We claim the Hyperborean source of the Prisca theologia as the purest and the highest, not from any worldly measure or mundane concerns, but in Spiritual Supremacy. The Hyperborean Tradition is the source of the doctrine of immortality, of the initiatory mysteries and perfection of the soul. Hyperborean Apollo and his adepts of Abaris, Pythagoras and Zalmoxis teach the true Natural wisdom, the entheogenic mysteries and skillful means of true arete. These are the patrons of the healing arts, of alchemy, of the seeking of spiritual perfection and harmony. The true science is to attune the soul, to find the ratio, the harmony in adjusting the spirit’s consciousness and resonance to the Gods.

The goal of the Hyperborean Research Society is the alchemical transmutation of the base cultural and spiritual sickness through the initiatory rites of the Northern Tradition. The Great Polar Tradition is fragmented in the various writings and mythos of the ancestors which the Magus assembles as the Great Work. This vast cryptogram of Nature and the Lore is the foundation on creating a living tradition to preserve and pass along to the next generations. In this crisis of world age shifts, we honor the ancestors by seeking to preserve their greatness and supreme spiritual heritage. We seek to recover the ritual traditions, the genuine initiatory methods that transform us into True Human Beings. We seek to emulate the shamanic-philosophers of the North in living the authentic life in pursuit of Wisdom and in service of Healing. The arrow is a symbol of medicine and the warrior’s purpose, which we shall protect at all costs. We model the living forest tradition into the reclaiming and holy stewardship of the land. These are the templates for permacultural living laboratories and mystery schools of sacred knowledge pursuing the classical wisdom traditions of the Hermetic and Apollion Arts.

Plimmer, John; Procession to the Temple of Apollo at Delos; National Trust, Stourhead; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/procession-to-the-temple-of-apollo-at-delos-101339

The models of the initiatory centers, the ashrams, the temples and monasteries of the world are the inspiration and templates for our operation’s headquarters. Here we are building Temples to the Gods of the Northern Tradition, a temple of alchemy with oratory and laboratory, spagyrick gardens truly integrated into Nature. We use the monographs and this site to document the research, strategies for our research topics which are holistically pragmatic for body, mind and spirit. We labor for a living laboratory of food forests, food flow systems and research projects based on Hermetic and Hyperborean principles.

The anonymous, secretive aspects are to preserve the integrity of the mission from the egoistic filters, the cult of personality or the attempts to posture as occult masters. It is a resource and research collective, of the highest moral and ethical standards. Our mission is healing but protected by the martial strategies of the warriors and barbarians who fought to keep these Traditions alive. We wage the occult war in secret, humble work to heal and transmute the sickness of the World. We retain our purity from the corruption in our hermitages, compounds and halls and work in secret. Ours is a path of beauty, truth, sympathy, compassion. We must not become the Enemy.

“Let us face ourselves. We are Hyperboreans”