Mt. Meru is the center of the universe, the macrocosmic source and origin point of all realms, the sacred center. It is a main research topic to apprehend and to understand the implications on its presence in all the Indo-European mythos, of the recalling of all the folk, of all heritage and legacy cultures of this divine point of origin of the Original Ancestors. It is the blessed homeland of the Hyperboreans, the source of the Mysteries, the destination and beginning of the Sacred way.

We produce these from our own Siddha Guru alchemist, who purify the parad and empower it with the traditional sadhana with the signature of our lineage and teachers. This is done to maximum purity, again and again subjecting the mercury, the semen and seed of Lord Shiva, to Ashtadash-Sanskar (18 processes). This becomes a supreme power item, linking our Order in theurgic Rites and rituals. The parad functions as a silent witness, a potentiating source of power, a transmitter of the prayers and mantra as mercury is a messenger to the Gods, in flux between liquid and metal until solidified with intention. It is a battery, concentrating ritual actions, the secret fire, the ecstatic consciousness.

There are many fake and real purveyors of spiritual items. Even those that are authentic are subjected to the impressions and worldview of the maker. Thus, we have our inner circle obtain either the sacred pyramid, Mt. Meru or Shivling directly from us until they can learn to make their own. Thus, we are enchained in purpose, we are linked in theurgic sympathies and correspondences. The seeds of the Guru, Lord Shiva’s potent energy infuses each power item with a specific signature of our Order and Master Teacher.

These must be present in the visionary rites, the dream rituals, the erotic rituals, the katabasis and sojourns in the wilderness. They are discreet to be carried, for the wanderer to bring into the mountains and to catch the light of the lamp of all night vigils. Parad (mercury) in pure alchemical form removes obstacles, it ‘cleanses’ sins (aspects that obscure true liberation), it is healing and transmitting of energy. This is why so many ancient temples had pools of mercury or huge mercury idols and the earliest alchemical writings speak of special vessels that impart the elixir through contact.

It is an absolute essential item to have in the Adept’s Training, the theurgical rites. It must be present in all soma and haoma fire rites. It must be part of one’s decades-long experience and become saturated with the effort and work. It is a living idol, a manifestation of the microcosmic world mountain whose peaks ascend through all the highest realms and whose base pierces past the lowest depths of infernal regions.

The true alchemical understanding of the magic potential, the spiritual technology, the apex of skillful means of Parad cannot be expressed enough. It is the most essential combination of the external aspects of the macrocosm that must be purified and used for healing, mirroring the inner process, the inner refinement and purifications that reveal and recall the Divinity within. We are Gods in exile, wandering in samsara, lost and made to forget our inheritance of the company of the Blessed. The divinized man or woman, exalted and purified like the toxins removed from poison metals, shines in purity of baseness transmuted to nobility.

We cannot stress enough the importance and power of this in the arsenal of the warrior in the Occult Wars. It is a Friend, a Guru, a threshold and portal to daemons and the Gods in creating a field of merit and access point of the subtle energy that communicates between the realms of life and death, the seen and unseen. Mercury abides on the threshold of matter and spirit, it is poison and medicine, it is volatile and fixed. It is the expression of solve et coagula made manifest. Disciples of the Gods, Hyperboreans must attain this treasure on the path of learning the way to produce and purify within and without.

Offering includes Mt. Meru Parad Statue (2cm x 2cm) with Parad Sadhana publication by and gift writings.

For those seeking the alchemical power items and the lore and theurgical methods, we are focusing our efforts on urgent works and dissemination of the vital skillful means. We thank you for your support, offering proceeds are for acquiring very specific and rare texts we consider essential. Thank you again to all our members, friends, and associates.

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