This is a monograph that covers the vast topic of the occult wars and our alchemical mission to distill the Western Traditions from the desiccating anti- and counter-traditional forces. Those who follow the pop-occult and other macabre role playing will not like this, nor will those that persist in using kabbalistic, Solomonic/masonic systems or cosmologies. This is to calcinate and assay the alchemical lore of the West, stripping off the false veneer of fake gold and assaying the true Hyperborean wisdom. This is something of a written foray into the esoteric Western Tradition, pointing out the poisonous, medicinal and visionary strains of initiation as one would discuss the properties of ritual plants or fungus. We emphasize the pagan sources of Europe and reject the melting pot of traditions which hold toxic worldviews at their core, masked in benevolence, tolerance and liberty. There may be a two week delay in shipping this due to remote location of group, coming into fill orders via our ‘on-grid’ associate facilities. 68 pages, NOW SHIPPING.

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