Eta: An Alchemical Dossier of the Hebdomad V.1

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A theurgic and alchemical collection of the lore of the seven planets, the seven operations of true elixirs and soul’s ascension through the spheres. Much astral and Hermetic knowledge within selections, commentary, and translations from true masters and essential works. A mix of original essays and crucial texts, we feel this humble volume discloses the true alchemical operations, the true objectives of the Great Work and the authentic Master Narrative.

This issue is also an essential prerequisite to what we consider the most important forthcoming publications. We are honored and inspired by the loyal support of our readers. We take this as a humble responsibility to strive and produce the most distilled, dynamic and Traditional articulation of the Mysteries, of Mastery, and the Great Work. Your purchase allows us to obtain rare texts, to undertake painstaking translations, and to secure the ingredients for the essential medicines.

84 pages.

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