While we will not reveal the full aspects of our research and methods to those outside the research society, we would like to present some of the broader aspects of our specific operations of spagyricks.

Our laboratory is both an area of work, labor and rigorous experimentation, refinement and study. It is a temple of the Hermetic and Apollonian Arts in the research of healing, medicine and wisdom. A library, oratory with the talismanic images of the Gods aligned with celestial calculations of the Northern Sky Lore. Likewise is an area devoted to harmonics, frequency, cymatics and sacred geometry within the study area, with the traditional instruments of the Arts. Sequestered in an enclosed area is the laboratory proper, climate controlled and infused with the color, and sacred harmonics. In this pristine Hermetically sealed area the spagyrick work proper is conducted according to the astrotheological principles of the Art. We maintain a constant ritual atmosphere in this area, which is a sacred center to our life’s work. It is a theurgic invocation to the Hyperborean lore expressed in every level of detail and consideration in the processing of the herbs from the time of planting or wildcraft harvesting, to the precise moment of commencing and completing operations. Our preparations are accompanied by rigorous fasting, ascetic practices and the ancient theurgic Mystery Rites.

Our path was initiated by the true sickness of spirit and body. We faced the darkness of this world and the encroaching terminal abyss of the next. The seeking of the skillful means from adepts and masters is our life’s work. We must stick to our rigorous protocols for our own health and in building our missionary work of the Enthusiastic wisdom of the true philosopher-shamans. We do not indulge in the world’s entertainments, or pursuits. We are devoted to this research, to the stewardship of forests and mountains and the preservation of Traditions in the face of oblivion. We are lore keepers and seeking to create practical, sustainable living laboratories of abundance. Our philosophy is of defining a new adept based on a true skilled and autonomous power, capable of walking away into the wilderness as the hermit sages of old. But we linger on the thresholds to shine the light of gnosis and wisdom to those seeking a true path amongst the ruins of the old world. Our sickness was a blessing and call to the true path of healers, of scholars and warriors who penetrate the Mysteries and return empowered and reborn in a true strength. The example of the old Masters shine like the true saints of the Art, edifying and presencing the ancient Hyperborean wisdom.

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