Asclepian Sleep & Dream Bitters (4oz.)

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Our primary research is in the healing cults of the Mysteries that combined the theurgic, noetic, alchemical and entheogenic herbal lore of the Indo-Europeans into precise rituals and skillful means to heal, to empower, to purify and refine the essence of Being, to awaken Memory. All these are to prime the soul for its bursting forth through the Spheres, its ascension and transcendence of planetary rulers and powers, to reach the highest realms beyond the Nine Worlds. This is the celestial equivalent of Hyperborea, the Hyperouránios, where the Organic Light ignited life within the triple veils of darkness.

It is within the dreams that we train to overcome the abyss. It is within dreams that the Gods and ancestors can embody within the visions of the nightly death of sleep. It is the retaining of consciousness, of lucidity, to Remember and Recall within the churning and drifting realms of sleep.

This is a planetary spagyric elixir, combining seven herbs plus two for a complete formula that undergoes the mimesis of the soul’s process. Each herb is selected to the planetary correspondences, subjected to the alchemical process that refines and distills the herb, calcinates and decomposes, ferments, dissolves and combines precise sequences, timed with the alchemical seasons and with the signatures of the Art under the auspices of the stars and planets.

This is a proprietary blend, based on the secretive formula of Neoplatonic mystics and alchemists from rare manuscripts and lineages. We are willing to give the precise recipe to any who inquire if they could tell us what are the exact herbs in the 400 year old recipes of Chartreuse, for example. Otherwise, do not bother to ask but perhaps inquire to our alchemical research group.

The theurgic and noetic arts are expressed with perfection into the incubatory dream rites of the ancients. Here the ritualistic observance of correspondence, of engaging and exploiting the senses away from negative aspects towards specific intentions. True spagyric formulas are forces, not substances, meaning they are signals to the body to cease inflammation, to quiet the mentation (the internal chatter), to relax tension points, and to prime for true encounters within the dream state.

One should follow light, purified diets, what the Vedics describe as Sattvic. One should not subject the inner light to flickering screens, monitors, electronic devices at least in the prime phases before sleep. To conduct a fast, even of the day or a few days of electronic pollution has profound effects in allowing the organic light to be apprehended within the inner vision. The theurgic priming is potentiated through the proper observances, the proper incenses, the proper sigils and power items, the attention to color, the use of harmonics and ritual music unfetter the Mind from the snares of mundane reality, from worry, anxiety, from concerns and other intrusions into the ritual intentions.

We have created sets of pillow books, theurgic readers to saturate the consciousness with the symbols, the lore, the images of the Gods with the Hymns and invocations to whisper into the fumes, and to ponder as the candles melt into the darkness. Then one lies as if dead, still, silent and with the set intentions of healing, training in the constant practice of lucidity to Remember the visions within the dreams. Throughout the day, one must ‘awaken’ incessantly to the realization that life is a dream, an ephemeral and fleeting floating world, and become aware and recall to Memory the precious nature of life, and of one’s immortal purpose.

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