sit in idleness, in excuses, in self-made obstacles must get to work. Ars longa vita brevis.

ἔστι δ ̓ ὅπη νῦν
ἔστι: τελεῖται δ ̓ ἐς τὸ πεπρωμένον:
οὔθ ̓ ὑποκαίων οὔθ ̓ ὑπολείβων
οὔτε δακρύων ἀπύρων ἱερῶν
ὀργὰς ἀτενεῖς παραθέλξει [4]

What is now, came to be
As it came to be. And its ending has been ordained.
No concealed laments, no concealed libations,
No unburnt offering
Can charm away that firm resolve

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