The Rites of Deep Winter

The Hyperborean Research Society engages in silent theurgic contemplation in darkness at the core of the Winter rites. We invite those with the medicines and solidified mercury power items from our lineages to participate (or to contact to obtain these items customized to one astrological data). To prepare for these rites, one should obtain theurgic and spagyric medicines and ‘soma’ herbs of various kinds for assaying their effects and harnessing their energy for these meditations. Crucial to these operations are the mercury power items, which are like a battery, a conduit to energies, intentions, as well as a mercurial messenger to the higher realms. Many are fake or inferior or inert, thus one must make themselves or, to be part of our lineage, obtain one from our alchemists. We can give specific instructions to empower and place these to those that inquire, and craft special custom ones of nearly any size. But we prefer to have a large one in our main temple and use a smaller one for travel and wilderness forays, where these rites are best conducted.

One retires to dark, desolate areas, to underground crypts, dark rooms, some truly remote wilderness. One has the dark robes of the wanderer, either black or darkest blue and the lantern with hurricane glass. One is permitted a staff, dagger, and a small bag of herbalist’s equipment and ritual paraphernalia (small mortar and pestle, herbs, tinctures, extra candles, etc. an animal skin or woolen blanket to sit upon is permitted, nothing modern electronic of any kind. It is best if one creates these themselves or acquires them from loved ones in devoted affinity with these esoteric rites, or to obtain them from our Guild or Masters. One can construct the robe and lantern easily and infuse each stitch and detail with the stenography of the Great Work, as with the staff, ritual herbal implements, and even producing the candles from one’s own hives. This is the essence of true magical integrity, in a ritualization of each aspect of the rites, in deep preparation, through fasting, planning, sacrificing, purifying, obtaining the herbs, the equipment, scouting the locations, all of these build a magical integrity, they infuse life with a noetic focus that condenses the power and secret fire. The mercury potentiates this effort, it becomes embedded within the form, which is why so many temples had pools of mercury within them and why it is the seed of Shiva, and the symbol of the messenger of the Gods and a primary alchemical substance.

Those capable of sublime effort will find no excuses to refine these practices by beginning with what they have around them and continually refining every aspect with sigilized beauty and elegance. They will constantly infuse their atmosphere and ritual attire and aesthetics to create the power items that are infused with such profound intention and ascetic acts of will that they become almost holy relics to behold. Such effort, such focus, such singularity of thought, word and action manifested in every aspect of a life lived in pursuit of true mastery bends the chains of destiny to break, it can shatter the fetters of karma and destiny as one becomes a superior, true human being.

You must confront yourself alone in the darkness with initiatic wisdom rather than disintegrate in the vast chasms of eternal night that will swallow your dim spark into oblivion.

One earns their humanity, their godlike powers through such complete engagement in the Mysteries, the Great Work, in the heaving of burdens that keep Anthropos sunken, bound, and tethered to the lowest spheres of the soul. If you cannot master these basic practices, you will not awake in dreams, you will not retain composure in the raptures and ordeals, you will forget yourself and be forgotten in the dark abyss.

There are no words uttered, just the solitary silence of the trek alone. Here one ignites the lantern and takes refuge, best under a large tree, and one ingests the herbs in complete darkness. As the effects are felt, the lantern is lit, and the parad pyramid is placed on its mica sheet. One presences the supreme silence and immobility, adjusting to find that position which can be held to quietly behold the glow in stillness. The inner alchemists will sublimate the restless energies, release with breath the tensions, and subdue the agitations and pernicious whispers to abiding silence. Here the psychic knots untie, the subtle body can heal and reintegrate with Being. The heart unclenches, the breath deepens, the benevolent peace pervades the microcosm. Here the spontaneous insights can be glimpsed arising from the darkness within, the shining blue pearl, the whirling astral Aryan crosses arise in the inner sacred center. Such was the beholding of the Primordial Light, remembered only by Gods and Philosophers.

Many are unable to do these practices in their complete form, in their ideal way, but it cannot be an excuse. They can be modified to link with the mercury and to prepare and train for the time that the ideal conditions emerge. There are obstacles and excuses that will always try to intrude on devotion and progress. One must break these patterns and find even the most primitive and contrived way to find a way to do such methods. It is a basic theurgical training to condense power and heal, to learn to take the visionary herbs, to gain integrity and prompt the Anamnesis hidden within. The spagyric formulas are forces and signals to the blood to unlock dormant memories, to cease its distortion of decaying codes from inflammation and stress, and to return to healthy, normative functioning. This is why the Gods seek the soma, the mead, the ambrosia, the ritual elixirs. They must abide with the subtle fuel of their secret fire, it is the restorative process of reintegration, of healing the body and thus allowing the subtle energetic form to condense and crystallize. The Mind, the Memory, which Odin worried about losing, are the same sense of Being, of the narrative and context from which our existence is defined, individuated and condensed into withstanding the entropic cosmic forces that seek our oblivion. The light in the darkness is the something from nothing, the soul encased in the lantern, protected from the extinguishing gusts of wind from the abyss.

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