“That educating philosopher of whom I dreamed would, I came to think, not only discover the central force, he would also know how to prevent its acting destructively on the other forces: his educational task would, it seemed to me, be to mold the whole man into a living solar and planetary system and to understand its higher laws of motion.” (Untimely Meditations III)

Some groups of old would put a pamphlet amongst the presentations of common literature, a library stack, a newsstand of magazines or within a book at an old shop that someone might find it serendipitously. We have found such strange writings inserted in old texts in libraries that led to a labyrinth of remarkable individuals. We have always operated in this spirit, of a wyrdful, esoteric worldview casually and discreetly presented amongst the mass of goods and items purveyed. There is some initiatory mischief in sneaking arcane literature into such spaces, and there can be recruitment or deep relationships that grow out of such esoteric seeding of these ideas. So, we hope to propagate these alchemical lineages and, perhaps, signal some kindred gentleman and noblewomen to inquire further of our projects and works in the spirit of cooperation.

All the readers of our monographs will be familiar with the term ‘occult wars’ or the esoteric combat that manifests and drives the reality that we all experience, to some degree, in common. We can see the battle go red hot, as the unilateral and cohesive movements from the enemies combine in coordinated precision. We are witnessing the dissolution of the past, the coring out of the heart and soul of nations, and the deliberate inflicting of a permanent amnesia to the Traditions of our ancestors. The goal is the complete obliteration of history, any link to the old ways, any initiatory meaning of life. They want us broken, demoralized, oblivious, and begging for relief. It is to fracture, render insane and incapable of rationalize decisions, to divide and conquer, bleed us dry and scrape away all the insulation on the psyche and nerves that guard our basic humanity. It is fear-based trauma, mass mind control, a dark initiation into permanent uncertainty and insecurity. They are pushing the limits of agony and misery into the feedback loops of gaslighting for maximum confusion, to keep us reeling, off-center, unbalanced. This is the full manifestation of the quasi-police and sorcerer-state, to use loan P. Couliano’s expression, the psycho-spiritual manipulation to a truly dystopian future. But this writing is not a wallowing in despair, nor the endless post-mortem of what went wrong, and nor is it the platitudes of superficial goals and virtual achievements that obscure the true issues that confront us. Perhaps in its most basic sense, it is a curriculum for what to do with the limited amount of time we have left in this precious life.

This is for those who want to follow and research outside of the virtual platforms and grid and to engage in traditional correspondences, projects and works gaining trust to real world participation in private studies. We do this work silently, anonymously, and likewise seek quiet and reclusive people who live secret lives of hidden purpose. Likewise, it is an explanation of our guild structure, our permaculture/regenerative agricultural farm and model for kindred tribal lands and forestry stewardship. We will continue as long as possible to share the research in variety of formats on our websites and various other platforms. Those seeking to be patrons, associates, seeking deep healing protocols, research opportunities, etc. would benefit. But for many we will likely not respond. Our Work, our Rites, our resources are secret, we blend in and hide in the world that none may know intrude upon our forest shrines and sanctuaries. Those interested in our approach to this mountain lifestyle will want to check soon for our Strategic Permaculture publication as well as launching of Magus Publishing’s website, and other shops to decentralize. It is the essence of the modern world to bait one into reactionary positions that obscure true esoteric growth, and that poison the heart and rob the spiritual essence and make us forget our humanity.

We have known such dramatic chaos was coming, and we are only in the first stages of much larger impending Events. Every Master Teacher, from every lineage we sought initiations came to the same dire warnings. We published the Magus series to articulate the converging events and our definition of the modern Master who can weather these storms and endure. This is the same worldview applied beyond the individual into our family, kindred domain, Guild, patrons, to our Research Society and esoteric theurgic inner circle (esoterikós). Our silence has been to accelerate and complete our mountain compound, remote, fortified, and prepared for as many variables as possible. Here we have built the farm, the library, the forest temple, the laboratory and infrastructure, security of our own Asgard.

We have all wasted so much time in foolish things that devour time, in dissipations and distractions. Now that the bell begins to toll, many feel the deep angst of the realizations of such waste of resources and time to prepare. But to each what they deserve! We can say this from a lifetime of struggle and hard-earned wisdom. These are lessons to learn before the beard or tresses begins to grey, and before the twilight of life and the Gods descends around you. So this was written for our children and grandchildren, and the many young and lost who are looking for a Way. It is modeled upon what we would have yearned to find in the springtime of life, a manual for a Fool who sets forth upon the quest and the aggregation of our collective education and requirements to study with our Master Teachers.

So, it is likely that it may be too late for many to profit from these writings. But for others, there may be time. There have so many requests to join our group, to study or intern with us, that we have been unable to keep up with the correspondences individually. This document is to spread our worldview, our methods, our Teacher’s writings, for our guild and research society recruitment/collaboration (wildcrafters, farmers to musicians, scholars, researchers, those skilled in audio/video production editing for documentaries and presentations, to other fields from medicine to law, etc. to patrons or those seeking healing protocols and guidance). We teach and disseminate exoteric and esoteric skillful means to acquire land and build a permaculture/regenerative agricultural based kin domain as well as research on the Hermetic and Polar initiatory traditions of the immortality of the soul.

The true Adept is a polymath, a survivalist, the farmer, the shaman, the warrior, the gnostic, the Magus. He is not of the unlettered, unlearned, the cultural Philistine’s who have no knowledge, respect or appreciation of the rich heritage of our predecessors. Those that pierce through their circumstances, the poverty of art and culture and property, those that transcend hopeless and broken family and peers, they are the heroic that might progress upon the Path. Those that can concentrate and work endlessly, blocking out all excuses and distractions can establish the core personality won in solitude that endures beyond the abyss. We must first attain a True Humanity, and become initiates in the Cult of Memory.

We seek those who defend Traditional European culture and values, understand the true pagan worldview of honor and shame, of avoiding hubris, of the theurgic apotheosis of the Hyperborean and Hermetic traditions. We have been so appreciative of the true gentleman and ladies who have contacted and whose aristocracy of the soul shines through even the cold, digital communications of an email. To those who have waited patiently, we will reply soon. We do ask pardon for our silence. We have taken advantage of the chaos to further prepare, to engage in the deep healing protocols and solitary rites of the forest and to fortify our tribal lands.

All alchemists must learn to assay gold, to see what remains in the fire and what is dross. There are real transmutations, but most is counterfeit, faux, fool’s gold. The discernment, the critical skills to distill the essence from the waste is our task as individuals and in joining a true theurgic circle. It is part of our lifetime of Work to be worthy of meeting the one that comes to sit at the Siege Perilous of our own great hall. We are on the path to something else, to someone else, and we do not claim any titles. Our secret world is our own validation, the legacy we leave to our ancestors all that matters.

Truly our Master Teachers are worthy of such respect, and these writings are an homage to the work it took to encounter them, and to be worthy of being their true disciples, true Filiation in love, fealty and honor. All research and contributions are anonymous, all proceeds are to obtain texts for the Research society. Find our home website for other publications, pdf files and more forthcoming as we will begin documenting some of the exoteric research into building a kindred domain with heirloom European herbs, foods, animals/livestock, tools, cultures and traditions. Folklore, Folkcraft, Folk Medicine.

We discourage any casual of interest to purchase this.

We are the Hyperboreans, the true aristocrats of the soul, the noble of heart, and the Light is ours and always has been, and we must comport ourselves as such.

“I have gradually come to see daylight in regard to the most general defect in our methods of education and training : nobody learns, nobody teaches, nobody wishes, to endure solitude.” (The Dawn)

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