Spagyric Paracelsian Aurum Potable (2oz)

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2 0z with real gold and saffron. Artisan produced theurgic spagyricks.

Our alchemical laboratory seeks to recover the ancient vitalizing power herbs, the true rasayana that are the superconductive force that allows the body to have the inner harmony and balance that is true therapy. We have sought to trace the energetic Tantrik and Siddha alchemies from the Polar Traditions, combined in the lonely monasteries of the steppes, to the temple laboratories of the Siddha masters. To this we add our knowledge from our teachers from the North, the writings of Paracelsus, the dynamic insight of Solazaref, the deep wisdom of Von Bernus. The essences of the herbs from the original homeland of the masters has the holy mountains with the minerals, herbs and exudates that speak deep to the DNA. We bring the pure aurum potable, the drinkable gold essence, processed in the ancient Siddha methods with herbs of precious shunthi, shatavari, ashwagandha, kunkuma, tvak, sukshmaila, with Wild Tibetan honey, Altai purified white shilajit, making this is true Hyperborean elixir. This is an aphrodisiac, energizing, alchemical medicine, kindling the vital fires without negative over excitement or the crashes of stimulants. True, pure gold bhasmas are refluxed in mantric sessions of refinement with the pure saffron, combining to have the immune bost, concentration, nootropics with the dosha balancing and invigorating combination of rasayana herbs.

Every year we plan special elixirs to coincide with a completion of the winter solstice. This is the past years offerings, which are refined further for a couple more months with lunar energies of the winter moons. The total time is nine months, birthing an elixir and creating a true mother tincture of extreme energetic potency. These are ‘fed’ the alchemical essences of the muppu and gold bhasma, that digest in a traditional alembic. Resting at body temperature for months, and exposed to sun and light, it is a true microcosmic representation of Nature. It is a renewed, profound and spiritualized approached to matter and health through the theurgic spagricks. We create an alchemical temple, with an inner sanctum representing the womb for gestation of the true elixirs. The aura and operator is infused in ritualized concentration, sanctified purity and intoning the holy sounds within and without. It is the cluster medicinal therapeutics, the true entourage effect of the guru of metals and herbs in symbiosis with the attendants and consort herbs, the herbo-metallic nano essences of the gold. This is the deep noetic medicine of the spirit and mind, infusing intention in a full spectrum attention to the correspondences. The results are truly a blissful catalyst to the secret fire.

We make no medical claims and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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