2 oz full spectrum extracts of Siberian Chaga and Norwegian Black Currant in spagyricly purified, non-gmo organic spirits.

Those who have followed our herbalist writings and spagyric research know that we highly acclaim Siberian chaga and black currants, especially the wild variety of the Nordic countries. These have such a synergy, a true deep essence that combines for a truly powerful, mood enhancing and immune boosting elixir. This is a triple extraction of wildcrafted Siberian chaga, handpicked by our blood kindred tribal guild in the pristine forests. Likewise the berries are harvested and pressed and extracted by our teacher and his immediate disciples in the great North. These are combined in a spagyrically rectified Icelandic spirit, filtered with the lava charcoal and with the minerals of the plants extracted using pure solar energy. This is the highest level of spagyric medicines, which as ancient Europe herbalism that has evolved into the highest therapeutic protocols in Europe and around the world. It is a dynamic process of processing herbs for maximum energetic potency, bio-availability and precious essences combined with the minerals that are extracted from the residue of the plants or mushrooms.

True health and wellness can be regained by an integrative approach to healing using what we call Noetic herbalism. As modern science delves deeper into the nature of consciousness, we can see the effects of the mind and psychology on our health. Focusing these with rituals, with mindful healing protocols, with potent alchemical and spagyric extractions sends messages to the cells. Cellular signals are the key to health in the replication of DNA, and the distortions of stress, inflammation can have dire effects on health. From digestion, as in the second brain of the gut, to the nerves and energetic channels of most indigenous systems, there is a deep current or circuit in the body. This has been neglected in modern contexts as a mind body duality. Herbs are catalysts for breaking this disconnect and bridging the intentions and ancient herbs of our genetic heritage. This because we evolved with these herbs and drew upon them over generations. They are encoded with the memories that stimulate the cells to a balance and cohesion. Reinforced with deeds and ritual, this is the key to true health in adjusting lifestyles to a sacred mode of living that is shamanic, intuitive and nature based.

Spagyrics are forces more than substances, meaning like the visionary herbs, they have a deep impact on the psyche and energetic vitality of the body. As an adaptogen, chaga is a perfect ancient herb to work with in mental states and immune issues. Combined with the integrated essence and extract of Black Currant, there is definitive mood boosting stimulation that can alter the body’s physiological responses. Using these over time can create a positive feedback loop of behaviors and ritual herbalism. Black Currant’s folk uses in mead and other analogs of shamanic herbs points to a high level of herbs that are analogus to truly shamanic plants in high doses. We encourage the interested student to read our monograph on mead available in the shop. Suffice to say there is research on the black currant juice effects upon the monoamine axis in humans, which is known to those studying other herbal paths as potentiating herbs and rendering some orally active in profound ways.

We use this for deep spiritual healing and meditation, in sorting out the chaos in asserting a healthy, stable worldview on those who have become weary., drained and lacking in that vital energy that some traditions discuss as prana or qi.or the Odic force. Whatever one calls this primal energy, it is the secret of the Vedic soma, of the amrita, of the mystery traditions and the shamanic herbs, from the Greek cults even into the Nordic sacred meads of liquid golden fire. It is herbs that release Memory, of herbs that induce meditation and prompt insights. Taken in forests, in gardens, reading the lore, there is a synergy that unlocks and penetrates the knots and traumas that accrue in the dark recesses of the mind. These herbs can be cathartic agents and catalysts for manifesting the healing intentions and regainin that lost self. In the old pagan healing systems, sickness was not of a sin but rather of a fracturing of the Self. It is our goal as healers to restore this wholeness. We must become great ancestors to honor our ancestors.

There is so much work to do. So many skills to learn and preserve. So much lore to study and pass along, orchards and farms to build for future generations unborn. We must stay healthy, strong and invest in the Old Ways and our own healing. Free gifts and feel free to contact for any advice on finding a path back to your ancestors and to learn the way of these herbs. We are in the bliss of abundance from so much work but the burden of doing our teachers proud burns within. It is a responsibility for us to deeply presence these traditions that saved our life from the clutches of death, and disease of the soul and mind from this modern world. But life itself becomes the initiation, the shamanic sickness is the quest to escape the abyss. We retired to the forest and sought the true medicines, using the herbs to feed the inner elixir. We limped into the forest sickly and dying and emerged transformed, having sipped a taste of mead in the full glance of death.

This path of herbalism and seeking the Great Work’s mysteries in the Tradition of alchemy is our religion, our path, our career, our livelihood, our devotion. We are honored to be a part of your healing and take this responsibility deeply. We thank for your support in this mission.


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