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Sol Niger Vol. 1

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We have spent decades researching this Master’s Work, and distilling the principles and teachings into creating the most powerful spagyric medicines. His approach is the foundation of our spagyrick methods, the exaltation of body, mind and spirit in the focused theurgic production of elixirs. We follow the alchemical seasons, to the correspondences of each aspect and sympathy from the day and hours. Spagyricks is the merging of Art and Science, of Spirit and Matter in microcosmic world of the crucible and retort.

A New Monograph Coming Soon: Solar Spagyricks

Our alchemical collective brings together our diverse traditions, trainings and research in presenting methods of theurgic alchemy and spagyrics. We seek to purge the false trails, distorted counter-traditions, and appropriated wisdom and combine these into a new, living and dynamic alchemical tradition. We thank those benefactors, clients, friends and supporters who aid our healing missionary work.