From the Boreal Russian forests in the outer regions of the Northland Homeland, we bring you ethically wildcrafted Scandinavian Chaga powder. This is from pristine Northern forests where our guild elders sustainably harvest, process and package these healing ancestral herbs.

There is a magic in the chaga strains that fed and healed our ancestors and saw them through the starvations, epidemics, freezing weather and wars. Chaga is increasingly popular as a superfood and has premiere immune boosting and adaptogenic properties, but it is often over harvested and we take great care to respect one of the most sacred ancient herbal allies. Now more than ever people are realizing a truly darky, dystopian agenda that has weaponized every aspect of reality from food, medicine, etc. We must remain healthy, take down the inflammation and boost the immune system. We must prepare for the hard times by getting in supreme health. We must purge the body of poisons, and weakness and excuses as the hard times are coming. Invest in your health, your future and add chaga and these proven herbs into your lifestyle. The adaptogenic and preventive effects are worth their price in gold. Feel free to contact for custom blends, protocols, and other correspondences on the crisis of the situation as we see it.

Stay organic, stay natural and pure of blood and heart. Decouple from this parasitical system as much as possible. The first and final reality of our sovereignty is our body, our health, our rights to make our decisions. Those in the know, will have plenty of chaga for the truly dangerous threats to life and well-being. Stay strong and do not let the situations demoralize and crush your drive to presence radiant health, well-being and prosperity for yourself, your kindred and your community.

We are always thankful for the support and encouragement, we invest all proceeds directly back into trading and supporting the Old world harvesters and wildcrafters who supply our herbs, who need our help more than ever. A perfect storm of modernism threatens all these old traditions and ways of life. We need to take charge of our health, our spirituality and self reliance and also build relationships with the artisans and plants of our Traditions. Thank you so much.


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