Invisible College

Any group, any membership or affiliation must have rights and privileges; this is the point of citizenship in the ancient world, though it is now a meaningless concept in the modern era, where illegal immigrants have superior rights and less penalties than the actual tax paying citizenry. This is the true evil of globalism, the destruction of nations, of culture, a spiritual and initiatory genocide of all Traditional societies and cultures. We hope to research and preserve as much of the Hyperborean, Indo-European esoteric lore and create and nurture a society to do so. We seek those that see the forces gathering to eradicate these traditions and that want to contribute to projects that see that they endure. But, like a nation that appreciates and honors its citizens, membership must be incentivized in a way that is mutually beneficial to both the individual and the group. Membership should likewise entail responsibility, commitments, but also a shared part of the outcomes, resources and abundances. It must be exclusive and merit-based or else there is no standard, no core purpose, no shared worldview or objectives that allows for cooperative projects.

The point of our Research Society is to gather those elite in their dedication to the Mysteries, the Alchemical Great Work and the science of immortality of the Indo-European traditions. The benefits are that one has access to alchemical medicines, unpublished manuscripts, the fellowship of those sharing a Weltanschauung and life time quest, and research resources. The latter is truly the focus of the outer research group, the acquisition and copying of ultra rare texts, and the subsequent distillation and exegesis of their contents. This is the chief expense, the procuring of the essential primary research materials and manuscripts. This is also the chief incentive to join our group, namely that unless one is extremely wealthy, many of the key texts, academic and primary, are starting at $500. We have vast archives to share as PDFs in large USB drives for Members as well. Due to the subject matter, certain texts are available only to vetted members. There are no Membership fees other than purchasing the Membership and Initiation monograph, which shall explain our worldview, our structure, and the exoteric and esoteric goals of our group. We do accept donations and support and conduct fundraising activities through special offerings in our guild affiliates for special projects which members should support through sharing such initiatives. It is imperative to engage in mutually beneficial works, to never be parasitic or exploitative, but to remain sustainable, self-funding and autonomous.

The MAGUS series from Magus Publishing has articulated the worldview of the Modern Adept, and it is the metasigil or manifesto and template towards a self-reliant, mountain dwelling Master that is skilled, stocked and remote for the deep seclusion and retreats. We have structured our life and kin domain as such that our costs are minimal, and we are as autonomous as possible in these modern times. We seek to define and presence a new Adept consciousness that is exoterically and esoterically refined, honed and proficient, from survival to the highest arts of the Muses, theurgy and the Great Work. We create the kin domains, fortified mountain compounds of mutual self preservation and research into the keys of Immortality. Mastery here is to have the freedom of one’s own time and space in this modern time to pursue and articulate such research for those devotedly pursuing the ancestral Memories. We create abundance and a living resource for the collected research of our inner circle. We thank you all for supporting the various publications that create the energy that inspires and drives us to produce more and work harder.

We will be featuring ‘want lists’ and acquisitions. There are some texts that we keep in our archives when copying is not an option for various reasons. Otherwise we may exhaustively submit a text to the Peers, who will all prepare a monograph from their study, at which time we collect them and edit them together for a dossier. Then the text is either sold or traded for other key works, as we are not book collectors but researchers. We keep a sizable core library and archives, much of which is accessible to senior members or those with specific research topics. In the past, we have been contacted by Universities and Scholars seeking a particular volume that we have managed to obtain exclusively (such as original translations of rare Persian sufi alchemical texts).

Other benefits are sponsorship/fundraising for retreats and expeditions for those who prove worth such investments. Consultations with elite guild herbalists, group buying offers for bulk items needed for survivalism, hermit retreats, etc., equipment, private monographs, oral traditions, sacramental offerings, ritual regalia, special gifts and awards for service or achievements. These can be special antiques, alchemical items, talismans, ceremonial weapons, idols, etc. rare texts, alchemical pottery, glassware, blacksmithing, and other Traditional European items. We also have heirloom seeds, heritage breeds of livestock/animals, internships, and partnerships in the guild for business with the goal to join the kin domains or establish a homestead or hermitage that is associated with the Guild and Society.

We look forward to the beautiful works we can create and disseminate that articulate the noble, pure and honorable pagan worldview that is free from the extremes of degenerates and dilettantes. We hope to progress in producing multimedia articulations of the Mysteries free from the pop-occultism, kabbalistic distortions and appropriations that have infected the Western Tradition.

Join us together in a round table, an invisible college, a silent society, a think tank that competes in research and daring to find the fragments and Memories of our original Tradition. Let us join silently, anonymous, and singular in purpose producing initiatory content for our own beloved folk and kindred. At the core, we are hermits, pilgrims of the Sun, seeking the Organic Light of the Goddess. As a Cult of Memory we must Remember within the dream of death that we are Immortal. Ultimately we must all do the work alone, in the quiet solitude of the silent alchemy, but we give homage and respect to those master teachers who have left the maps, the markers and lamps along the way. Like the bee, we gather the nectar from many flowers and produce the sweet honey, the elixir against Death.

A Druid Love Story

As our research into pagan themes, traditions or allegories in Classical music and art continues, we thought to present one of our favorites. Here we have Bellini’s masterpiece Casta Diva, the Chaste Goddess, from his bel canto Opera Norma. It is an invocation to the pure Lunar Goddess in a sacred Grove by the Druid High Priestess Norma, who council the war ready people of her tribe that they must be patient in engaging Rome. But as the opera is a tragic tale of love, loyalty, and honor against this context of invasion, war and oppression, the subjects mingle, and the invocation is as much for her people’s concerns for battle as it is for the war within her heart and the heart’s of those entangled in these sordid affairs.

The opera offers some fascinating insights into the perceptions of the Druids in the 19th century, as well as the insight into the human heart and love in the crucible of impending war and death. Norma is the High Priestess, she must be chaste, but she has broken her vow and with a Roman soldier no less. Having had a vision that the Druids would have victory and her lover would die, she councils against war, hoping to spare his life. This Roman, Pollione, has instead fallen in love with one of the virgin temple priestesses, Adalgisa. He later desecrates the Temple and is captured to be sacrificed to secure victory from the Gods. Norma again hopes to spare his life, asking him to renounce her rival and return to her, but he refuses. She confesses her betrayal of her oath to the Druids, her father the High Priest, and volunteers to take her unworthy lover’s place in the sacrificial fire. Pollione, so moved by this selfless act, falls in love with her in again now deeper and more profound at her nobility of spirit. The become immortals in the sacrificial pyre, as they both are engulfed in flames together.

The moments of splendor produced in these performances touch upon the ritual nature capable of being expressed in the Classical arts. The music and aura, the scenery is so theurgically harmonized as to constitute a real ritual invocation to the Goddess. The sublime nature of the tones, the inflection, and the deep yearning within from the chaos churning of love arising between loyalty and the heart, between the sacred and profane, all are transferred to the pure beseeching of the Goddess. We have the true human condition exposed, a love the destroys all but that immortalizes, that transcends the possessive, or conditional love. Norma is not the usual trope, but a complex embodiment of a lover, of a mother, of a priestess, as a leader. We see all these vulnerable sides as she navigates the intruding reality of cultures, of conflict, of rage and war. She is flooded with regret, bitterness, anger, homicidal rage, and yet she retains her nobility, her humanity, her love. It is a love so profound, that few could endure it. It is only in death that such love can be understood, as love as sacrifice, love as surrender, love as truly embracing the essence of the beloved, and preferring its survival and happiness above one’s own, or a selfish love that wishes evil if it is unrequited. A truly beautiful piece to contemplate in the rain of an mid-autumn night.

Casta Diva Italian Lyrics

Casta Diva, che inargenti
queste sacre antiche piante,
a noi volgi il bel sembiante
senza nube e senza vel…
Tempra, o Diva,
tempra tu de’ cori ardenti
tempra ancora lo zelo audace,
spargi in terra quella pace
che regnar tu fai nel ciel…

Casta Diva English Translation

Pure Goddess, whose silver covers
These sacred ancient plants,
we turn to your lovely face
unclouded and without veil…
Temper, oh Goddess,
the hardening of you ardent spirits
temper your bold zeal,
Scatter peace across the earth
Thou make reign in the sky…


Icarus Falling

For those who have sincerely studied the Masters, there can only be an increasing humility. The ‘meetings with remarkable men’ are both inspiring and humbling. A true Master is rare, and a species of refinement rarely encountered in the mundane world. Though you might meet them as dignified gentlemen or noble ladies of unknown means and refinement, they would never fully disclose their essence. Secretive to even their most intimates, they inhabit a world of the ineffable, and thus they remain in a natural silence. If one should be allowed to study with a living adept, then these qualities become even more impressive. There is a natural manner of Being that is noble, accomplished, and fiery, like a fusion of the elementals bristling against the confines of matter itself. There are no contrived displays of erudition, no ostentatious gestures, or obnoxious validations of any kind, but an abiding benevolence that comingles with the fierceness of one who can ride a tiger. They hide in the world, concealed, secret, eremitic as the mystic anchorites of silence.

Such a one will either inspire or create a type of malignant jealousy, envy or depression. It is like the anti-Grail magician Klingsor who grows bitter because he is not worthy. Rather than doing the self-work and purification to be noble, of becoming a servant of the Grail in aiding others in the quest, he is jealous, rotten, disfigured by his own shortcomings and faults. How many will learn from these lessons that we all must face the task, the ultimatum of our soul’s existence that is the Great Work. We are to become a true Philosopher, the Magus, the righteous Grail king within the microcosm on our quest for the Immortal. We must reconcile our faults, our limitations of a karma, of our personal wyrd, our character flaws both innate and developed. It is the brutal assaying of the self, like the gold in the fire, that tell us of our purity or baseness. How much have we been corrupted, weakened, diseased of mind, body, and spirit? How much time have we wasted in anger, in folly, in sloth, laziness, and in the vices that grip and hold us down? These are moral and mortal sins not because they are punished by a god, but because they are self-inflicted sentences of the worst retribution against our Being. We are mortal, time is finite, precious and yet how many do the Work? How many stay to the Path? How many sacrifice all of the endless distractions for true intentions that persist over a lifetime? They can not even be disciplined enough to finish a text, learn a skill, to maintain a spiritual practice for any serious length of time but they think they are to be alchemists, mystics, heroes, adepts or even Gods.

Most of these sentiments, especially expressing the latter, can not even control the basics of their life. They can not escape any of the mundane aspects to have any true liberation to pursue the Work unfettered. Yet they think they are to bend fate itself and render themselves as Gods? They think they compel Gods with their kabbalistic threats and invocations? They can not master any languages, the complex techniques, the costs, and freedom of being master of one’s own time, yet they will pierce the secrets of nature? They think that their status as ‘lords of the left-hand path’ gives them license to molest, manipulate and act with such malignant and rotten natures? That their behavior is above slave morality so that they may transgress against the Gods themselves? Such is the hubris that thinks they can succeed were such luminaries and genius of the past have failed. Men of the highest intelligence, of a brilliance truly unfathomable have spent their lives trying to lift the veil on these Mysteries. Likewise, those of godlike talent, blessed by the muses in every artifice and Art, they too have been denied entrance into the walled gate. The Great Work requires the evolution of the common man to the initiated Anthropos, and the commitment of every faculty, of every atom of Being towards these Labors. It is through the Great Striving of Art and Intellect mediated by Spirit that one becomes the conduit for the divine gifts of the Gods.

Such arrogance, of course, is part of the personality of the unwashed and profane. Their ‘frivolous insolences’ have been exploited in the occult wars, as the general tendency to chaos and degeneracy is exacerbated. Those in the pagan, heathen or occult contexts exhibit such traits to truly pathological levels, operating from a worldview that nurtures such defects of character. Their desire for wanton rebellion operates under the propaganda of the Biblical faiths they deny. The fetishized notions of cruelty, of lack decency or empathy only enforces what the ecclesiastical lies told of our ancestors. The mythos and lore evidence the highest moral standards of the good, the highest code of honor and was defined by a clear sense of right and wrong, of divine retribution and a necessary sense of shame. There was the sense of the common good, of the relationships and the natural order that one should not transgress from both a supernatural level of retribution, to accountability from one’s folk, to the inner conviction of being heroic and noble of heart, and a piety to the Gods. The tasted gnosis of our own soul’s immortality demanded and demands a proper mode of being, a refinement that is worthy to house the infinite. Now we have a world that has no shame other than the shallow virtue signaling and social conditioning to weaponize the last traits of human sympathy or sense of a higher cause or purpose. There is no sense of the great overcoming of the worst in oneself, of the purge of negative and inferior traits, of degenerate and degrading qualities or habits that bind and fetter one to a failed and wasted existence. Most accept themselves, their fate, their lot in life and are resigned to celebrating their mediocrity and inferior status. Wise are those that brush the red dust of the world off and transcend their circumstances, their degraded peers, their broken families and become Golden. There is a paradox here in the provisional inner-self worth that has standards, an exclusivity and elite mode of Being in seeking one’s betters to learn and progress through their skill and wisdom. One has to have a heroic pride of the Quest that is in bounds with the cosmic order and secretive in concealing the true aims of the alchemical life.

It is the mark of the hubris and vulgar to always be entitled, and they have the constant need to be entertained. They have no respect for hierarchy, for hard work that earns rewards, so they are constantly complaining and being a victim who has no regard for those that do Herculean tasks with disciplined effort. They crave a debauched luxury, not of any refined hedonistic delights, but of the worst decadence, the soul rotting shallow artificial modes of pleasure that are never of any substance, or worth. These are indulgences that poison the health, the spirit, they are traps in the guise of treats the ensnare and hold them. It creates a shallow person incapable of concentration, of setting and achieving goals, of training the brain to feel pleasure in overcoming hard tasks, and eschewing the dopamine rewards of trivial forms of stimulation. It is a downward spiral of inferior people that have become a critical mass and who have been unleashed upon society with corporate, government and media as accomplices.

The true alchemy, the opus alchemicum, is the transmuting of the beast and man into the Immortal. “Naive men think that by ill-treating others they make their own superiority the greater” and many confuse revenge with taking pleasure in humiliation, pain, and suffering. We might define a real person of manners, a noble lady or gentleman, as someone who is kind and respectful even to people with whom there is no obligation such as those below their rank, subordinates, strangers or with those they disagree. The mark of true refinement is self-control, in mastery of our actions, in the proper response (responsibility) and staying within a standard and ethos of what is honorable and just. Hubris guards our humanity and prepares us for divinity, even though these terms are weighted with Christian theological baggage. It is the Christians who stole and warped what true piety to the Gods meant, and claim the moral authority already developed and articulated by our pagan philosophers. We mean of the realm of the Gods, of the superior invisible source of light, the numinous and astral domain beyond the abyss. It is from this divine inspiration that the messenger of the Gods alights in dreams, in piercing insights, in visionary rites of the light beheld in chthonic depths. Some think that the forces they seek to conjure for will spare them in its parasitic devouring. They will learn too late as all is consumed around them. For some it takes great pain, humiliation, anguish, exile, illness, betrayal, a lover’s death or suicide, to learn these lessons. Some will only awaken to the horror in the dramatic irony the old tragedies taught of the sudden reversal of fortune. Some will only know its truth upon a deeper incarceration, or an incapacitating injury, a terminal disease, some will only glimpse it in the flicker of insight that sparks right before Death.

Some other examples of hubris are of excessive boasting, especially in sacred or divine matters, or one’s beauty or power. If one is to brag about the good deeds or actions one intends to do, then make sure they are accomplished in due order. To set goals and to leave them unfinished is a worse offense, and a crippling aspect of one’s spiritual and magical integrity. Failing to do what is necessary, to shirk duty, to neglect those in one’s care is hubris and the toxic selfishness that rots all of life from the home, to community, to the nation and world. To think one can fool the Gods and outwit fate by tricks are also common themes of hubris that causes retribution and dire consequences. Here there is the fine line between the praise of glory and a cunning wisdom that solves problems but one that retains honor and does not denigrate us through actions unbefitting Immortals. A destructive ambition, an unwillingness to learn from the past, a denial of the sacred, transgressing decency, abominations, sexual crimes, a certain arrogance and lack of manners, a superiority complex all are subtle enemies that destroy the work. As such we walk the fine line of elitist and humbled. Elitism is in those who make great striving through disciplines that last a lifetime. Such a one can only develop an authentic humility beholding the infinite and a respect for all of this higher order. This is the honor of recognizing greatness, of accepting if one is superior in being honest with one’s own faults, limitations and flaws. It is only through doing so that we evolve into Masters, divesting ourselves of the inferior traits, worldview and disposition that limit us to a mundane or common existence. This process of refinement removes the excess matter to realize the idol of the God within the stone. We contrast to Masonry which seeks to make a person a brick in their temple, whereas we seek to reveal the divinity within the unhewn stone of one’s self. It is only through empowered Mastery that one has a true strength and vantage point for mercy, compassion and empathy of which are the most noble sentiments of humanity.

The study of the heroes contain the bitter paradox of seeking glory and transgressing the noetic world, the realm of Being (or Being, Life, and Intelligence); just as the Magus, the Faustian spirit motivates us to pierce the Veil of hidden or forbidden knowledge. The mythos provide the Master Narrative to navigate these treacherous waters that flow of the abyss and the moral compass of conduct worthy of apotheosis. The initiates are Telestai, “those who are aimed.” Like other concepts of ‘sin’, the term hamartia derives from the Greek ἁμαρτία, from ἁμαρτάνειν hamartánein, which means “to miss the mark” or “to err.” “The hamartia of being compelled to unknown ends to the suffering of ironic reversal of fortunes, the peripeteia and the anagnorsis, the profound realization… fate, the will of the gods is a metaphor for the workings of both those social and natural forces beyond our personal control and the inescapable elements of our own psyches — our own selves that both make us heroic and tragic, and thus make us beautiful.” Here is a lesson for those balancing the inner Hermit’s path of alchemist and Magus but have obligations to folk, to kindred, to clients. Our work must be balanced, we must not sacrifice the nurturing of the essential aspects of our humanity in how we treat those we love or that love us, or that depend on us. Only though such understanding can there be a community and domain healthy and sacred enough to do the great work. Unless one is of extreme great wealth and means, there has to be the planning, strategy, the cooperation to build with others. Even in the hermitage we rely upon others to prosecute the daily tasks that intrude upon us from governments like taxes, and other financial concerns it is impossible to escape. It requires a cooperative spirit, such was the key to frith in the North, to endure and survive in extreme conditions. We are facing such extremes that will only increase as the mortar of society crumbles. We seek those who understand this worldview as allies to survive, to Endure.

We entrap the lower self in a labyrinth of our own cunning, and yet we must escape that to our immortal return. The feathered immortal, the winged-soul is allowed to fly, it is just a question of proper altitude for one’s station. We cannot transgress the cosmic order or there are consequences. This is the hubris of modern science which thinks it is superior to Nature, and that they can patent, interfere and experiment with biology on a genetic level, trying to act like the Gods. They have their golem of silicon and artificial intelligence, of synthetic entheogens, genetic modification, virtual immortality through transhumanism all of which are the inversion of Tradition and a false, anti-Grail form of degenerate alchemy.

Nemesis, winged balancer of life, dark-faced goddess, daughter of Justice

The Erinyes were three female goddesses, seeking vengeance against anyone who had sworn a false oath or had done an evil act. The role of the Erinyes was to tantalise anyone who committed crimes, or hubris (insolence against the gods).

For those seeking to Work within an invisible college of esoteric research, contact us and purchase this publication to support our Mission.

The Hermit

Magical or secret societies have always been a part of history. We can find the metallurgical brotherhoods that discovered the secrets of fire, of minerals and metals, that spread the secret alchemical teachings. The rites of passage in many different youth cults of animalistic warfare, the initiatory rites of craft guilds, of Hermetic brotherhoods, back to the Mystery Schools, the private Mystery cults of certain adepts all testify to this essential human esoteric practice.

It is an esoteric practice of humility, of interweaving personal relationships, of learning to do research, creating magical chains of influence, the syntony of group theurgy. Our practices use specific theurgic items, alchemical conduits that are timed in group rites. We prepare meta-sigils of our Work and worldview, inscribing the realities that we seek to co-create together.

Just as religion is institutionalized magic, priests and prophets being ‘official’ sorcerers or Magus, the past adepts, for good and bad, have formed esoteric groups for specific purposes. Our goal is to gather the ancestral heritage that has been lost, forgotten, destroyed. We seek to catalyse the Memory of the blood, seeking the Past amongst the ruins that we may preserve and presence it for ourselves and our children and beyond.

When one has reached a level of maturity, the true vanity of worldly achievements truly sets in. There is no salvation from such accolades, there is nothing but a fleeting euphoria that dissipates and leaves the brain in withdrawal from stimulation and validation. We must set our Work and focus upon that which is Immortal, Eternal, and learn the science of the soul’s liberation. This is the alchemical doctrine that has been twisted into the dessicated religions that are not hollow and false. Ars longa, vita brevis. Join us in this Work.

We insist on training the character, the manners, the speech and conduct of our members. It is an esoteric training to full Mastery, when one is in complete control of behavior, of words, of reactions, of thoughts, impulses, provocations. It is the esoteric composure, the nobility of the heart, the aristocracy of the soul that raises one up from the mundane, the vulgar and profane. Even if we must defend ourselves and draw upon our most lethal defenses, we do so with a liberated mind, a spirit that is of empathy, compassion, and honor. These are the pillars of strength, the heroic ethos, the knightly chivalry, and must be the signature and hallmark of all those that claim our name.

As we witness the destruction of society and culture, of the essence of civilization, we must become the microcosm of enlightened being. We are to be polite, respectful, sincere and kind even in the face of such inhumanity, chaos and cruelty. We do not turn the other cheek, we shall defend our right of being to the end, but it shall not intrude upon our inner being, our hermetically sealed personality. We must presence art, beauty, truth and the skillful means of Immortality. We must become adepts in medicine and war, in Art and Craft, the synthesis of the esoteric and exoteric skill sets that allow one to survive and Endure.

We are apolitical, having no agenda in the profane world other than to be left to our peaceful rural communities and forests, that we be allowed to defend ourselves and kindred, and to live with honor. We blend into the mountain landscape as a simple rural farm, hiding in the open as a homestead and woodland dwelling. We do not trouble anyone and labor out our exoteric and esoteric Work.

The radical agendas that have overtaken the public discourse has been part of the seeded tensions and conflict in academia, media and entertainment. These are politicized, triggering, calculated to exploit emotion and empathy. New causes are given to fill the gaps of belief, of faith, of religion, of the deeper need these were built upon: of a healthy worldview and initiation. The vacuum of Tradition is filled with New Age garbage, fantasy, inventions and worse, the inverted or distorted counterfeit anti-traditions that fool so many.

Certainly we understand those who are reticent to join any group or society. But we assure you, the enemy has no such qualms. They form into a strict hierarchy and proceed with precision, patience and nearly unlimited resources. They are in lock step unity to their Entities, beholden to and possessed by an artificial god. They are very powerful, because it is easier to destroy than create, and thus their task has no obstacles in its seeding of mayhem and chaos. Our initiation, as in the Rites, the Visions, the Dreams and Death, is to remain composed in the darkness. The Work needed is beyond the individual in researching, preparing, and propagating these ancestral ways. We have set up the guilds for heirloom species, seeds, animal husbandry etc. and the research society for the esoteric aspects. Deep within is our magical centacle, where we study and teach the ancient alchemical methods, the theurgic techniques, the purifications and entheogenic technologies that heal and prepare one for the true, personal and private initiation. Thus we insist on being anonymous, truly secret, and silent. Those who use the symbols or Harpocrates and reveal themselves are charlatans at best and baits of the anti-tradition. We are true Hermits and the Silence and Secrecy is our delight and protection.

We have prepared a manuscript to articulate what is required, the Work that must be done, the refinement that is needed to be a true Hyperborean. We understand that many are in financial situations due to the draconian destruction of society. If you are indeed unable to procure the funds, but are devoted in interest, please contact with an essay of your sincerity, intentions, and research interests. If you have any special talents, gifts, abilities that can assist our Work, from proofreading, editing, etc. then please also inquire. We have already received many new inquiries and we are responding if they are suitably composed, with high manners as befits those who study the Royal Art.

We must translate research into action, knowledge and wisdom combined to deeds. Endless excuses, abstractions must be overcome and the initiatory actions undertaken over decades of striving, suffering, and the ecstasy of overcoming and Being. We must plum the depths of our lore, our Mind, our heritage to unearth Memory.

Artist Cenacle

“Offspring of nine mothers am I, of nine sisters am I the Son.”

Our worldview has always been centered upon being utilitarian, practical, strategic. We govern by logic and reason but recognize there are other modes of apprehending and participating in Reality. By day we build abundance, we sow the earth, we gather the bounty, we feed upon the Sun. At night we enter the Faustian pursuit of occult knowledge, of Philosophy, magia, Hermetica, theurgia in the Indo-European alchemical traditions.

We have spent decades seeking Master Teachers, skillful means, and the sacred lore and mythos. We are a Cult of Memory, devoted to the true science of Immortality. We seek those who work anonymously to collaborate, contribute, to teach and to learn. Our communications will always be silent, our voice spoken in the plural as we work together. Our strategy is to collect as many talented, inspired and dedicated seekers that we may research together our ancestral heritage, in understanding a true pagan ethos, and finding the lapis philosophicum.

Within our research society are separate tribes or clans, or Phyles. Our esoteric warfare is by way of the sacred Arts that expose the Enemy for what they truly are: ugly, rotten, biophobic and inhuman. The testimony in this is in their art, their lack of manners, their preference for the degenerate, hideous and diseased. They seed a pernicious worldview, metastasizing in the cold hearts and minds towards a terminal despair.

Our elixir can be found in the secret fires within that yearn for beauty, for Hyperborean gnosis, for the sacred Memory in our Blood. It is what separates from the unwashed, the profane, the uncultured and mundane. They are asleep, possessed, hypnotized with the demoralizing spells cast upon them. Yet they celebrate their affliction, embrace it and seek to spread as do all parasites. But to those that understand a few words suffice, to those that do not there are never enough.

We wish to extend an invitation to all artists that presence the beautiful, the spiritual, the sacred, the sapiential and the numinous in this world. It is a crucial time and one for each to put aside ego, vanity, and degenerate ways. To stop excuses, to stop scrolling and wasting time. Produce beauty, produce art, inspired by the honor and glory of the ancestors. Encode the Great Work and the fingerprints of the Gods in your works.

So many waste time producing degenerate discordance, celebrations of mental illness and all that is rotten and ugly. Instead of just memes or some soundcloud account, contribute to a project that is secret, quiet, subtle and working towards a true refinement. We are in the occult wars, and we need to act like the future heroes and Gods our ancestors will remember. Many blather on about the right and left path but do not integrate and balance: Solve et Coagula. As with the Masters we shall better speak instead of wet and dry paths, both of which we must study and progress through as an unfolding of initiation.

Our inner guild is from an era and a rural Weltanschauung that does not usually engage in technology or online. But it is crucial to present this ethos and alchemical knowledge for those seeking, for the young, as we build for tomorrow and carve out Tradition for our own progeny. The artists have always been the conduits to the realms of the Gods, but so many have lost that connection. They become vessels for the anti- and counter-Tradition. They must transmute their Being to produce true alchemical Art. The theurgic rites allow one to Remember what it is to be human and Awakened. To this end we are forming this esoteric cenacle.

We are blessed to live in the most extraordinary of times, the twilight of the world ages. We must be both hero and Magus, skilled in the ways of war, refined in the ways of the Adepts. Our way is the rural esoterics of the old forests, the solitary lamp of the hermits, the silent theurgy of visionary Rites. Our joy is in old texts, handblown glass, rare herbs and beautiful Art. Our delight is reading the Stars, and in the woman’s work and child’s play of our Work.

The path is always for the elite, those exiled from the norms, those lost, wounded, sick, but ever Pure, from ancient lineages that have suffered the ravages of Time and Fate. Such is our lot, to drag ourselves as Noble Ladies and Gentlemen from out of the ruins, to dust ourselves off and begin to live, to thrive, to Remember and ever, forever, to Endure.

Serious inquiries contact hyperboreanresearch @ gmail .com (no spaces)

Occult Wars and the Vedic Tradition

Those familiar with our writings often see the term ‘occult wars’ and we are working on a division to articulate this ancient, esoteric conflict. This battle is raged in innumerable ways, using various counter- and anti-Traditional forces to seed chaos, confusion, to demoralize and obfuscate a true, healthy worldview. There are indeed cabals at work sowing the seeds of this psychic turmoil, ‘critical’ theory that seeks to disrespect every aspect of the past, the ancestors of Tradition. It revels in destroying, mocking, distorting all that is noble, honorable, spiritual and inserts a diseased outlook that relegates everything to the Agenda. All that is Indo-European, all that is truly ‘pagan’ must be infiltrated, appropriated, parodied, and scorned. People must not respect their ancestors, their Traditions, their heritage in this agenda because it is the antidote to the poison they seek to inject into every aspect of living. They fear anyone to discover their true ancient Traditions, the empowering glory of their old ways, the aesthetic and spiritual beauty our ancestors created out of nothing.

The article linked below is from India and, though a few years old, highlights those true to the Dharma and their reaction and articulation of this parasitic intrusion into their country. They are keenly aware of the ideological and spiritual subversion at play in a grander scheme of replacement, of ‘progress’, of destroying the ways to a holy and beautiful life. The cabal knows that they can produce the circumstances that make such radical shifts possible. They can exacerbate differences to extremes, cultivate the revolutionary climate for chaos, and use their political, media and academic agents to construct a new, ‘progressive’ narrative.

Even when they are forced to acknowledge or concede some point of glory in the past, such as we find in researching so much of ancient Hellenistic culture, one can find apologies from the journal article’s authors for being Eurocentric, or contextualizing that anything ancient that appears to be good is still, probably, some evil form of oppression. The reader can see the original article that this was a response to, which is such an insulting piece of degenerate writing to the Hindu people.

It is interesting to note the Western academics called out in this piece, such as Wendy Doniger, a cohort of the J.P. Morgan Banker Gordon Wasson who was instrumental in popularizing entheogens with a dubious agenda of intelligence officers (Dr. James Moore of University of Delaware). We suggest that this cabal timed this release to counter the awakening that was happening in humanity. As others like Robert Graves were highlighting the beauty and depth of our indigenous European shamanism, Wasson clearly withheld so much of the data of use (for instance in Nordic culture) in his sealed archives at Harvard that only certain people can enter that are cleared by Wasson’s family. What are they hiding? We know several researchers who are denied any access because they wrote anything critical of Wasson’s conclusions. This is not scholarship, this is the blatant theft of our culture. Wasson and many of his allies had and have an agenda to conceal these aspects from popular view. Why? Because it awakens Memory, it instills pride, all of which is a slippery slope to wanting sovereignty, perhaps national borders, national pride, and no more racial guilt that is used to force through policies. They fear the winds from the old ruins, the true spiritual power from the ancient masters because it is of an authority they cannot control or manipulate. Their war is on the sacred, on nature, on the concept of the divine realm because it is from this that mankind has true inalienable rights as a Human Being.

It is also no coincidence that LSD was introduced nearly simultaneously into the public as Wasson’s research (which was not original as Soma suggestions of psychoactive plants go back until at least the 19th century). The revelations of ancient widespread shamanic plants is then diverted into artificial drugs with socially engineered mind viruses to have one hate their parents, destroy society, to drop out, and to pursue hedonistic and libertine paths that created the hypermaterialism of the ensuing decades. It was the mind control solvent used in the mass initiation of that generation, just as 9/11 and the events of the past year have been initiated to traumatize and compartmentalize all thinking in the stunned reaction to the seeming never ending barrage of chaos. The youth were denied the true master narrative of initiatory lore, the grounding of heroic honor, the aspirations of the Great Work, and of the ancestral context to these substances. Instead their innate human need to strive for higher purpose is exploited into the new cult of social justice and perpetual victimhood, and they are left degenerate, impotent, harvested.

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The Goddess Physis

Protogeneia “the First Born” the primordial source of the chthonic mysteries begotten from the depths Time.

Orphic Hymn 10 to Physis (trans. Taylor) (Greek hymns C3rd B.C. to 2nd A.D.) :
“To Physis (Nature), Fumigation from Aromatics. Physis, all-parent, ancient and divine, o much mechanic mother, art is thine; heavenly, abundant, venerable queen, in every part of thy dominions seen. Untamed, all taming, ever splendid light, all ruling, honoured, and supremely bright. Immortal, Protogeneia (First-Born), ever still the same, nocturnal, starry, shining, powerful dame. Thy feet’s still traces in a circling course, by thee are turned, with unremitting force. Pure ornament of all the powers divine, finite and infinite alike you shine; to all things common, and in all things known, yet incommunicable and alone. Without a father of thy wondrous frame, thyself the father whence thy essence came; mingling, all-flourishing, supremely wise, and bond connective of the earth and skies. Leader, life-bearing queen, all various named, and for commanding grace and beauty famed. Justice, supreme in might, whose general sway the waters of the restless deep obey. Ethereal, earthly, for the pious glad, sweet to the good, but bitter to the bad: all-wise, all-bounteous, provident, divine, a rich increase of nutriment is thine; and to maturity whatever may spring, you to decay and dissolution bring. Father of all, great nurse, and mother kind, abundant, blessed, all-spermatic mind: mature, impetuous, from whose fertile seeds and plastic hand this changing scene proceeds. All-parent power, in vital impulse seen, eternal, moving, all-sagacious queen. By thee the world, whose parts in rapid flow, like swift descending streams, no respite know, on an eternal hinge, with steady course, is whirled with matchless, unremitting force. Throned on a circling car, thy mighty hand holds and directs the reins of wide command: various thy essence, honoured, and the best, of judgement too, the general end and test. Intrepid, fatal, all-subduing dame, life everlasting, fate (aisa), breathing flame. Immortal providence, the world is thine, and thou art all things, architect divine. O, blessed Goddess, hear they suppliants’ prayer, and make their future life thy constant care; give plenteous seasons and sufficient wealth, and crown our days iwht lasting peace and health.”