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Hyperborean Solar Alchemy

The shamanic sickness escalated the search for True Healing beyond the abstract, the dabbling, the experimental. The terminal prognosis forced the spiritual gnosis of the deep, psycho-spiritual illnesses that permeated the mind, body and soul. A true healing came, seized by the enthusiastic visions of Hyperborean Apollo after years of saturation in the myths, divine theurgy, the endless reading, seeking of Master Teachers in search of the True Medicines. We sought every healing, alchemical and herbal Tradition in deep immersion, and returning to our ancestral traditions we set about to practice, research and disseminate. The True Elixirs are infused with the solar and lunar essences, in the exalted salts from the sun’s focus. It is the concentration of the spagyricist as well as the elixirs. Letting Nature be the guide, the philosophical months yield the potent extracts prepared in traditional ways. Sun blessed, solar kissed, light infused births of the solar gold medicines. The spagyric essences empowered with the sun calcined pure salts, in operations fueled by the suns power in all phases from the careful reflux in the partial sun, to the distillations and operations of fire in the magnified lens. We are working with the research society to present operations, observations and experiments for the worthy student in a variety of media from monographs, designs, to videos and theurgic alchemical music and models.