Some Dreadful Truths

Reality, this life, our consciousness presents us with some severe ultimatums. We are either the product of pure chance, living a meaningless life of struggle and pain or there is a precise purpose, meaning or Way. If it is the latter, then we must accept that the ancients universally encoded this Truth into every aspect of their culture, and life was orientated to this process. We can decode from the mythos, the culture, languages, technologies, traditions that the ancients themselves posited a Golden Age and a central Homeland. Life was understood as an initiation, a ritual ordeal and study and apprehension of a celestial Mystery. As world ages ended, this stream of Tradition became diluted, diverted, polluted, though traces still remain. In the historical period, true masters appeared with miraculous and awe-inspiring presence and deeds, but they became few and far between as time eroded the centers of the Old Ways.

The Occult Wars are to extinguish the fire of consciousness in humanity. It is to break their connection with the past, with Tradition, with the ancestors, the Gods and with themselves. It is to induce a spiritual sickness, a lethargy of soul and Mind that can not recall its true heritage, its noble ancestry and divine nature and dignity. It was extraordinarily difficult in the time of these great masters to transcend circumstances, destiny, karma, and to find the Way. One can read of the saints lamenting not having the funds to go and get the transmissions and skillful means of the Dharma, or the languishing pain of future adepts traveling for knowledge, to seek a master, to get a text, to gain initiation and authentic teachings. The anti-Traditional forces, like counterfeiters, prey upon those whose poverty of spirit can be exploited by their frauds and false inversions of the original Way.

Thus, even in those ancient days, to prevail in the Great Work was rare indeed, and the culmination of many lifetimes and incarnations of struggle and dedication. The Dharma masters understood that the process of liberation meant that there are fewer adepts to teach. In the core of the Mystery Schools and Hermetic and Hyperborean and Neoplatonic traditions, if one recalls their true divine or Buddha nature three times they are liberated (such as Thrice Great Hermes). But this means that fewer spiritual masters or those on the path will continue to be incarnated, unless they vow to return for the spiritual benefit of those that remain, such as in the way of the Bodhisattva.

The Enemy forces have patiently destroyed and reverse transmuted the world into a veritable hell, a materialistic nightmare calculated to exploit every human aspiration, all initiatic impulses and psycho-spiritual tension points away from the Way. This is the complete, full-spectrum assault down to the genetic level to eradicate and permanently destroy every notion, every trace of memory, every instinct and noble sentiment. So again, even under auspicious times, with true master teachers, in a civilization dedicated to a spiritual path, it was a path for the most elite of spirit. Now we are in the most degenerate, decadent, and demoralized period, the true essence of the Kali Yuga and complete destruction of Tradition.

How is one to penetrate the Mysteries of this realm, to train and refine themselves as all collapses around them? There is no society anymore. There is no culture, there is no common sense of purpose or definition of the good, there is nothing sacred that all hold in common. There is pain, suffering, isolation. There are generations of soulless, subhumans that have had all of the magic and spirit drained and harvested begetting and replicating mere husks of life with no real spark of sentience or true humanity, which is of a divine heritage and celestial essence. Broken homes, collapsing social orders, endless trauma and selective scarcities press and extract any of the human spirit left. The tactics to distract, to weaken, to demoralize, to keep off-balance consumes the finite time, energy and resources, thwart many of even the most sincere seekers. Because destruction is in some ways more powerful than creation in that creation is fragile, it is vulnerable. Rome was not built in a day, but it can be destroyed in a few. The precarious achievements of the past, the hard-won insights, the preservation and enduring ways can all be wiped away like a sculpture or artwork that was painstakingly crafted that can be smashed or burned in an instant. All of one’s progress can be wiped away in some careless acts, some persistent behaviors or habits, some vulnerability introduced by some blindspot or some inattention to detail.

One’s exoteric goals must be to find and create conditions for the Way. To endure peers and relatives that have no inclination or notion, who are lost to pop culture and mainstream narratives and who live shallow, barren, miserable mundane lives is like living with an Enemy. They are hostile to authentic life, anything that reminds them of what they should be doing with this incarnation will cause deep psychic rifts within them that will cause them to lash out or become disassociate. To be confronted with a mode of life, of purpose, of meaning and accountability is too much truth to the lies they live upon. The heroic worldview, the Philosopher’s quest, these are the antithesis of superficial cravings, of boring and common diversions and the false comfort and luxury to which modernism grasps. They will never awaken to the true purpose of life, and anything that might disturb their anesthetic, trance-like slumber is hated as a painful intrusion of the True Reality into their construct of sensations and cravings. Even if they should have a profound, numinous, or mystical experience, their leaky heads cannot hold the Memory which will drain like a sieve.

Most grow up amongst the stench of the commonplace, this ‘botched and bungled’ inhumanity and base existence of miserable ordinary pursuits. To transcend these circumstances, to create and prime conditions and circumstances for true mastery is truly the most rare and precious pursuit on earth. Yet who can overcome the toxic relationships of destroyed families and peers? Who can wipe away the indoctrination and seeds of doubt that create a near schizophrenic inner world of beholding the awe and majesty of life filtered through the desiccating theories and mental viruses of ‘scientists’? Who can heal themselves of the wasteland-inducing wound of the king? Who can ask the right questions? Who can withstand the ordeals that assault every fiber and atom of being? Who can escape the lures and baits, the traps and fetters set on all sides? Who can master themselves when they take orders from inferiors? Who can engage in the labors to purify and Remember they are wandering Gods, exiled from the company of the Blessed?

As the world burns, as the chaos increases, there will be the Order enforced that is the next stage in alienation from the Way. It will be the convergence of technology and authority in such brutal inhumanity such as none can even imagine or fathom. It is the end of life and the world as we know it. One’s own mortality should be enough to awaken true, profound consistent effort. But even personally, it was only until death’s grip is on your throat that you realize how fragile is life, how precious is time, and how brief our chances are for true Work. The time is short and the unleashed chaos will accelerate. Most have wasted their lives in distractions, depression, in misery and mundane wastes of grand potential. Most will never read these lines, and most who do will fail by their distractions, their excuses, their inability to ask the right questions and to avail themselves of the skillful means to make true progress on the Way. No amount of words will be sufficient for them.

It is a dreadful truth that those that do not gain this knowledge in this life will be lost in the mire of the abyss, suffering to be born in realms of hell, of hungry ghosts, of psycho-spiritual enslavement that does not even have the means or language to express the understanding of being trapped in a binding prison consciousness. It is a dreaded truth that many are not ‘real human beings’ but vacant, dead-eyed husks, empty vessels, with no true claim to sentience as understood by the ancestors. It is a dreadful truth that most will die uninitiated back into a world that seeks to erase the Way and thus be trapped and harvested. It is a dreadful truth one can lose their birthright and divine heritage as Children of Earth and Starry Heaven by neglect, by forgetting to Remember, and who let their spirit and inner fire dull. It is a dreadful truth that all but the most elite will never Remember the Way and they will drink of the waters of ignorance and oblivion of this world and the next. It is a dreadful truth that many lack the courage, the discipline, the passion, and resolute fortitude to engage in the lifelong process of personal alchemy that is the Great Work. It is a dreadful truth that even of those who make some sort of effort, most are so hubris as to think they have accomplished any part of this sacred path. It is a dreadful truth that they tell lies to themselves and others to dull the piercing reality they will face upon death. It is a dreadful truth that if you cannot Remember in waking life, in anger, in erotic passion, in dreams, in the visionary rites, and within the ordeals you will surely forget in the assailing fury of the abyss. It is the dreadful truth that those who do not accomplish these tasks become the nourishment of the Enemy, the sustaining source of its energy. It is the dreadful truth that one feeds what traps and destroys them like the helpless host of a parasite.

Profaning the Mysteries

The Occult Wars are constant topics of our research and publications. One essential tactic of the Enemy is to eradicate all of Tradition; all of the holy and sacred mystery centers, the burning of libraries and assassinations of Masters. History is a witness to the purge through campaigns of violence, brutality and force but also to the use of the most subtle methods of propaganda, indoctrination, subversion, and psychological warfare. By destroying or infiltrating most of the initiatory schools, lineages, and centers they have left a vacuum in the human impulse and instinct to evolve towards a higher good and authentic alchemical transmutation. This is the whole purpose of the “New Age Movement” and pop occult systems, of manufactured counter-culture to the promotion of certain once cherished holy teachings or skillful means or herbs: to create a void in the lack of authentic teachings that can be filled with false doctrines to desperate seekers.

The latter is a most profound topic for considering the tactics of Occult War strategies. The ancient entheogens or magical plants were taken with the Master Narrative of the ancestors in ritual settings that only were granted after lesser initiations and purifications. The modern profaning of these has them used ‘recreationally’ or within the narratives of extremist indoctrination such as on college campuses. It is important to note that the ‘recovery’ of the entheogenic herbal knowledge was first suggested in many publications prior to the Life Magazine article by Gordon Wasson, the J.P. Morgan banker and intelligence asset. Other herbs were suggested for use in the soma of the Vedas in old scholarly papers, and Robert Graves and the Sufi Idris Shah likely formulated the original hypothesis. But it is a tactic to release such solvents of reality, such potentially sacred or infernal experiences and use them to shatter the consciousness of a generation to implant one’s own insidious Narrative. For full discussions of entheogens and occult wars see Magus series, especially Vol. 4.

Simultaneously, the counter-culture movement of artificial psychedelics was unleashed. The artificial and organic become conflated, interchanged, intermixed as minds are fragmented with these powerful synthetic drugs. Most were sincere seekers, cast into an age on the threshold of the old and the post-modern, where stifling social norms and promises of libertine bliss and enlightenment were made by simply taking a drug. But there were no true hierophants of the Mysteries, only charlatans, dark intelligence officers playing with sorcery with an intent to subvert and destroy, to infect with a psycho-spiritual poison that is like a spiritual immune disorder.

The conditioning to present the truth then subvert, divert towards the agenda of synthetic over organic. Life Magazine covers of Wasson in 1957 to the 60s LSD covers of a ‘potential danger’ in March to celebrated as part of Art in September of that same year.

The masses are lost, it is the seekers that are deprived of the ancestral Master Narrative, to aim the entheogenic rites with the skillful means of the true Mysteries. The instinct to find and seek these are met with false teachers, faux doctrines, counterfeit sacraments. A prime example is the push of the synthetic DMT and blending it within the ‘culture’ of ‘psychonauts,’ or those that want to explore consciousness, as the true last unexplored territory. Pop culture and mass media ‘heroes’ push and blend cannabis and other such substances and blur the lines. This softens the psyche to their indoctrination, which will also be presented with a veneer of truth with just a percentage of toxic spiritual poison.

The True Mysteries are authentically occult, hidden, secret, concealed. To reveal them is to profane and weaken. What cannot be diminished or subverted is then hidden amongst false and faux imitations, mixed with inverted systems, degenerate and corrupted virtual copies that are fatally flawed and laced with a deep venom. Immortality is promised, but is an artificial construct, the promise to the elite of this world who never can accomplish the Great Work. Thus, they must destroy the True Way, desacralize, and debase all and everything. Their goal is to reduce the human spirit to a subhuman level that justifies its eradication. Humanity is thus lured into its own status as victim of sacrifice through its inability to become noble, pure, and beautiful. Their reverse alchemy is a parody of the true Hermetic science and Dharma that lures even so many of the pure of heart who lack discernment and whose thirst for pure teachings has them drink of even the most polluted and toxic waters. We are Hyperboreans, Gods, and we must refine and purify the accrued filth and mire from our very being and act in accordance with our divine heritage. Every assertion of this Memory, of beauty, of what is noble is a resistance, an assault and defense against the predacious and parasitic Enemy.

These are lures, traps baited with promises of seeing entities, of profound experiences but they are not born of the earth mother. They are synthetic, chemical and they are part of a reductionist worldview that seeks to destroy the Mysteries with desiccated theories that have reduced the perception of life as an accident of explosions and gases. It is the reduction of the experience to a “god molecule” or the pineal gland, or reality as merely a chemical phenomenon and that enlightenment or perfection is a type of neurological chemical recipe that just needs to be refined. It is the negation of the divine, celestial heritage of Children of Earth and Starry Heaven. It is the negation of free will, of a soul, and it is always traced back to the kabbalistic and Freemasonic agendas that seek to conceal all true esoteric knowledge and replace it with a false, virtual, inorganic and transhumanist goal. Dr. Strassman, who also writes of combining Buddhism and his ancestral Kabbalah, collaborated with the DEA and the Scottish Right Freemasonry in his research injecting people with DMT to validate and groom those interested in entheogenic plants into these worldviews. It is a slow compliance, an acclimation, and part of other biomedical agendas from assaults on gender to genetically modified inputs all toward assimilation to transhumanists. The goal is to extinguish all of sacred humanity into the kabbalistic dream of the golem, the hackable organic human enslaved down to the genetic level.

Awe is the beginning of Philosophy, the wonder and ineffable majesty of beholding nature and the human spirit’s extremes of potential and baseness. We stand at the threshold of a world age, where they seek to forever wipe the Memory and traces of the Way. While the masses distract themselves in every possible way, the true seeker must stay aimed, focused, and resolute in the assaults that seek to demoralize and embitter. They must find the ways to revive the exhausted soul, to shake off the lethargy and red dust and rekindle the enthusiasm, the secret fire, the true sources of empowerment of the ancestors. It is a battle for this energy, this human spirit or fire of consciousness. It is an incessant war of tension and attrition to break the consciousness, to fragment the psyche, to tarnish and degrade the heart. Our quest is to heal, to become whole, to regain the soma, the haoma, the sacred mead, the kykeon, the Moly of Hermes, and rekindle the blazing consciousness that recalls itself in the darkness of the Abyss.

Do not dissipate and waste this precious incarnation, put your talents and passions, your resources, your time, and wealth into the pursuit of the Great Work. Join us in research and propagation of the true Master Narrative, to reinstitute the esoteric and intimate Mysteries in remote mountain settings, to produce the medicines and distilled monographs of research for heuristic training in becoming a true Adept and Master. Drink of the pure waters of Memory, Remember the divine heritage and birthright, and awaken to the reality we are Gods in exile. It is the goal of the Mysteries to purify and awaken one to this innate divine nature as they return home to the company of the Blessed.

The Reception Of Psyche Into Olympus by Polidoro da Caravaggio

Hyperborean Internships

We are considering select candidates for internship opportunities. We have specific research products that can function as a mentorship program to the right person. Candidate should email their qualifications, skills, interests, goals and objectives and why they should be considered. We pay in herbal formula, exclusive monographs, private correspondence and consultation, and possible future opportunities to our herbalist guild, and other levels of interaction should there be an earned level of trust and good will. If one has not obtained the most basic writings, the first research monograph, initiation/membership zine, mystae trilogy, or sub rosa, there is no need to contact.

An Alchemical Invisible College

We have created a network of guilds, websites, entities, etc. to recruit and find those elite in passion, intelligence, drive and discipline to undertake the supreme quest and purpose of life, the Magnum Opus. We have collected such partners for decades, those that maintain the Path and pursue the alchemical secrets without excuse or deviation. We have sought teachers, infiltrated groups and monasteries, undertook arduous journeys, training in languages, and all the related disciplines needed to unlock manuscripts, symbols. We raise funds to find the rarest texts, to source the authentic elixir ingredients, the skillful means of Masters. We have encountered other similar groups with a purpose and have sought to connect and create sacred links with their Filiations and occult societies.

It is a true Invisible College of Alchemical, Hermetic and Ancestral studies that we have created out of the sheer yearning and desire. We have only begun to do the proper work of presenting the distillation of such efforts to those seeking the Way in this collapsing world age. We deeply thank all those who have supported us thus far. We hope to continue to attract those interested in the sincere, anonymous, and heuristic pursuit of their alchemical methods balanced with a discreet society of fellow researchers.


April marks the time for certain alchemical projects to begin and for some to be completed. We submit for your consideration a new series of alchemical meditations: Caput mortuum V.1&2

Dwellers of the Wasteland, have hope for your quest and great labors or the glories of Spring will mock your fleeting youth and fantasies.

April is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.
Winter kept us warm, covering
Earth in forgetful snow, feeding
A little life with dried tubers.


“She could feel magic in the quiet spring day, like a sorcerer’s far-off voice, and lines of poetry floated over her mind as if they were strands of spider-web.”
― Stella Gibbons

Cleaning the Augean Stables in a Single Day

As the Occult Wars go kinetic, as the spiritual combat intensifies, one must respond with an even deeper devotion and immediacy to the Great Work. There are things to be done in this precious incarnation, tasks to accomplish, skills to master, experiences to cultivate and training to endure and progress in with discipline. There can be no complacency, excuses, surrendering to distraction, to the disease and sin of wasting precious time. It requires incessant work and effort, it requires genius and cunning, science and art, the practical and esoteric skills to succeed. Yet so many just waste their time in idle pursuits, in vanity, in sheer nonsense. That is fine to those of us who work much and sleep little. But do not waste our time in attempts at correspondence or joining our group. There are many esoteric groups which will give you a title, badges, degrees and fluff your ego like paid whores. There are cults and groups to be your surrogate family or virtual tribe, or friend. This is not the place for such mundane sympathy and commiseration.

If the events of the world do not shock you to an alertness and crisis of being, of the keen awareness of an all-intrusive, all-invading assault down to the very DNA, then you are hopeless. If you are stunned and hopeless, you must be incredibly young, naive, or asleep to the open secrets of history. This is the filth and grime of a sick culture and psychopathic ‘elite.’ This stagnation of waste and decay are aggregates of equal parts neglect and intentional poison and pollution, all in the subversion of Tradition.

The Hero has ordeals and tasks, the 12 Labors to accomplish to expiate from their madness and to attain immortality. Each Labor requires the complete and totality of focus to accomplish. This is the absolute integration of every talent, cunning, intellectual and physical labor to solve or accomplish the impossible. There is the stream of Mind, of consciousness, of reality that is swift, powerful, and potentially dangerous. This stream is diverted into channels, into rivers with the body, of solar and lunar energies, of the powers within that long to be reconciled in a purified inner transmutation. There is layer upon layer of psychic and spiritual filth, of waste, generated from ill habits, toxic culture, the fecal matter of modernism and pop culture that decays the essence of being. It is a blockage, a spiritual stagnation, the congested accrued aspects that the soul cannot process nor endure.

In combining these streams, the inner channels flow, the waste can be saturated in the waves whose fiery waters are corrosive to the clinging, deep waste that clogs and knots the subtle body. One must prime and prepare for this labor, which although accomplished in finality in the course of one day has phases of before and after that must be observe. Such protocols require purifications and conditioning, of psycho-spiritual and bodily training both before and after to center and ground these experiences, lest they fade away in bad habits. These are the alchemical medicines, skillful means and initiatory, theurgic rites of the Mysteries. We are joyous to assist those that have proven through demonstrations of their resolute and heroic character to be worthy of investments of our attention, time, and resources. After all, we use this example of Herakles’ fifth labor, because our hero has already completed four others. We have outlined our definition of these tasks in the Membership and Initiation monograph. No one should bother writing for instruction, or any aspect of affiliation without obtaining and reading this text. Worse would be one that has it and has not begun any tasks but seeks attention or communications. Such a one, and there are only a few, are like those that pester a doctor but never take the advice or medicines. Learn from such pitiful future hungry ghosts and demons and engage the Labors with all your Being.

We have no time nor patience for dilettantes. We have members who engage in language studies for decades to translate a single text, to learn a language to study a teacher. Those that learn pottery, glass blowing, who contribute funds for purchasing texts and ingredients, who submit 500 page manuscripts for publication, who work on the websites, wildcrafting herbs, all while doing their own personal training and research. They go on alchemical pilgrimages, dangerous missions and expeditions to trace the Great Way. They build temples, dig crypts and tunnels for rituals, dig cinnabar from mountains. Thus we grow as an authentic source of initiatory knowledge, an alchemical invisible college, a think tank of the pragmatic needs to conduct the Great Work. We share private texts, resources, gifts and gain fellowship, respect and trust in those that etch their trustworthy nature into the details of their conduct and level of devotion. Their noble character is emblazoned in their manners, their work ethic, their attention to detail, the integrity of their word and discipline. The eliteness is in the standard of their art, the ideal they seek to presence, the life as a masterpiece in secret, incessant refinement. These are the true kindred of spirit, the gentleman and ladies of our humble inner circle.

Consider the day as a Pythagorean, that of awakening is a birth, to sleep is a ‘death.’ What we do in the day is a microcosm of life. What do you really do in your day? How much is wasted on the worst of this modern age: degenerate entertainment, mind-rotting games, endless attention span decimating social media, masturbatory wastes of energy and desensitizing poisons. These are the solvents of Being that hollow out a human into a husk of cravings and conditioned responses. It is obvious how certain people spend their time, what they ‘pay’ attention to, what occupies their life in a day, and it is mundane and beyond contempt. How dare you rest, indulge, reward or enjoy some luxury, some repose or thrill when you squander your time and life? You who sit in idleness, in excuses, in self-made obstacles must get to work. Ars longa vita brevis.

ἔστι δ ̓ ὅπη νῦν
ἔστι: τελεῖται δ ̓ ἐς τὸ πεπρωμένον:
οὔθ ̓ ὑποκαίων οὔθ ̓ ὑπολείβων
οὔτε δακρύων ἀπύρων ἱερῶν
ὀργὰς ἀτενεῖς παραθέλξει [4]

What is now, came to be
As it came to be. And its ending has been ordained.
No concealed laments, no concealed libations,
No unburnt offering
Can charm away that firm resolve

Forthcoming Monograph Covers

The Rites of Deep Winter

The Hyperborean Research Society engages in silent theurgic contemplation in darkness at the core of the Winter rites. We invite those with the medicines and solidified mercury power items from our lineages to participate (or to contact to obtain these items customized to one astrological data). To prepare for these rites, one should obtain theurgic and spagyric medicines and ‘soma’ herbs of various kinds for assaying their effects and harnessing their energy for these meditations. Crucial to these operations are the mercury power items, which are like a battery, a conduit to energies, intentions, as well as a mercurial messenger to the higher realms. Many are fake or inferior or inert, thus one must make themselves or, to be part of our lineage, obtain one from our alchemists. We can give specific instructions to empower and place these to those that inquire, and craft special custom ones of nearly any size. But we prefer to have a large one in our main temple and use a smaller one for travel and wilderness forays, where these rites are best conducted.

One retires to dark, desolate areas, to underground crypts, dark rooms, some truly remote wilderness. One has the dark robes of the wanderer, either black or darkest blue and the lantern with hurricane glass. One is permitted a staff, dagger, and a small bag of herbalist’s equipment and ritual paraphernalia (small mortar and pestle, herbs, tinctures, extra candles, etc. an animal skin or woolen blanket to sit upon is permitted, nothing modern electronic of any kind. It is best if one creates these themselves or acquires them from loved ones in devoted affinity with these esoteric rites, or to obtain them from our Guild or Masters. One can construct the robe and lantern easily and infuse each stitch and detail with the stenography of the Great Work, as with the staff, ritual herbal implements, and even producing the candles from one’s own hives. This is the essence of true magical integrity, in a ritualization of each aspect of the rites, in deep preparation, through fasting, planning, sacrificing, purifying, obtaining the herbs, the equipment, scouting the locations, all of these build a magical integrity, they infuse life with a noetic focus that condenses the power and secret fire. The mercury potentiates this effort, it becomes embedded within the form, which is why so many temples had pools of mercury within them and why it is the seed of Shiva, and the symbol of the messenger of the Gods and a primary alchemical substance.

Those capable of sublime effort will find no excuses to refine these practices by beginning with what they have around them and continually refining every aspect with sigilized beauty and elegance. They will constantly infuse their atmosphere and ritual attire and aesthetics to create the power items that are infused with such profound intention and ascetic acts of will that they become almost holy relics to behold. Such effort, such focus, such singularity of thought, word and action manifested in every aspect of a life lived in pursuit of true mastery bends the chains of destiny to break, it can shatter the fetters of karma and destiny as one becomes a superior, true human being.

You must confront yourself alone in the darkness with initiatic wisdom rather than disintegrate in the vast chasms of eternal night that will swallow your dim spark into oblivion.

One earns their humanity, their godlike powers through such complete engagement in the Mysteries, the Great Work, in the heaving of burdens that keep Anthropos sunken, bound, and tethered to the lowest spheres of the soul. If you cannot master these basic practices, you will not awake in dreams, you will not retain composure in the raptures and ordeals, you will forget yourself and be forgotten in the dark abyss.

There are no words uttered, just the solitary silence of the trek alone. Here one ignites the lantern and takes refuge, best under a large tree, and one ingests the herbs in complete darkness. As the effects are felt, the lantern is lit, and the parad pyramid is placed on its mica sheet. One presences the supreme silence and immobility, adjusting to find that position which can be held to quietly behold the glow in stillness. The inner alchemists will sublimate the restless energies, release with breath the tensions, and subdue the agitations and pernicious whispers to abiding silence. Here the psychic knots untie, the subtle body can heal and reintegrate with Being. The heart unclenches, the breath deepens, the benevolent peace pervades the microcosm. Here the spontaneous insights can be glimpsed arising from the darkness within, the shining blue pearl, the whirling astral Aryan crosses arise in the inner sacred center. Such was the beholding of the Primordial Light, remembered only by Gods and Philosophers.

Many are unable to do these practices in their complete form, in their ideal way, but it cannot be an excuse. They can be modified to link with the mercury and to prepare and train for the time that the ideal conditions emerge. There are obstacles and excuses that will always try to intrude on devotion and progress. One must break these patterns and find even the most primitive and contrived way to find a way to do such methods. It is a basic theurgical training to condense power and heal, to learn to take the visionary herbs, to gain integrity and prompt the Anamnesis hidden within. The spagyric formulas are forces and signals to the blood to unlock dormant memories, to cease its distortion of decaying codes from inflammation and stress, and to return to healthy, normative functioning. This is why the Gods seek the soma, the mead, the ambrosia, the ritual elixirs. They must abide with the subtle fuel of their secret fire, it is the restorative process of reintegration, of healing the body and thus allowing the subtle energetic form to condense and crystallize. The Mind, the Memory, which Odin worried about losing, are the same sense of Being, of the narrative and context from which our existence is defined, individuated and condensed into withstanding the entropic cosmic forces that seek our oblivion. The light in the darkness is the something from nothing, the soul encased in the lantern, protected from the extinguishing gusts of wind from the abyss.

Field Research Division

We will be conducting some major expeditions through some members in the coming year if there is not a full kinetic war in those regions. Those interested in details, support, contributions and other related missions can contact directly.