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We have taken this chaos as an opportunity to prioritize the securing of our compound, the headquarters and temple/laboratory. We have fortified and secured our Asgard, our Camelot, built and cultivated a permaculture farm that yields our daily food. We withdrew to the woods, engaged in the deep forest retreats, the hermit’s rites, the hermetic rituals. We will present several new writings, monographs and projects as well as our wildcrafted spagyric medicines and elixirs, and special offerings to support the Mission. We thank you to all those who have contacted and will be in touch soon.

The Hermetic Workshop

Many new publications, projects, products and presentations coming this year. The rebirth from the Winter Rites is cleansing, the assessment of priorities are refined in the coldness of winter. The purity of survival, the incessant stragety and planning, the timing of all the alchemical projects, the celestial agricultural plantings are humble the spirit. It is the tenderness of youth, the freshness of immortal greens poking through the frigid forest ice. Here we hone our craft as hermits, with the joy and zeal of childhood in the sacred groves.

Sol Niger Vol. 1

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The Goddess Physis

Protogeneia “the First Born” the primordial source of the chthonic mysteries begotten from the depths Time.

Orphic Hymn 10 to Physis (trans. Taylor) (Greek hymns C3rd B.C. to 2nd A.D.) :
“To Physis (Nature), Fumigation from Aromatics. Physis, all-parent, ancient and divine, o much mechanic mother, art is thine; heavenly, abundant, venerable queen, in every part of thy dominions seen. Untamed, all taming, ever splendid light, all ruling, honoured, and supremely bright. Immortal, Protogeneia (First-Born), ever still the same, nocturnal, starry, shining, powerful dame. Thy feet’s still traces in a circling course, by thee are turned, with unremitting force. Pure ornament of all the powers divine, finite and infinite alike you shine; to all things common, and in all things known, yet incommunicable and alone. Without a father of thy wondrous frame, thyself the father whence thy essence came; mingling, all-flourishing, supremely wise, and bond connective of the earth and skies. Leader, life-bearing queen, all various named, and for commanding grace and beauty famed. Justice, supreme in might, whose general sway the waters of the restless deep obey. Ethereal, earthly, for the pious glad, sweet to the good, but bitter to the bad: all-wise, all-bounteous, provident, divine, a rich increase of nutriment is thine; and to maturity whatever may spring, you to decay and dissolution bring. Father of all, great nurse, and mother kind, abundant, blessed, all-spermatic mind: mature, impetuous, from whose fertile seeds and plastic hand this changing scene proceeds. All-parent power, in vital impulse seen, eternal, moving, all-sagacious queen. By thee the world, whose parts in rapid flow, like swift descending streams, no respite know, on an eternal hinge, with steady course, is whirled with matchless, unremitting force. Throned on a circling car, thy mighty hand holds and directs the reins of wide command: various thy essence, honoured, and the best, of judgement too, the general end and test. Intrepid, fatal, all-subduing dame, life everlasting, fate (aisa), breathing flame. Immortal providence, the world is thine, and thou art all things, architect divine. O, blessed Goddess, hear they suppliants’ prayer, and make their future life thy constant care; give plenteous seasons and sufficient wealth, and crown our days iwht lasting peace and health.”

Hyperborean Mysteries

The Great Adepts in history have been those that preserved and protected the initiatory sciences from distortions and perversions. They are the masters who instituted and reinstated in the Mystery Traditions from the dark parasites that seek to erase all traces of the Way. These are the Philosopher Shamans, those possessing the secret fire, the philosophical magnets that infuse the mundane with the exalted correspondences that lead one to the Gods. In this rubble and rubbish of the Modern World, we take on this Great Labor, this Holy Work with our dedicated allies.

The Sages of old have inscribed the Traditions across time and space for those with the inspiration and discipline to apply every fiber of their being to wrest the truth from the rust and dust of the falsehoods and deviations. The anti- and counter- Traditional forces have sought to either eradicate or pervert what remains. They have attempted to abolish even the notion of initiation or else to lace the Holy Sciences with lethal spiritual poisons that bind the soul and mind to the most insidious of entities. We work in tireless focus to gather and present the spiritual remedies and the modes of true transformation and transmutation in the occult wars. They seek the devolution and mutation of humanity and have ensnared the masses in their grand rituals of indoctrination. We call upon those elite of spirit, intellect and body to join us in our Mission. #occultwars #hyperborean #realalchemy #northernmysteries #mysteryschools #Traditional #solazaref #solveetcoagula #theurgy #shaman #hermetic #occultstudies #solartheurgy

Hyperborean Apollo

The design illustrates a number of initiation symbols, derived from the cult of Apollo (practised, for example at the sacred centre of Delphi). The symbols include the eleven-rayed head of Apollo. The two clubs of Hercules, draped with the skin of the lion he slew – a reminder of the twelve labours which accompany every way of initiation, and which are linked with the zodiac, and thus with the course of the Sun (Apollo). The two sets of caduceus, with the intertwined and knotted serpents, and a pair of wings – emblems of initiation, and reduced in many programs of symbolism to the sigil for Mercury. The lyra, which is one of the attributes of Apollo, a reminder of the celestial Lyra, and a further reminder of the musical harmonies, or numerologies, that rule the world.

Reading Room Updates

New PDFs available in the reading room in preparation for V.2 of the Hyperborean Research Society. We have been busy with moving and creating the new laboratory and temple in more Northern climes. Our Work is just beginning. We thank all those who have been supporting our Mission.
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New Monographs soon

Due to some serious considerations, the first volume has been delayed to be edited, but will ship soon. Second volume to follow soon. We thank you for your support and patience.

Suffering to Learn

The trilogy of the Oresteia, of which this play is the first part, centres on the old and everlastingly unsolved problem of the ancient blinded vengeance and the wrong that amendeth wrong. Every wrong is justly punished; yet, as the world goes, every punishment becomes a new wrong, calling for fresh vengeance. And more; every wrong turns out to be itself rooted in some wrong of old. It is never gratuitous, never untempted by the working of peitho (persuasion), never merely wicked. The Oresteia first shows the cycle of crime punished by crime which must be repunished, and then seeks for some gleam of escape, some breaking of the endless chain of “evil duty.” In the old order of earth and heaven there was no such escape. Each blow called for the return blow and must do so ad infinitum. But, according to Aeschylus, there is a new Ruler now in heaven, one who has both sinned and suffered and thereby grown wise. He is Zeus the Third Power, Zeus the Saviour, and his gift to mankind is the ability through suffering to Learn.” Gilbert Murray, in the preface to his translation of Agamemnon

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