The Hermit

Magical or secret societies have always been a part of history. We can find the metallurgical brotherhoods that discovered the secrets of fire, of minerals and metals, that spread the secret alchemical teachings. The rites of passage in many different youth cults of animalistic warfare, the initiatory rites of craft guilds, of Hermetic brotherhoods, back to the Mystery Schools, the private Mystery cults of certain adepts all testify to this essential human esoteric practice.

It is an esoteric practice of humility, of interweaving personal relationships, of learning to do research, creating magical chains of influence, the syntony of group theurgy. Our practices use specific theurgic items, alchemical conduits that are timed in group rites. We prepare meta-sigils of our Work and worldview, inscribing the realities that we seek to co-create together.

Just as religion is institutionalized magic, priests and prophets being ‘official’ sorcerers or Magus, the past adepts, for good and bad, have formed esoteric groups for specific purposes. Our goal is to gather the ancestral heritage that has been lost, forgotten, destroyed. We seek to catalyse the Memory of the blood, seeking the Past amongst the ruins that we may preserve and presence it for ourselves and our children and beyond.

When one has reached a level of maturity, the true vanity of worldly achievements truly sets in. There is no salvation from such accolades, there is nothing but a fleeting euphoria that dissipates and leaves the brain in withdrawal from stimulation and validation. We must set our Work and focus upon that which is Immortal, Eternal, and learn the science of the soul’s liberation. This is the alchemical doctrine that has been twisted into the dessicated religions that are not hollow and false. Ars longa, vita brevis. Join us in this Work.

We insist on training the character, the manners, the speech and conduct of our members. It is an esoteric training to full Mastery, when one is in complete control of behavior, of words, of reactions, of thoughts, impulses, provocations. It is the esoteric composure, the nobility of the heart, the aristocracy of the soul that raises one up from the mundane, the vulgar and profane. Even if we must defend ourselves and draw upon our most lethal defenses, we do so with a liberated mind, a spirit that is of empathy, compassion, and honor. These are the pillars of strength, the heroic ethos, the knightly chivalry, and must be the signature and hallmark of all those that claim our name.

As we witness the destruction of society and culture, of the essence of civilization, we must become the microcosm of enlightened being. We are to be polite, respectful, sincere and kind even in the face of such inhumanity, chaos and cruelty. We do not turn the other cheek, we shall defend our right of being to the end, but it shall not intrude upon our inner being, our hermetically sealed personality. We must presence art, beauty, truth and the skillful means of Immortality. We must become adepts in medicine and war, in Art and Craft, the synthesis of the esoteric and exoteric skill sets that allow one to survive and Endure.

We are apolitical, having no agenda in the profane world other than to be left to our peaceful rural communities and forests, that we be allowed to defend ourselves and kindred, and to live with honor. We blend into the mountain landscape as a simple rural farm, hiding in the open as a homestead and woodland dwelling. We do not trouble anyone and labor out our exoteric and esoteric Work.

The radical agendas that have overtaken the public discourse has been part of the seeded tensions and conflict in academia, media and entertainment. These are politicized, triggering, calculated to exploit emotion and empathy. New causes are given to fill the gaps of belief, of faith, of religion, of the deeper need these were built upon: of a healthy worldview and initiation. The vacuum of Tradition is filled with New Age garbage, fantasy, inventions and worse, the inverted or distorted counterfeit anti-traditions that fool so many.

Certainly we understand those who are reticent to join any group or society. But we assure you, the enemy has no such qualms. They form into a strict hierarchy and proceed with precision, patience and nearly unlimited resources. They are in lock step unity to their Entities, beholden to and possessed by an artificial god. They are very powerful, because it is easier to destroy than create, and thus their task has no obstacles in its seeding of mayhem and chaos. Our initiation, as in the Rites, the Visions, the Dreams and Death, is to remain composed in the darkness. The Work needed is beyond the individual in researching, preparing, and propagating these ancestral ways. We have set up the guilds for heirloom species, seeds, animal husbandry etc. and the research society for the esoteric aspects. Deep within is our magical centacle, where we study and teach the ancient alchemical methods, the theurgic techniques, the purifications and entheogenic technologies that heal and prepare one for the true, personal and private initiation. Thus we insist on being anonymous, truly secret, and silent. Those who use the symbols or Harpocrates and reveal themselves are charlatans at best and baits of the anti-tradition. We are true Hermits and the Silence and Secrecy is our delight and protection.

We have prepared a manuscript to articulate what is required, the Work that must be done, the refinement that is needed to be a true Hyperborean. We understand that many are in financial situations due to the draconian destruction of society. If you are indeed unable to procure the funds, but are devoted in interest, please contact with an essay of your sincerity, intentions, and research interests. If you have any special talents, gifts, abilities that can assist our Work, from proofreading, editing, etc. then please also inquire. We have already received many new inquiries and we are responding if they are suitably composed, with high manners as befits those who study the Royal Art.

We must translate research into action, knowledge and wisdom combined to deeds. Endless excuses, abstractions must be overcome and the initiatory actions undertaken over decades of striving, suffering, and the ecstasy of overcoming and Being. We must plum the depths of our lore, our Mind, our heritage to unearth Memory.

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