Nature is improved by a balance of Art and Ritual, this is the essence of alchemy and theurgy. The ancient Greeks and Nordic tribes used the rose as the secret emblem, it is found on the banner of the god Irminsul’s banner and at Eleusis, and in many alchemical and occult secret societies. This is a type of incense that was made popular in the old pagan Grecian tradition, in rituals kept alive with the veneer of Christianity amongst the Greek hermits. There are many grades of these style incense, some artificial and some truly celestial in sensory exaltation. This one is so potent it is almost narcotic, a tiny piece is sufficient for rituals. It is very suited to our lineages theurgic and erotic arts, the healing noetic protocols and rituals. It is very useful in cleansing the air of those wayward psychic forces that depress the psychic fire. We must exploit the weaknesses of the senses by the correspondences of the Gods in creating the golden chains to the higher forces. The balanced psycho-spiritual heart is enlivened by the sweet, sensual aroma of the rose. This is the aroma of the chymical wedding, the blissful grail rituals that focus and enhance ekstasis. It is a crucial incense to use in the beginning and conclusion of visionary rites in creating a pure, safe and sympathetic atmosphere for entering and exiting the magical trances. Handmade with pure resin and spagyric distilled rose oil. Comes with free charcoal.

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