A New Phase of the Hyperborean Research Society

We have been engaged in our own heuristic pursuits of the Great Work, the Heraclean tasks that we have outlined in the Membership and Initiation publication. We have had an increase of correspondence and interest that falls into the following categories: The first are so vulgar and mundane as to not deserve even a reply. The second are those that are interested and pursue their work at their own independent pace, contacting every once in awhile. The third are those who are exalted in energy and ready to pursue projects. It is to the latter we address these remarks.

We are faced with an onslaught of occult and psychic warfare, of demoralization, and the traps are ensnaring so many. Our goal is to guide those with the Memory of the Organic Light back to the Mysteries, the skillful means through the Spheres of the Gods to Immortality. It is our goal to be a force and signal of Remembrance of the divine origins of the True Human Beings. We have regrouped and recovered from some dire assaults, set-backs and humbling acts of nature in the wilderness and will be set to continue with a new level of energy, commitment and aspiration that make all previous efforts seem ‘child’s play.’

Our alchemical missionary work takes many forms, such as guilds to heal the body and soul to more advanced projects to articulate and create true Adepts. These adepts are to create rural esoteric compounds of the Mysteries and guide those elite of spirit enough to begin and accomplish the Magnum Opus. To further this agenda, we continue to recruit artists, researchers, writers, video editors, musicians, illustrators, etc. to create works of great Beauty to counter the lures and snares of the Enemy. We invite those of exalted Mind and resources to invest your energy into creating the most beautiful expressions of the True Philosophy as the Soul’s Rebirth into the Celestial Realms.

We hope to create complete works of art, ritualistic Gesamtkunstwerk of presentations of the Hyperborean gnosis. From reviving techniques of alchemical pottery and glass blowing to creating classical handbound books to multimedia presentations, as well building functional intiatory compounds and Temples to the Gods. As we build the underground chambers, the mountain shrines and forest sacred groves, the incubatory temples, alchemical laboratories we will document this as templates for others.

While others give their time and money, their art and attention to the most frivolous things, we admonish those who waste this precious incarnation to join us in this Invisible College recruitment and alchemical mission. Members, we also advise the most serious to contact via direct mail for private publications as well as trades, contributions, private correspondences, gifts, art, etc. Submissions to a private internal publication gains access to such a publication.

Occult Wars: Hyperborean Razor

Note: Again, we have no affiliation with others that use or (more often) misuse the Hyperborean terms in their distorted and mundane worldviews. We are often contacted by others thinking we have affiliation with some degenerate groups that cry and play the victim with the same rotten nature as those they claim to hate just because they have appropriated this term with no grasp of its essence and true history and the implications it has on one’s thought, word, and action. Such contacts are so tiresome and boring, and we have an alchemical mission and specific research topics that these hylics, these icchantika and Mleccha will never fathom. The same scorn is felt for those concerned with externals and who will be distracted up until the point that it is too late. We only care of a truly spiritual superiority, and the true human being, there is only the real and the fake. The traitors and accomplices are such that any consideration is meaningless in the final conflict.

It is ironic that most obsessed with such topics have no children and no intentions to as well and secretly partake of the Enemy’s most degenerate distractions while claiming to be Hyperborean or Asatru or whatever. They are the same spirit as the ghetto thugs, the keyboard and social justice warriors who indulge in masturbatory wastes of the true exoteric and esoteric goals we define. Do not bother to contact us if you have not read our worldview. We are absolutely indifferent to any further members but seek allies of a certain type and spirit, and their correspondences are met with a polite and generous spirit. The rest can find their way to the Tarpeian Rock.

We face a destruction so entire and complete that even the most essential aspects of humanity are a luxury. It is beyond the ability of most to apprehend, so they cling to a comfortable outrage and misery as the clenching grasp to escape the dreadful true reckoning of the crisis of the situation. It is time for a true sense of urgency, of priorities, of triage in addressing the wounds that render one vulnerable and under the sorcery that distracts and dissipates all energy.

Those who talk too much about race no longer have it in them.” — Oswald Spengler

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William J. Casey, CIA Director

Hanlon’s razor is a saying that reads: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

It is good to give individuals who let one down the benefit of the doubt as an act of compassion and empathy in their faults, flaws, and inconsistent attributes that never allow for complete trust or intimacy, etc. But this does not hold true in the ‘clown world’ model that many have used to describe our current descent into madness. But it is an occult war tactic of extreme malice and malevolence and there is nothing ‘stupid’ about such actions. For instance, many still trapped within the paradigm of thinking there are political parties, or that a certain political figure is just incompetent, has bad policies, or is merely stupid, believes on some level that these figures are acting in good faith or good intentions but they are just ignorant or a failure. Such a worldview is not only immature and shallow, it is dangerous and a snare of one’s energy and attention.

A vulgar, crass reality-television star, or senile, incoherent bumbling fool are all part of a state sorcery that strains credulity, that forces one to accept absurdities and insults to reason and intelligence. Both oversaw the ‘lockdown’ and mass injection experiment and economic warfare, and are sure to pay homage to the cult in Davos. Every scandal, every conflict is the theatre of surrealism to redefine what is normal, what is to be expected. It is to impose on the conscious mind a supreme magical technique: that of an impending inevitability as a tactic to conjure a future outcome by dominating the will of the victim into thinking something is a foregone conclusion or unavoidable.

By such techniques they ‘force consent’ in the doubletalk needed to express the intentional paradoxes of language and thought that is seeded into every aspect of existence. Thus there are several worlds one has to decompartmentalize, to bipolarize within to function.

There is reality and a virtual world that monitors and tracks, that knows every website, medicine, finance, communication, purchase, perhaps sexual proclivities, interests, entertainment habits, etc. But the cognizant must self-censor from this, must twist and dogwhistle or else risk depersoning. Then there is another ‘mainstream media’ reality merged with the political and corporate reality which is in lockstep coordination and cohesion of the Agenda. All are driving the Agenda-like tendrils or tentacles of one central beast. To try and acclimate to the mutating debasement of normalcy is to internalize a type of schizophrenia, where every contact point with this beast system is a weaponed intrusion into even being to contextualize a consensus of reality to pretend to agree or believe in.

We can waste time and distraction trying to name the diagnosis, but everyone knows the central Cult that cannot be named, the hydra parasite infection. It can be called so many names, it is a waste of time like in describing the symptoms of the ‘mysterious syndrome’ that wastes the vitality of so many we encounter as herbalists. What matters is core healing, not incessant diagnosis of symptoms, but how to survive, thrive, how to endure, what greater purpose one does with their remaining health and life. Thus most solutions are superficial or of a perpetual distraction to penetrate to true priorities in the limited time we have. What will it take to break the spell that distracts so many? Nothing, they are the incarnated mechanism of this metastasizing assimilation into the deepest confines of the Trap.

“You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse.

It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Yet so many contact us with examples of the carnival of the “media,” which is like subjecting oneself to interpreting reality through a collaboration of the intimates and controllers of an asylum. It is like allowing one to be in the most vulnerable, suggestive state and turning the subconscious over to pure cultic psychopaths who explicitly advocate and openly plot and tell you what they intend to do. It is not a conspiracy, and ‘none dare call it treason…” We are beyond the event horizon and threshold point of such conjecture, of such debate, in trying to prove it or awaken those who slumber or fret about while the attack unfolds with relentless precision. It is either ignorance, hubris, or supreme cowardice that makes them revert to a baseline programming of blame and victim narratives that stunt any true strategies to become empowered and positioned to be best insulated from the worst attacks. The true target is, as always, the children, the next generations who will be forced to grow up in a reality so different it is as if the old timeline ended and the world ended. The assaults are like the scorched earth scrubbing of the human spirit of all past context to accept a synthetic, artificial mutated existence instead of the organic, spiritual transmutation which is the true Great Work and Human imperative.

Other assaults have many purposes, such as the culture wars of gender. There are legitimate issues of psycho-spiritual health of this topic beyond this essay, many shamanic in nature and historical in context. But the forcing of it on mainstream levels, is a softening for such language as transhuman. Just as the language of a chip in the credit card is to acclimate to having a chip within the body for tracking and to be part of the block chain. But a core aspect is to force one to publicly acknowledge and believe patent falsehoods, to tolerate insanity and subversion of reality of biology. It is calculated to boil to such levels of pure ridiculous and outright insanity that the future seems so bleak and horrible that one feels there is no choice but to give in, like the predatory tactics of a sex predator grooming a victim whose mind is not fully formed to defend and be discerning in such matters. It is ritual trauma and demoralization, the feeling of the perfect storm that is used to reify the outcome of priming the conditions for it to occur.

Bezmenov ideological subversion:
“What it basically means is: to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite of the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country.”

It is part of the ‘desensitization phase’ and bleeds (literally) into the crisis phase of this complete assault on a nation’s values, worldview, traditions, culture, society, ethics, morals, economics etc.

Or the famous quote of Alexander Solzhenitsyn:
“we know they are lying. they know they are lying. they know that we know they are lying. we know that they know that we know they are lying. and still they continue to lie.”

It is a naivety encountered in so many, that things will return to ‘normal’ and that this is not the final phase of an ancient war and process. Such a New Age optimism, fed by Hollywood dreams of fantasy, surrender of power and concern to comfort and apathy, or a numbness that is a coping mechanism. Many are so invested in this construct that they have to cheer and ‘double down’ on their worldview, in the paradoxes of surrendering trust to known liars and betrayal of every shred of trust and good will. It is like believing someone is good natured or simply mistaken when they make errors in finances but the discrepancy always seems to be the most favorable to them in the final outcome.

Some pop-occultist degenerate used the original old spelling of ‘magic’ from magick to differentiate the kabbalistic goetic attempts to be possessed of rabbinical demons as high magic as compared to ‘parlor tricks’ of sleight of hand. But this is the nature of the propaganda, ritual programming and social engineering in the focusing of attention and simple grifting techniques and psychic driving of common cults and charlatans applied to the masses. It is their spiritual technique to lure one into the dark abstractions of their demons and cultic entities, to obscure the true ancestral heritage. But if one cannot get past the crime and to the Great Work, then the Enemy has won, it has assimilated you into its failure, its rotting, its worldview.

In this Kali Yuga degenerate world age, we see many claiming to be wolves but they are just sheep. And those that seem to be weak, frail, and diseased parodies of humanity declaring their virtue and progressive actions are the true ‘wolves’ of the war of the Gods. Might is not right as the world is in the grip of physically decrepit, atrophied old cult members who yield power through secret societies, think tanks, round tables, foundations, institutes, intelligence agencies, and corporations through infiltration. They inflict a chaos that drains and destroys their enemy from economic attrition, social upheaval, to bioweapons; the work to achieve a unipolar world.

“The universal acceptance of the principles of democracy, decentralization, market economy, globalisation, denuclearization, demilitarization and development gave rise to ideological unipolarism in the world. It gave strength to the emergence of unipolarity in the international power structure.” It is a dystopian future that seeks to manage the consciousness of the human spirit by diverting all potential to a harvest of the very vital force of life itself. The trajectory of history is the priming and grooming of the human mind to surrender all true individuality, true freedom, true autonomy for the comforts and false luxuries, the superficial distractions that are just deeper estrangement from True Purpose.

“Unipolarity is a condition in which one state under the condition of international anarchy enjoys a preponderance of power and faces no competitor states.” This is the unleashed nihlism and controlled collapse of the West, the assisted suicide of the potential of generation after generation.

The beneficent guise or the ‘common good’ lie that exploits and manufactures crisis and chaos is the apex strategy in accelerating a new order or unipolar worldview, a virtually omniscient technocratic cult that aggregates power by an ‘elite’ that becomes a breakaway civilization and culture in terms of technology, power, resources. This is just the exoteric form of the deeper esoteric goal of the complete entrapment of the incarnated soul in the virtual reality/transhumanist future of faux-immortality. One will have to pick a side, make a decision and each one, each soul will bend the knee or understand there are fates worse than death. They will have the ultimatum of the culmination of the entire human experience within the microcosm of their personal choice.

The Cult always must hide its true Agenda in different ways, such as a notion of original sin of which it can offer the only salvation. The original sin in these times is to be born into a different type of guilt, one of immutable characteristics, of the charge of privilege because your ancestors fought, worked and sacrificed to endure sufferings for the sake of future generations. We in no way validate or tolerate these infections of true humanity, of empathy and true Dharma. The Human Essence, of True and Real Human Beings in the alchemical worldview has been achieved by all nations and peoples and the true sages are honored as those who warned us of this moment in time, the culmination of the ancient War of the Gods.

The Enemy’s only weakness is an absolute blinding hubris of transgressing the very laws of Nature, but their loss no way entails a victory as the devastation wrought is final and complete. There are no winners in such destruction. It is the type of malignant and mindless predation such as of a parasite that gorges and destroys both itself and its host. As the lore confirms, a remnant, a fragment, a core will remain and rebuild from the scorched ashes of the final combat. It is our goal to presence this perfection and process within as our personal Great Work and to aggregate the research that it might persist through the trials and fires that seeks to obliterate the Way. One must train to hold the true realization through the calamity, through the visions, through sleep, torment, through sickness and death and the abyss itself.

The Hyperborean Razor:
When dealing with an Enemy, never attribute to stupidity what is really malice. It is not beneficent but misguided policies that are ‘stupid’ or simply a failure, the failure is the objective. It is a liquidation, a harvesting, an intentional destruction of every defining point of the previous normal or culture. Incompetence or beneficence are the greatest ‘covers’ for truly dark agendas, and they combine to create a sense of outrage that creates a sense of ‘world gone mad’ tension can birth a true despair and hopelessness for generations of demoralization.

The Proxy War of the Gods

Editor’s Note: The Opinions expressed below are not those of this website, or even the author. It is for a fictional work that takes aspects of history as moral tales of unverified fables.

Our research, and indeed many of our herbs, are from guild allies that are centered around and sourced from within the regions that are now gripped in military war. These tensions have political and esoteric agendas, like all wars. Humanity is a proxy for the war of the Gods, and it is no coincidence that most strategic locations that are invaded or disputed are some of the most important archeological sites on earth. We have always been focused on tracing the “Sacred Way” (by which the gifts of the Hyperboreans were brought to the southern sanctuaries of the God Apollo) and the historical settlements that are associated with the Original People. Ancient scholars and many modern researchers look to the historical origin of the Hyperboreans to peoples living north of the Black Sea or the Iron Age Celts living along the Danube. Scholars have long pointed to the Black Sea and European Scythia connections in the lore. Let us examine briefly some of the enduring themes and patterns from an Occult War veteran.

It is in this region of modern Ukraine that the lore and mythos focus on as of supreme importance. Our research has traced its historic associations with the tribes that are most associated with Odin (see Magus series). Thor Heyerdahl wanted to investigate the archeological sites that would verify the writings of Snorri Sturluson who wrote that Odin migrated from the region of the Caucasus, or the area just east of the Black Sea. Now it is a common allegation that these archeological sites are destroyed, covered up, flooded with reservoirs and such in a purging of the historical record. There are academic articles that claim these in the footnotes, back to the era of the communists and Soviet Union and Bolsheviks, pointing to agenda to erase history and traces of a glorious ‘pagan’ or Hyperborean past, to discourage invoking Nationalism, religious fervor, and sentiments that are hostile to the globalist agenda. These discussions go back to the Soviet era and before. Another example is the Russian northern settlements of Arkaim, and the Aryan-Vedic history of Russia that is mostly suppressed or marginalized in academia. See Passions about Arkaim: Russian Nationalism, the Aryans, and the Politics of Archaeology by V. A. SHNIRELMAN (note the author is of Khazar ancestry, Ashkenazi Jews were primarily, or to a large extent, descended from Khazars, a multi-ethnic conglomerate of mostly Turkic peoples).

We thus have a battle in academia and in spirit about these contentious regions, to what they might hold, and their implications on current geo-politics. An example of the situation is of Heinrich Schliemann’s discovery of ancient Troy, which was said to be just a myth. Is he celebrated for this find that proved the Iliad and Odyssey as more than mere fantasy? No, he is credited for bringing the Swastika to Germany (and the sun-whirl, the proto-type sun disk or black sun wheel) and kicking off the Aryan race theories that birthed the Nazi. Even though the worst of eugenics was from Darwin and many of the Americans, the funders and financiers of the Nazis and their collusion has certainly been of benefit the Cult more than anyone else. But many cling to all of these as heroes. We have no allegiance, sympathy, nor respect for tyrants of any political association or group. The lore is testament, from even Pythagoras and his battles with a tyrannical elite (he was forced to flee to Croton, a Greek colony in Italy, to evade the tyrant Polycrates). Pythagoras holds so many examples of the Occult War as his personality and symbols are primary baits of secret societies like the Freemasons who used promises of teaching his Mysteries and ancient wisdom only to be taught Goetic, Solomonic Kabbalistic ways to tether oneself to the demons of the Old Testament. This is what has replaced most of the “Western Tradition” from such insidious groups as the Golden Dawn, the O.T.O., and virtually every other occult group that is awash in Rabbinical abstractions.

But Pythagoras also opposed the type of democracy that granted non-citizens influence or control of the state, and advocated for this subverted form of democracy, headed by Cylon and Ninon (and Cylon is said to have been irritated by his exclusion from Pythagoras’s brotherhood), who are said to have caused this ‘diversity’ constitution to attack and kill the Pythagoreans. This theme is important in devaluing true citizenship through weaponized crisis and refugees and immigration that was a tactic of empire to control the population. Fractured groups with no shared language, customs, worldview are easier to control for their own hostilities and lack of roots in the region dissuade their unifying and overthrowing authoritarian regimes. Thus, the cabal always wants to attack the individual through the destruction of family, community, nations to remove any buffers and barriers between them and the full brunt of their Agenda. It is part of cultural genocide such as the Chinese putting 10 Chinese to every 1 Tibetan in their population groups to breed them out of existence, or with the Uyghurs, or any other of the infinite examples. They need chaos to create the new order, as is their slogan: Order out of Chaos.

The cult view nationalism to the region or country, unless for certain groups, as akin to racism to the individual. Culture, identity, religious history, the authentic past all must be subjected to a trauma-based amnesia and cultural purge. What cannot be erased overtly must be looted and destroyed, hidden, or the meaning inverted, and many of these wars always center on the looting of museums and archeological sites, private collections, and sacred sites such as in the US-Iraq war. Just as modern science must deny any supreme purpose or meaning, the historical record must be subverted, hidden, distorted, and, when possible, obliterated. It was part of the purging of all esoterica and initiatory meaning from the Western Tradition and replacing it with the kabalistic toxins. It was successive waves of conditioning and priming to a nihilism and void to accept and surrender all power. Even within the ranks of their minions, such as the Freemasons, they purged all occult and esoteric studies with the Rites of Strict Observance. “Rectified Masonry” and, after 1764, the “Strict Observance.” But they kept these ‘secrets’ for the higher ups, the ones that formed a breakaway society with the merging of occult studies and technology. Their ultimate goal is the achieving of the Great Work through inverted, artificial, and inorganic means. These came from directions from “Unknown Superiors” (see Sub Rosa v.1).

Callimachus’ Hyperborean gift route.

Pausanias’ Hyperborean gift route.

The region was an ancient Greek colony associated with the Hyperborean route of the secret offerings (as discussed in Hyperborean Research Society Monograph V.1 and in Magus series). It is associated with the Hyperboreans by Herodotus (5:30) who traces these associations to the Sea of Azov, and many others have tribal associations with the region of the Black Sea. It also, after many wars and exchanges, became the state of the Khazars, and their primary leadership and people converted to Judaism sometime in the 8th century. The president of Ukraine is Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a Jewish comedian, and Putin point to the Azov battalion and other groups using ‘neo-Nazi’ symbols and using de-nazification. Even the mainstream purveyor of “fact-checked” news says both that the Azov battalion is neo-Nazi in symbolism and association, and also says, “For example, Jewish activist Nathan Khazin has described forming a group of around 26 activists in the Automaidan movement in 2013 who he said formed the backbone of Azov.” Also, “Prior to Azov becoming an integrated part of the Ukrainian military, the group was funded primarily by Ukrainian oligarchs, the most well-known of whom was Igor Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky is of Jewish heritage and is an Israeli citizen and well-known billionaire businessman. Despite his being a Jewish Israeli, he had no problem pouring money into neo-Nazi volunteer militias such as the Azov and Aidar, among other far-right groups that feature elements hostile to Jewish people.”

Clearly only the most credulous, naïve, and uneducated or uninformed rely on external factors and emotions to give their energy in the forms of support, allegiance, or investing in hope that one side or the other acts in good faith or even for their stated objectives. Thus, the tiresome chatter of the useful idiots in their support, their belief in any political figure, party, movement of any influence. They are always operated by and part of secret societies, clandestine forces that are used to trigger events. The Orthodox Churches, the Vatican, all have their own secret groups as well brotherhoods and related nationalist or socialist, left or right groups. There was the Black Hand and Serbian Gavrilo Princip that was used as the spark to ignite the powder keg of WWI, and to instigate false flag events, assassinations. Examples of this are found with shadowy figures such as Herschel Feibel Grynszpan, a German-born Jew of Polish heritage whose assassination of the German diplomat Ernst vom Rath instigated Nazi Kristallnacht, the antisemitic pogrom of 1938.
These are echoed in the many mass-shootings that the intelligence agencies are linked to orchestrate and leave the signature of occult, neo-Nazi symbols as a way to maximize the impact of the events. Misfits, loners, mentally ill and low-functioning minions are recruited, profiled from insane online posting, isolated, targeted and set up for operations. They also use those already in deep legal trouble as patsies, like Oswald and JFK, while teams do the real wet work. These events are orchestrated as mass trauma MK Ultra-style rituals that also infringe on rights, disarm the population, foment tension and strife. They are timed, and the forces that would stop them are told to stand down, from beautiful September mornings to schools in Texas. There are such obvious and absurd anomalies programmed into the psychological operations such as that a researcher will be forced to believe the absurd and to silence any legitimate questions or fear depersoning, deplatforming, lawsuits and jail. Or course, these extend into the manufacture, training and operational deployment of “Islamic terrorism” which are often agents of one small nation (poorly disguised) as Jihadi. We can only think of one or two events in all of human history that it is illegal to question or assess the data and to have a different conclusion. It was common in communist countries, where the lies were so absurd it was part of the subjugation and demoralization to be forced to ‘believe’ something even though there is every reason to question it. This becomes the norm in reality maintenance of everything from ‘settled science’ of where a viral outbreak originated, to the safety and efficacy of forced experimental injections, to election results, climate issues, crime statistics, or pattern recognition that many call racism.

Black sun and Wolf’s Hook Design of Ukraine divisions of Azov Battalion.

Here we have some strange bedfellows, and it is reminding one of the Thule society, a group supposedly Nazi but founded on the occult treasures and resources of Rudolf von Sebottendorf which obtained, along with introductions to secret society from a prominent Masonic Jewish family. Again, citing mainstream sources, and founding Goodwin-Clarke, this family at the core of the founding member of the Thule Society was the “Termudi family, who were Jews from Thessaloniki. The Termudi family were involved in banking and the silk trade.[6] They were also Freemasons, belonging to a lodge affiliated to the Rite of Memphis-Misraim. This network of lodges was closely connected to the Committee of Union and Progress (which later joined the Young Turks).” So many of these progressive and far-right groups are completely synthetic movements funded by intelligence agencies. The most famous are all inorganic fronts and recruitment mechanisms, future guerilla or paramilitary forces, on-call rioters and protestors as was seen in the recent social unrest in the USA. We declare all of these groups as traps, tools of the Cult through hierarchies of funding. The same with goes with many and most cartels, gangs, biker groups, unions and political groups no matter if extreme liberal or ultra-right.

Some of the old-time conspiracy theories broke through the maze of secret societies and finger pointing. Many claim it is the Vatican, or the Jesuits, the Freemasons, the Zionists: these are all outward forms of the Cult. They have specific agendas, timelines, and methods of disclosure. They are now upfront in many of their projects. There is always this strange mixture of collusion that forces a worldview, that instigates certain crises and ritual events that push the Agenda. But here are these constant patterns of fake or extremist Nationalistic orders, that do atrocities, but that are pushing the agendas of the very group that seems targeted. It is such a web of contradictions, with taboos and thought crime. To even discuss these topics is to risk all types of accusations, and even imprisonment in certain parts of the world. One could say the slave trade never happened, or the Inquisition, or the moon landing but dare not deny certain events or what some persons feel a certain day as part of their dysphoria from certain aspects of reality. As the celebration of violent criminals and degenerates sweeps the world as they are hailed as Christ-like martyrs, it is similar to how the Soviet-era murderers had an easier time than political dissenters. We can feel this pressure in every word we write, as we try to navigate the minefield of what can trigger attacks that result in being completely unable to participate in the world, from banking, travel, internet use if one ‘thinks’ the wrong thing and enough people should hear them. If a ‘journalist’ does manage to do some research and names the funding sources behind so many of these movements, such as a George Soros, they are attacked as anti-Semitic or conspiracy theorists or they are often controlled opposition, such as the right-wing pundits that gatekeep the bigger threats that are amassing. These are strategic executions of their reverse alchemy, The Greater Replacement, of turning people into subhumans, where empathy is weaponized and diverted to their own destruction. It is tactics of attrition in dissolving norms and reality and replacing and filling the void with inverted simulations of perceived ideals. Emmanuel Goldstein, of course, is able to sum up this situation in concise terms in The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism:

“Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. Crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity.”

It is quite tiresome truly, and our considerations are never racial, but spiritual. There is a hotly contested archeological debate on if there was a synagogue on Delos at the heart of the pagan temples. The evidence we feel is weak, but the issue with the topic is that it is the God of the Old Testament that declared war on the religions of the entire earth. The entire story of the Old Testament is the war of the Abrahamic Gods against the ‘pagan gods.’ The Western Tradition became associated with the kabbalah, the Solomonic goetia that replaced the true Western ‘pagan’ traditions, just as the Christian ‘gospel’ looted and destroyed the ancient Classical culture. We are now witnessing a new phase of this obliteration, and it is in the open with such language as ‘The Great Reset.’ Never get in the way of the enemy destroying themselves… If you can teach an enemy to disempower itself, to condition it to hate itself, its past, its ancestors, if you can subvert the biological instincts of procreation and protecting the young, of protecting family and tribe then all is lost. The magical strategy of consolidating power through centuries of teaching that all esoteric arts are either evil or absurd, superstitious is another tactic that estranges one from a natural power and inheritance of the energies and potential of the Gods. It is to subvert and sever the birthright of the Gods, as children of earth and starry heaven, in the permanent waters of the abyss of lethe. Contrast the worldly fight of the descendants of Abraham fighting over the materialism and power of the birthright in the Old Testament with the true inheritance that is being stolen as ancestors of the Gods and heroes.

It is called a conspiracy while their actors brag about the world leaders they have in their influence and complete subjugation. These are the players behind the coordinated lock-step crisis responses, the WEF. It is a collusion by its German spokesman Klaus Schwab and his Israeli guru Yuval Noah Harari. At the time of writing this, the research showed the WEF twitter, which the most recent post at this writing advocates using AI to fight ‘disinformation.’ This is just part of their full-spectrum dominance, the ‘hackable human’ discussed by Harari, the ‘you will own nothing and be happy’ dystopian hell they openly work towards with the spirit, energies, and possession of their Cult.

WEF Speaker Yuval Noah Harari: “Covid is critical, because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize total biometric surveillance…. The next phase is the surveillance going under our skin…. We are really acquiring divine powers”

Both Putin and Zelensky are WEF puppets, young global leaders in proxy wars using ‘neo-fascist’ guerilla groups to instigate chaos, accuse each other of atrocities, all while achieving all the many objectives of the Agenda of manufactured crises the group needs to exploit to align with their worldview. What are the chances Zelensky, who is Jewish, is heading neo-Nazi forces against the former Soviet Union, almost the sole source of documenting certain mass death events in WW2. It is the absolute first instance in modern history it has become to deny any historical event in many parts of the world. Another apparent example is that it is illegal or defamatory in America to question certain mass tragedy events or the family can sue for defamation. Schwab is fittingly shown here with his bust of Bolshevik and Khazar lineage Lenin, as was Marx.

We see here the clear evidence of complicity, aiding and abetting, of Agendas, so vast and interlocked, so deep and penetrating, that “none dare call it conspiracy.” All of the ‘failures’ of government, institutions, the corporate and media, entertainment industry, academia, medical, etc. all have come under this spell with such cohesion as to appear supernatural in scope and synergy. Again, these are just patterns, questions, associations, disproportionate representations of certain groups within spheres of influence and power that unilaterally builds and shapes the future into their fantasy. If anything, this essay should be a remedy to the modernist notions of racism, as we have an enemy that is decentralized, like a Hydra where one head cut off yields a thousand more. This is beyond the mundane concerns of nation states, but it is one of bloodlines, Traditions, and the future of humanity. It is not hyperbole to see this is a biological attack on organic life with an intrusive, alien force that uses these groups as conduits and vehicles for this deranged consciousness and biophobic hatred of nature and true humanity.

It is of the darkest future of transhumanism, artificial intelligence and the soul trapping control of all biological life. In this sense, all catastrophes and toxins released, all the churned-up pollution, concentrated radiation, bioweapons, chemicals, and organic damage-causing industries are deliberate assaults on biology. It is to both eliminate humanity and to force an evolution that can accommodate the merging of the artificial, the machine, the synthetic with the body of these select few. The world leaders, from the Catholic to Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu, etc. all push these same narratives. Here the CIA asset, and also associate of Nazi, the Dalai Lama, talks of reincarnating into a computer and there are robot monks in shrines in Japan. This is truly sickening, anti-Dharma and the essence of inverting the core of these alchemical traditions that are based on organic withdrawal into the wilderness and ingesting the sacred plants and elixirs. As they can never accomplish these tasks with their hubris, they propagate the sick methods of this sick cult.

It is so strange to see so many ‘pick a side’ in these contests, to be split by so many divisive social issues calculated for maximum distraction. Every wedge issue, every weaponization of culture, of tragedy, scarcity, crisis, of every human emotion, of exploiting every latent tension, weakness, and vulnerability they have collaborated into the final death blows of the old world. There are no heroes, there are no saviors, there are only charlatans, pushers of injections and injunctions, and they no longer make any effort to hide their worst plans for humanity. On a macrocosmic level, our only hope is their absolute intoxication of their own hubris and the very interference of the Gods themselves. On the microcosmic level, we must resist and rebel and make war within, in presencing the divine attributes of the Avatar and Destroyer. Only in the personal striving of so many for the heroic manifestation within can such an appropriate response be mounted. These are the demon hordes, the treaties of the ghosts and degenerates, the orc-like armies as the minions, the golem, of the Cult. Their power is based on suffering, trauma, especially in hurting, torturing and abusing the helpless and innocent, and there are no more innocent than children. The wars are the blood rituals to birth in a new darkness, a new order of tyranny such as the human mind cannot even begin to comprehend. It is the ritual sacrifice of their own people and all, the calculation to produce the maximum suffering, tension, and prime for the conditions for a nightmare future.

“The Khmer Rouge were very clever and brutal. Their tactics were effective because most of us refused to believe their malicious intentions. Their goal was to liberate us. They risked their own lives and gave up their families for “justice” and “equality.” How could these worms have come out of our own skin?”
It will come with the sardonic grin of pride, hubris, and malignant inversions of empathy and compassion. The ‘greater good’ will be used to stifle, destroy, and infect every aspect of reality by the cultic authoritarians using code words like build back better, great leap forward, progress, social justice, tolerance, inclusion, equality, or the shaming, isolation and exile from economics, society, or technology. Those that do survive, the last man, will have the social credit nightmare of the internet of things and self, tied in with everything from health care or parental rights or privacy/private property. These wars are to defend the “Liberal World Order” of degenerate values that seek to subvert humanity. It is a provisional freedom, like a child that is allowed to play with fire and burns down the house, that lures one into deeper bondage and inescapable traps of one’s very Being.

The hostilities at work in the minds of men are the proxy wars of the Gods with this false demiurgic creeping darkness that has decimated the earth. It is the same forces that extinguished the eternal flames within the sanctuaries of the Olympian Gods, that tried to raze the Siddha temples and Tantric culture in India, that burned and guillotined with bloodlust and furor, that unleashed the Marxist genocides around the earth, killing millions of the devout and pious Tibetans and Traditionalists cultures wherever they went to hide history and plunge the world in lethargy and a state of oblivion from which it will never recover. It is the attempt at the complete consolidation of esoteric and exoteric technology weaponized against humanity. Without hyperbole, it is the essence of Occult Wars to harvest and reduce the population and trap souls from incarnating through the complete control of reproductive rights. It is a complete inversion of the Great Work. This legalism, this dogmatic invasion into every aspect of life was never part of the Indo-European worldview except in the latest periods after it was subjected to malignant influences from invasions. But such cruel, insane qualities are of the Old Testament God, that are the antithesis of, and incompatibility with, the philosophical inquiry and initiatory journey of the individual in the Mysteries.

“The Double Headed Eagle was formally adopted from the personal emblem of King Frederick the Great, of Prussia, who in 1786 became the First Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the 33 Degree, subsequent to its formation following the adoption of seven additional degrees to the Masonic Rite. The Double-Headed Eagle is used as an emblem by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry which was introduced in France, in the early 1760s, as the emblem of the Kadosh degree “Kadosh” is derived from the Hebrew word “קדוש”, which means holy or consecrated. “Kadosh” and “Knight Kadosh” is often abbreviated in masonic documents as “K–H∴” and “K∴K∴D∴H”. “Knight Kadosh” degree can be linked to the Council of Emperors of the East and West in 1758. This council united several Masonic degrees being conducted in eighteenth-century Paris, France”

Gods in Exile

Let us not pass away from light to exile. Scatter, that we may live, the men who hate us. Rig Veda

Gods In Exile
portions of this article have been extracted and expanded from the Magus Publishing monograph Bǫlverkr V.1.

We must begin with the premise that these topics are of sacred Mysteries, secret doctrines, the essence of the initiatory traditions that retained a cohesive narrative across an astounding amount of time and space. To piece together the fragments and the scattered pieces is to see a broader Master Narrative of the Indo-Aryan spiritual understanding of reality and life’s purpose. These are concepts of an exile from “source,” from the celestial and earthly homeland, as part punishment, part lesson, and initiatory experience. We have made the arguments for the survival of Orphic Traditions within the Norse mythology in many monographs (Magus series, Mystae, especially Orpheus V.2), examining the lore and mythos and scholarly debates of Odin’s origins as a “Scythian.” All of these are heritage cultures to much greater legacy cultures that received initiatic lore and sacraments from a central source. The intermediary cultures, such as the Scythians, spread a specific doctrine of the immortal soul and pathways to divinity, of visionary herbs and elixirs, alchemy, a spiritual cosmology that proceeded along a Sacred Way and supplied mystery and sacred temples/communities from India to Ireland (Indo-European). The disruption and eradication of this sacred knowledge is a profound exile and amnesia of the past and an even greater banishment from the presence of the Gods.

So many contradictions, so many enduring puzzles and incongruities of the lore and mythos are reconciled when the Master Narrative of ‘Gods in exile” (or Buddhas, Daemons, souls, demigods, Philosophers, etc.) is fully integrated into one’s understanding. The earthly incarnations, the purifications, the trials and wars, the human guise of wanderer, the torturous ordeals, the erotic conquests, the singular pursuit of magical plants, meads, herbs, the enslavement of Gods, the incarnations as kings, seers, the divergent timelines or conflicting accounts must all be seen as the God’s pursuit of the divine Memory to recall and liberate from banishment of the company of the Blessed. Different traditions hold these essentials at their core, and these are embellished with cultural or theological notions, or philosophical worldviews that can tend to one extreme or another. Thus, we are dealing with philosopher-shamans who had their own cultic interpretations of a central doctrine, the interpretation of which was not subjected to dogma. Then there are other factors, such as writings surviving only in fragments or second-hand accounts, occult and theological propaganda, intentional obfuscation and worldview filters of previous academics and writers and the fact that many heritage cultures were imperfect stewards of the original Hyperborean teachings that were the core of all Indo-Aryan traditions. We are exiles from the Gods, but the Gods are exiled to this realm in disguise.

Exile is a common Aryan theme, expressed in the loss of the homeland, of a lost paradise, an exile from the peace and harmony of the Golden Age, the exile from Tradition and endless wandering. In the Vedic understanding, it is reincarnation or Punarjanman, a “cycle of aimless drifting, wandering or mundane existence.” Saṃsāra, (संसार) literally means “wandering” and “world,” experienced as “indefinitely” repeated cycles of birth, misery, and death caused by karma, is rooted in the term Saṃsṛ (संसृ), which means “to go round, revolve, pass through a succession of states, to go towards or obtain, moving in a circuit.” It is the veil over the identification of godhood within, the estrangement from Absolute Consciousness, from Perfection (Siddha) or Buddhahood. The Buddha’s First Noble Truth is that suffering (Pali: dukkha; Sanskrit: duhkha better translated as “dissatisfactory,” “sorrowful”), is characteristic of existence in the realm of rebirth, called samsara (literally “wandering”). Since Buddha-nature is innate and the original essence, the experience of samsara is an exile from this original form, from a Pure Land. Liberation and cessation (Nirvana) of this cycle is the realization of one’s intrinsically untainted tathagatagarbha, one’s Buddha-nature through purification. This is the alchemy of Remembering One’s Buddhahood or Divine Heritage through the removal of the dross that obscures this Realization.

Divine and daemonic exile is a form of katabasis, a descent, and entombment in the body or in various lower forms of life. The spirit’s Memory is washed away, the outcast is denied any former identity or concept of their divine nature. It is also the exile through amnesia, and the obscuring of the Way and the striving of successive incarnations to Remember and Retain that Memory of the True Self. Initiation is the process of recalling this hidden truth, the purifications and ordeals of awakening and deepening this realization lost in a spiritual amnesia. Empedocles and the various Orphic and Pythagorean systems conceptualized this as a process of spiritual evolution, of “wandering of the daemon” that form a “ladder” of transmigration from species-soul to human and daemonic in a process of individuation, in a cycle ascending from animal to plant to human. This hierarchy of incarnation is further subdivided, with “laurel at the highest plant rung; lions at the highest animal one; and seers, poets, doctors, and leaders of men for humans.” The Philosopher or Adept is the highest, and vows made across lifetimes, the Rites and methods that recall this Divine Heritage are the essence of the Great Work.

We discuss Plato’s disclosure of Memory and the world cycle in depth in Mnemosyne (forthcoming) and Orphic series, but the essence is that of a primordial light that all beings experience. Those that ‘remember’ this light the most are Gods, the lesser are of the race of Philosophers, those that do not remember at all are the profane masses. The soul, just as in Vedic material, is spoken of as a two-horse winged chariot, contemplates the supra-celestial place once every 10,000 years. After the vision is finished, all souls return to the world but eleven gods are able to keep perfect memory concerning the things they saw above, and this memory (Phaedrus .249c) is what makes the gods divine. Again, the souls of philosophers, who are inferior to the gods, have a lesser memory, recollecting the things they beheld there (Phdr.249c ἀνάμνησις…ὑπομνήμασιν). Their memory is not perfect but proportional to the abilities of their human souls (Phdr. 249c μνήμῃ κατὰ δύναμιν). Memory is said to make a god divine and then the philosophers are demigods or daimones, to use Plato’s own word (Phdr. 246e δαιμόνων). Phaedrus Daimons are the Golden Age ancestors that are our tutelary spirits, the true origins of the notion of a guardian angel, but that is our own kindred and ancestral heritage. Likewise, Gods and daemons can be exiled to this realm or to other infernal worlds. The Mysteries and Philosophy are a preparation for Remembering in Death, by purifications and training and ecstatic beholding of the recreation and earthly light in the visions, one can recall them in the abyss of death.

Plato’s Republic [621 621a]:
And after it had passed through that, when the others also had passed, they all journeyed to the Plain of Oblivion, through a terrible and stifling heat, for it was bare of trees and all plants, and there they camped at eventide by the River of Forgetfulness, whose waters no vessel can contain. They were all required to drink a measure of the water, and those who were not saved by their good sense drank more than the measure, and each one as he drank forgot all things. [621b] And after they had fallen asleep and it was the middle of the night, there was a sound of thunder and a quaking of the earth, and they were suddenly wafted thence, one this way, one that, upward to their birth like shooting stars. Er himself, he said, was not allowed to drink of the water, yet how and in what way he returned to the body he said he did not know, but suddenly recovering his sight he saw himself at dawn lying on the funeral pyre.—And so, Glaucon, the tale was saved, as the saying is, and was not lost. [621c] And it will save us if we believe it, and we shall safely cross the River of Lethe, and keep our soul unspotted from the world. But if we are guided by me we shall believe that the soul is immortal and capable of enduring all extremes of good and evil, and so we shall hold ever to the upward way and pursue righteousness with wisdom always and ever, that we may be dear to ourselves8 and to the gods both during our sojourn here and when we receive our reward, [621d] as the victors in the games go about to gather in theirs. And thus both here and in that journey of a thousand years, whereof I have told you, we shall fare well.

All of Greek Philosophy is beholden to and commentary on the Orphic and Pythagorean mysteries that are understood as arising from the Hyperboreans and their intermediary cultures of the Thracians and Scythians. The Orphic rites are central focused on retaining the Memory in the afterlife, the ability to recall One’s divine heritage and to remember which spring to drink from and which to avoid. Just as Zeus incarnates as a shepherd, exiled to this world, he seduces Mnemosyne, the Goddess of Memory to produce the Nine Muses as the way to liberate and purify the human condition, to Remember the Organic Light as discussed by Plato, again, those that Remember the light the most became the Gods, those who remembered a portion are incarnated as Philosophers, and those who do not retain any memory are the masses. This is also discussed in Orphic series Vol.2 and especially in Mnemosyne (forthcoming) as the core of the Mysteries that endure and are Remembered into the ‘Viking Era’ of Odin’s quest for springs of Memory, and other consistent symbolism of the Orphic tradition (visionary herbs, magical oracular heads, nine nights of rituals, sacred poetry). But these are Thracian, Scythian, Hyperborean, and Primordial doctrines (See Hyperborean Research Society Monograph V.1) that are also present in Aryan/Vedic culture and Traditions. Such a river of the underworld, crossed by “mind” is mentioned in the Kausitaki Upanisad 1.4. and other texts, Vaitarna or Vaitarani (Vaitaraṇî) river, as mentioned in the Garuda Purana and various other Hindu religious texts, lies between the earth and the infernal Naraka, the realm of Yama, Hindu god of death, and is believed to purify one’s sins. Furthermore, while the righteous see it filled with nectar-like water, the sinful see it filled with blood. There are a few ways across, such as heroic deeds, a true Guru’s assistance, or remembering to say Shree Gurudeva Datta.

We quote the Orphic fragment 32:
“Thou shalt find to the left of the House of Hades a Well-spring,
And by the side thereof standing a white cypress.
To this Well-spring approach not near.
But thou shalt find another by the Lake of Memory,
Cold water flowing forth, and there are Guardians before it.
Say: ‘I am a child of Earth and of Starry Heaven;
But my race is of Ouranos. This ye know yourselves.
And lo, I am parched with thirst and I perish. Give me quickly
The cold water flowing forth from the Lake of Memory.’
And of themselves they will give thee to drink from the holy Well-spring,
And thereafter among the other Heroes thou shalt have lordship…”
(trans. from Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion by Jane Ellen Harrison, 1903)

And into the lore of Odin,
I know where Othin’s eye is hidden,
Deep in the wide-famed well of Mimir;
Mead from the pledge of Othin each morn
Does Mimir drink: would you know yet more? Völuspá

This is the Mímisbrunnr and the etymology of this is ‘Memory Spring,’ and it must partake of truly ancient Aryan and Hyperborean associations of a spring of eternal life. In the Gylfaginning, “And under the that root (of Yggdrasill, the world-tree)… is Mimir’s Spring, in which knowledge and understanding are hidden. He who owns that spring is called Mimir, and he is full of wisdom, because he drinks from that spring of the Gjallarhorn.” The etymology of Mimir is to remember, to recall, the merging of mind/and memory, also the ravens of Odin. Again, this is the subject of an entire monograph, but what is essential for this discussion is it is the Memory of Godhood, of the Supernal Light, of the formula and Self that is trained for within the ordeals, initiations, and in the various phases of life as one prepares to encounter the final test in the waters of deep abyss of the underworld.

To renounce the red dust of the world and to seek the higher liberation and Dharma is the Great Renunciation and Departure (Abhiniṣkramaṇa) that is a self-imposed exile from all that is comfortable, normal, or secure. It is said the Buddha attained the ability to recall a vast number of past lives (or ‘past abodes’ (pubbe nivāsa) of wandering in a body in a pre-enlightened state), along with numerous details about them. Early scriptures also state that he could remember “as far as ninety-one eons” (Majjhima Nikaya i. 483) with previous lives vows and remembrance culminating into mahaparinirvana, the immortal state of godlike existence of an eternal, imperishable self. In Shaivite theology this understanding through memory is Pratyabhijñā, formed from prati– (“re-“) + abhi– (“closely”) + *jñā (“to know”), so the meaning is regaining “direct knowledge of one’s self.” The symbolism and language is of a “slave” (paśu: the human condition) shakes off the fetters (pāśa) and becomes the master (pati: the divine condition). Smriti (Memory or Tradition) is the name of the daughter of Dharma and Medha (Medha is intellect, Goddess Saraswati). God’s incarnate, and so do daemons, good and bad, to influence this world. Avatars and Buddhas, or Deities incarnate in times of crisis and take on the human experience (which is not unique to Christianity) to act as saviors or to restore Rights and Justice. Bhagwat Geeta, Lord Krishna has told: “Whenever Truth, Dharma, and Peace will be vanished from Earth I will incarnate on Earth to re-establish them.” The Mysteries, the Dharma, the Philosophic Path and Theurgy, etc. are all to train to Remember the self across the flowing streams of karma and rebirth, and to liberate the soul from the fetters of the karmic interplay of Love and Strife, an ascension of the soul’s return back to its rightful place beyond the spheres to the Super Celestial Light. Many try to end this process with a unification, a dissolution of the self, but it is a process of retaining True Self. “…there remains must be the Eternal; if there is no more any sorrow, what there remains must be Bliss; if there is no more any non-Self, what exists there must be the Self; if there is no longer anything that is impure, what there is must be the Pure.”

Daemonic Cycles and Yugas
“Rama has to take refuge in the forest of Dandaka for fourteen years and let him become an ascetic wearing rags, deer skin and matted hair”.

We must also reckon time, years and cycles with the divine experience of aeons or thousands or tens of thousands of years and a ‘day’ or the days as thousands of years, representing vast mythological, cosmological and astrotheological cycles. Thus, increments of ‘nine days’ or ‘nine years’ might mean 9,000, or the number before the full cycle of 10,000 and various cycles of world ages or yugas (which, like yoga (yoke, union), can mean ‘yoke’ (joining of two things) and is therefore linked with periods of labor, cattle, farming, and slavery as discussed below). The sky holds the spheres of the celestial immortals, the planets are the Gods, and they literally wander (as wandering stars ἀστήρ πλανήτης (astēr planētēs), meaning ‘wandering star’, planetes, meaning “wanderer”). This realm is the ‘underworld’ to the Gods, just as there is a human underworld where one must Remember their divine heritage and assert their divine rights to drink of the waters of Memory. If we get visions of the astral realms within taking the visionary herbs, what do the Gods see when they drink their celestial elixirs, mead or soma?

A Divya Yuga (दिव्य युग ’a divine or celestial age’) is a cyclic age of Gods (Devas) encompassing the four yuga ages (a.k.a. “human ages” or “world ages”). The Hindu texts give a length of 12,000 divine years, where a divine year lasts for 360 solar (human) years. Rama was exiled for 14 years. The Pandavas spent 12 years in forests (besides a year in a town incognito) for a total of 13 years, just shy of the 14 year cycle. There were legalistic implications that if one was banished for more than this increment of time, they were considered dead and unable to be restored of any property, rank, privilege. This would apply to the Gods in their reckoning of divine or celestial time as well. There is much lore of why 14 is so important, but its actual name has the meaning 9 + 5 years = 14 years, Nava varshaani pancha means “nine + five” = fourteen (varshaani means ‘so many years ago’). The commentary on the Dance of Shiva in the Shiva Sutras gives deeper insight into the sacred numerology of 14:

The silent Siva remains still [as Daksinamurti]. But the same Siva [in another form of his] keeps dancing all the time and it was from his dance that the science of language was born. Nataraja is the name of the dancing Paramesvara. “Nata” is a member of a troupe which also consists of the “vita” and “gayaka”. The nata dances. Nataraja is the king of all dancers– he who cannot be excelled as a dancer– and he is also called Mahanata [the great dancer].

“Nrttavasane. . . ” Nataraja performs an awe- inspiring dance. It seems to bring together all the dance that all of us have to perform, the rhythms of all our lives. Nataraja has a drum in one hand, called the dhakka or damaruka. The tala of this drum (the time kept by it) is in keeping with the “footwork” of the dancing god, the movement of his feet. The beat of his drum is referred to in the words, “nanada dhakkam.” When Nataraja dances, Sanaka and his brother sages, Patanjali Vyaghrapada and so on stand round him. They are great ascetics, so they are able to see the dance. At the close of the dance, the concluding beats (cappu) produced fourteen sounds. It is these fourteen that are referred to in the stanza (“Nrttavasane,” etc.) as “navapancavaram”; “nava” is nine and “panca” is five, so fourteen in all. “Nanada dhakkam navapancavaram. The fourteen sounds produced by Nataraja’s drum are the means by which the reality of Siva is to be known and experienced within us in all its plenitude. Nandikesvara has commented upon the fourteen sounds in his Sivabhaktisutra. The fourteen sounds are recited at the upakarma ceremony. Since they emanated from the drum of Mahesvara(Nataraja), they are called “Mahesvarasutras”. Human beings can produce only inarticulate sounds on the musical instruments played by them. The hand of Paramesvara is verily the Nadabrahman and Sabdabrahaman incarnate, so his cappu on the damaruka at the conclusion of his tandava sounded as a series(garland) of fourteen letters: 1. a i un; 2. rlk; 3. e on; 4. ai auc; 5. hayavarat; 6. lan; 7. nama nana nam; 8. jha bha n; 9. gha da dha s; 10. ja ba ga da da s; 11. kha pha cha tha tha catatav; 12. kapay; 13. sa sa sar; 14. hal-iti Mahesvarani sutrani. Though the musical instruments do not produce articulate sounds, they create the impression of producing the phonemes of human speech. If this be so in the case of instruments played by humans, why should not the drum beaten by Nataraja during his pancakrtya dance produce articulate sounds? How did Panini make use of the fourteen sounds? He created an index from the sutras to vocalise the letters or syllables together. According to the arrangement made by him, the first letter or syllable of a sutra voiced with the last letter or syllable of another sutra will indicate the letters or syllables in between. For example, the first syllable of “hayavarat”, “ha”, and the last letter of “hal”, “l”, together make “hal”. This embraces all the consonants in between. Similarly, the first letter of the first sutra, “a”, and the last letter of the fourth sutra together form “ac”-this includes all the vowels. The first letter of the first sutra and the last letter of the fourteenth sutra together form “al” – it includes all letters. “Halantasya” is one of the sutras of Astadhyayi. “Al” itself has come to mean writing. “A-kara” is the first letter in all languages. In Urdu it is alif; in Greek it is alpha. Both are to be derived from “al”. So too “alphabet” in English. Here is another fact to support the view that, once upon a time, the Vedic religion was prevalent all over the world.

The Jnanendriyas are the five lower sense organs, referred to as ears (shotra), eyes (chakshu), nose (grahnu), tongue (jivha) and skin (tvak). Karmendriyas are the organs that interact with the material world. The Karmendriya (कर्मेन्द्रिय) are the Five Faculties of Action (Karmendriya) vak-tattva: speech (voice), pani-tattva: grasping (hands), pada-tattva: walking (feet), payu-tattva: excretion (anus), upastha-tattva: procreation (genitals). These ten combine with the four phases of mind our functions of the mind, namely the manas (the mind or lower mind), buddhi (the intellect or higher mind), chitta (memory, or, consciousness), and ahamkara (ego, or, I-maker). Antaḥkaraṇa has also been called the link between the middle and higher mind, the reincarnating part of the mind. These total 14, nine plus five.

These numbers and their associations, especially of nine years or nine nights is important below, with an example that Zeus, in exile and in disguise as a shepherd or (or cowherd) seduces the Goddess Mnemosyne to give birth to the nine Muses, or the nine nights it took Odin to discover the runes, or Apollo’s nine years exiled as a pastoral God. Again, we emphasize the breakdown of the term of exile: Devathas made her ask the boon as “Nava Panchaka Varshani” meaning 9 plus 5 years of exile instead of “Chaturdasha Varshani” meaning 14 years. The texts are clear, such as in Ayodhya Kanda, Sarga 11, Sloka No 26. The sloka reads as below. नव पञ्च च वर्षाणि दण्डकारण्यमाश्रितः Thus, Kaikeyi asked Rama to be sent to forest for 9 years and then again for another 5 years. After 9 years, Rama takes a short break from exile and then again goes back for another 5 years. The ancient reckoned the cycle of 10,000 years by a count of 9,000 that then begins on the 10,000. Returning to the Greeks:

From Hesiod’s Theogony, “For whoever of the deathless gods that hold the peaks of snowy Olympus pours a libation of her water and is forsworn, must lie breathless until a full year is completed, and never come near to taste ambrosia and nectar, but lie spiritless and voiceless on a strewn bed: and a heavy trance overshadows him. But when he has spent a long year in his sickness, another penance more hard follows after the first. For nine years he is cut off from the eternal gods and never joins their councils or their feasts, nine full years. But in the tenth year he comes again to join the assemblies of the deathless gods who live in the house of Olympus. Such an oath, then, did the gods appoint the eternal and primeval water of Styx to be: and it spouts through a rugged place.”

This can be compared with writings of Empedocles:
“There is an oracle of Necessity, an ancient decree of the gods, Eternal, sealed by broad oaths: Whenever by crimes some one [scil. of them] pollutes his limbs, by murder <…> whoever commits a fault by perjuring himself on oath, The divinities (daimones) who have received as lot a long life, Must wander thrice ten thousand seasons far from the blessed ones, Growing during this time in the different forms of mortal beings, Exchanging the painful paths of life. For the force of the aether chases them toward the sea, The sea spits them out toward earth’s surface, the earth toward the rays. Of the bright sun, and he [i.e., the sun] hurls them into the eddies of the aether. Each one receives them from another, but all hate them. Of them, I too am now one, an exile from the divine and a wanderer, I who relied on insane Strife.”

From Empedocles: the wandering daimon and the two poems (O’Brien 2001):
“The daemon’s fate reworks a passage from Hesiod’s Theogony (775–806) that recounts the prerogatives of the goddess Styx, who, after strife and quarrels have emerged, punishes the gods’ perjury with an exile of nine years. Yet, as in On Nature, the four roots are crucial—air, water, earth, and fire play a key role in the cycle of incarnation, successively expelling the daemon from their spheres of influence. Details on the beginning of the cycle remain frustratingly unclear. At what stage in the rising influence of Strife the gods pollute themselves is ambiguous, as are the precise conditions under which the gods become daemons. As in epic and tragedy, there may be “dual motivation”: Strife provokes transmigration, but the daemon remains accountable for its crimes… One part of the cycle begins under the total domination of Love through the Sphere, with Strife exiled from the four roots. After these have become blended, Strife “leaps” into action, becoming the motivator of the pollution by those gods who perjure a sacred decree governed by Necessity. This triggers a chain reaction of banishment and wandering for the newly fallen daemons…”

The elements or four roots, plus consciousness as the fifth that mediates love and strife, correspond to the God’s exile of nine years in the symbolic number of 14. As scholars note, “the daemon is happy before the beginning of his wandering period and after its conclusion. Empedocles identifies himself as a daimôn (B115) and elsewhere as a god (B112), In the fragment of Empedocles B115, His (the daemon’s) suffering begins with bloodshed and perjury, reaches its zenith (or nadir) at mid-point, and ends when the daemon finds again a place in the company of blessed gods. The daemon’s exile from home signals a period of 30,000 seasons, probably the equivalent of 10,000 years, when the daemon finds himself in alien places (B115.6-11) or assumes alien garments (B126; cf. B115.7). The penalty for his transgression consists in a period of successive incarnations in ever worse life forms until he reaches ultimate misery. Then a series of successive incarnations in ever better life forms begins. If the first series of incarnations indicates increased alienation from home, this second series indicates gradual proximity to home. B146 refers to this second series of reincarnations: “By the end”, it says, “they become seers, minstrels, physicians and leaders for the sake of earth-dwelling men, whence gods highest in honour spring.”

The incarnations, of seers, minstrels, doctors and leaders were thought in the ancient times to be those with the highest ability to teach and ease the suffering of men. A prime example is found in the Vita Merlini, or The Life of Merlin where after a traumatic loss, Merlin as a prophet/seer (vates) goes mad and runs off into the Caledonian Forest, where he lives on grass and fruit. Merlin is returned to sanity and lucidity by the sweet song that ignites his human empathy and compassion, his love. These positions of leaders, religious figures, occult groups are also the choice roles for the bad daemons to incarnate to sow strife and suffering. In the modern world, where Tradition has been obliterated, these designations are largely meaningless as we will live in a degenerate, decadent world age. The silent, anonymous adept that pursues the Mysteries combing the Philosophical life with that of the healer, the hero and farmer that creates microcosmic kingdoms of the Gods in their homesteads, and mountain and forest compounds.

Rama Sita and Lakshmana in the Forest, the phase of hunting and wearing leaves, animals skins, is recreated in highest Tantric Rites and many other lineages where the adept must go alone or with a consort and live completely from the land. There is always an erotic component implied with the forest retreat with a female, as she represents the Goddess and a person is either alone, with a female companion, or there are a few companions and a female, such as the Pandavas, pictured below, leave in exile with their wife Draupadi. This is likely also a primordial ritual reenactment of the migration period, the profound Exile from the Homeland and sacred center and the careful preservation of the female, as mother and avatar of Goddess that is crucial for the next generation to be born. The dice game that is at the core of the Yugas and the Mahabharata is also an esoteric metaphor for a circumnavigation of a central origin point, large square in the centre, called the Charkoni (Char koni means four corners symbolling the mandala of the origin point and central point or Mt. Meru, which is the starting and finishing position of the pieces to which one must return. It is the demons that trick one into exiles within exiles, dreams and delusions within the gamble, the spinning wheel of karma that mediates between Love and Strife.

Punishment and Purifications
The profound understanding of exile is so central to the esoteric doctrines of being separated from the company of the Blessed, from the source of life, from all contexts and meaning (Master Narrative), all resources, all securities and comfort that it is also the central form of justice in Indo-Aryan societies. This reflects removing one from the community as punishment, either temporary or permanent, in ways that persist into Norse and Germanic culture as discussed below. The concept of exile, sometimes voluntary or as a stage in life is the intentional renunciation, or withdraw such as the holy man, ascetic, the person who has concluded the phases of life of the exoteric Dharma and retire to the forest to pursue the esoteric path in life. (It also had a function, missing in our society, in which the old cling to their status and possessions, of retiring the aged so that the young can take their rightful place in society, and replaced ancient customs of ‘killing the King’ or overthrowing the older generation which was the root of many of the Wars of the Gods.)

The four asramas are: Brahmacharya (student), Gṛhastha (householder), Vanaprastha (forest walker/forest dweller), and Sannyasa (renunciate). The Asrama system is one facet of the Dharma concept in Hinduism. Vānaprastha (वानप्रस्थ) is a composite word with the roots vana (वन) meaning “forest, distant land”, and prastha (प्रस्थ) meaning “going to, abiding in, journey to”. Saṃnyāsa in Sanskrit, nyasa means purification, sannyasa means “Purification of Everything” in preparing for the supreme initiation of Death. The final phases is thus a self-imposed exile from the comforts of life, a total self-abnegation and willful surrender to fate, without complaint and training to encounter and cross the threshold of life and death. There are many Traditions of forest Rishi, the Thai Lersi hermits, all tracing back to the central theme of the forest traditions such as the “Aranyaka” (āraṇyaka) literally means “produced, born, relating to a forest ” or rather, “belonging to the wilderness”. It is derived from the word Araṇya (अरण्य), which means “wilderness.”

The exile, either voluntary or imposed, is a time of purifications, which is also part of the phases in life to regain health from normal human experience that is experienced through sickness. In the great myths and sagas, the hero is often supported by one God and antagonized by others, and the human experience and this world is like a proxy war of the Gods. The great Homeric epics are all an exile from home in a long, dangerous journey, with a descent into deeper and deeper banishment from home, comfort and security. Zeus in Homer’s Iliad is said to make men exiles, driving them like a gadfly over the face of the earth (24. 532 f.). But the hero grows, evolves, the strength and fire to persist and overcome, to transcend circumstance, karma, destiny, wyrd and fate is done by burning away all the limitations and obstacles through pure furious striving and effort. It is the radical, relentless application of the highest meditation of thought, word and action over a lifetime.

“Tapas is based on the root Tap (तप्) meaning “to heat, to give out warmth, to shine, to burn”. The term evolves to also mean “to suffer, to mortify the body, undergo penance” in order to “burn away past karma” and liberate oneself. The term Tapas means “warmth, heat, fire”…which is the generation of the secret, mystical, alchemical fire that liberates the ensnared consciousness from the fetters of merely the human experience. Catharsis (from Greek κάθαρσις, katharsis, meaning “purification” or “cleansing” or “clarification” purification (German: Reinigung), Proto-Germanic *hrainisōną (“clean, cleanse, purify”).

The true tapas can empower the adept to gain enough energy, bliss and focus to bless or curse the Gods themselves, such as Durvasa. He caused the exile of a Goddess, Saraswati, whom he cursed to be born as a human because she laughed at his incorrect recitation of the Vedas. Lord Vishnu was cursed twice that he will have to suffer the pain of separation from his Laxmi. Narad cursed Him that He’ll get separated from Laxmi(Sita) for one year. Second curse which separated them from each other in Uttar kand was given by Rishi Bhrigu (Shukracharya’s father). Sage Bhrigu was furious because Lord Vishnu broke his Dharma by killing a woman. Therefore, Maharishi Bhrigu cursed Lord Vishnu to be born on Earth many times and suffer the pain of birth and death all those several times. Due to this legendary curse, Vishnu had to take many avatars Sanskrit avatāra ‘descent’, from ava ‘down’ + tar- ‘to cross’.on Earth and endure all the worldly pain as a price, Lord Vishnu will appear for the last time as Lord Kalki during the end of Kali-yuga when evil will be rampant upon the earth and will restore peacefulness by killing all evils.
This is the essence of the Buddha Dharma, in training the Mind in the 8-Fold path and compassion as upaya (skillful means) to be unfettered by attachments and strife generated by incorrect or inappropriate or hubris action. Buddhahood already lies within all beings as an innate spiritual nature. This spiritual nature is concealed by ignorance and multitudes of afflictive factors – the kleśas – and needs to be awakened and revealed. This can be done in this body, in this life time through the proper training to achieve the Dharmakaya or eternal body, the eternal Buddha Self that is the Daoist True Immortal or True Human Being Real Man, or Perfected (zhenren) the feathered immortal soul that flies and ascends back from exile to the Isle of the Blessed, the Holy Mountain, the Celestial Vault.

“Punishment arises through exile from the gods and a long wandering; the daemon is hated by all and reliant on Strife. Neither Zeus nor Hades will receive it.” Empedocles as an initiate came to apprehend his divinity, as Sextus wrote that “Empedocles called himself a god because, having kept his mind pure from baseness and unpolluted, he alone apprehended the god without by means of the god within himself.” The Purifications was the Master Narrative of initiation and the skillful means to cleanse the dross aspects of this incarnation that obscure one’s true divinity.

Quoting Kingsley and Parry: The persona loquens laments, “I wept and wailed when I saw an unaccustomed place,” and finds himself, “Far from what honor and from what abundance of bliss”…. Transmigration as part of the ritual of purification mandates partaking in a world of suffering in which all life is fated to be born, become corrupt, and die. This reasserts the doctrine in On Nature that all things are mortal except for the four roots and Love and Strife, which combine and break down matter. Empedocles narrates his own dissolutions and recombination,

For as for me, once I was already both a youth and a girl

a bush and a bird, and a sea-leaping, voyaging fish.

Paths of Exile

The Wanderer (extract from the Anonymous Old English Poem)
The solitary one often awaits prosperity for himself, favor of fate, although he, troubled in mind, through sea-¬ways long had to stir with hands rime-¬cold sea, to trudge the paths of exile. Fate is fully inexorable!

So said the wanderer, mindful of hardships, of wrathful slaughters, with the fall of beloved kinsmen:

He knows who knows first-¬hand how cruel sorrow is as companion to him who for himself has few beloved confidants:
path of exile holds him, not at all twisted gold, frozen heart, not at all wealth of earth. He remembers retainers and receiving of treasure, how in youth his gold-¬friend accustomed him to feasting. All joy has perished!

Exile (v.) c. 1300, from Old French essillier “exile, banish, expel, drive off” (12c.), from Late Latin exilare/exsilare, from Latin exilium/exsilium “banishment, exile; place of exile,” from exul “banished person,” from ex “away” (see ex-); according to Watkins the second element is from PIE root *al- (2) “to wander” (source also of Greek alaomai “to wander, stray, or roam about”). De Vaan expands on this: Several etymologies are possible. It might be a derivative of a verb *ex-sulere ‘to take out’ to the root *selh- ‘to take’, cf. consul and consulere; hence exsul ‘the one who is taken out’. It might belong to amb-ulare < *-al- ‘to walk’, hence ‘who walks out’. It might even belong to *helh-, the root of [Greek elauno] ‘to drive’: ex-ul ‘who is driven out’ [de Vaan, “Etymological Dictionary of Latin and the other Italic Languages”]. ἀειφυγία; aeiphygía). Permanent banishment; in Athens archaic punishment for φόνος (phónos, homicide), τραῦμα (traûma, bodily harm) and τυραννίς (tyrannís), pronounced by the Areopagus as a ‘special court’ (not by the Heliaia in normal dikasteria). Banishment (φυγή) is literally “flight” which can imply retreating, seeking refuge or fleeing a punishment as well as being made to take flight as being banished. exile exulis / exilium refers to a banished man forced to leave his home(land), as well as to a person who decides to leave his home in order to avoid punishment. Yet, as Christine Brooke-Rose also points out, “the Latin exsilio means ‘to spring forth’ and with Old French the verb exilier or essilier meant ‘to ravage,’ ‘to devastate,’ a shift in meaning still traceable inexterminate, literally ‘to drive beyond boundaries. Wrecca exile Old English ‘wrecca’ (exile), is related to Old High German ‘reccho’ meaning ‘exile, adventurer, knight errant’ the Grail hero, who is the fool exiled into the forest, Parzifal. If we assume exillis in MS D to be an ablative plural of exilium, we may read lapsit exillis as “It fell among conditions of exile” from the heavens (or Lucifer’s crown, but not the Biblical Lucifer truly, but the Orphic deity Phanes).

Well, let it be so. You see my exile, old man;

you see my hands stained with my children’s blood.

Give them a tomb and all the honors of the dead, 1360

weeping over them (since the law [nomos] forbids me). Euripides, Herakles

To be a hero is a Way to immortality, a restoration or achievement of godhood that entails many trials, ordeals, banishments which begins from the base state of exile, oulaw, fugitive or madman to God. Such are the Labors of Herakles, atonement for sins committed during mad rage. Odin is exiled, in one telling in disgust of his wife’s conduct, in another for his own suspected misconduct, possibly of ‘unmanly’ sexual magical practices (to gain magical insight to escape his enemies, we continue this discussion in depth in Bǫlverkr V.1). A succinct account of this aspect of the exile,

“Odin is telling Agnar here that he shall have not only the grace of Ullr — who, according to Book Three of Saxo, had been “invested … with the trappings of royalty and godhead” in the “stead” of Odin during his exile — but of allra goða — all the gods. This is a foreseeing (“forspár og fjölkunnigur”, Ynglingasaga 5) of a reunion of the gods, spoken of as well in Saxo, Book Three : “For almost ten years he [Ullr] held the leadership of the divine parliament till the gods finally took pity on Odin’s harsh exile. Reckoning that he had completed a severe enough sentence they restored him from filthy rags to his former splendour. By now the passage of time had rubbed away the brand of his past disgrace.” (Ynglingasaga 11 informs us that while Ullr may have held the command of Asgard, Njord was considered the supreme holder of sovereignty, as lord of the Vanir, so Ullr had ruled at Njord (and the rest of the Vanir)’s pleasure.)

Saxo is in touch with a tradition that placed Odin in “Byzantium” (Book One and Book Three) around the time that “he took to exile replete with an honest shame, thinking he would thereby obliterate the stain of his disgrace”.

Saxo is also in touch with a tradition which alluded to Odin saving up wergild for his crimes while he was in exile. “Some people assert that by flattering a few of the gods and buttering others with bribes he purchased his lost royal status and bought back at a costly sum the glories he had long since forfeited.” (Book Three.)”(O’Harris 2007).

Consider Old Norse categories such as the Skogarmaor (meaning “man of the forest”), also called útlagi (meaning “outlaw”), is a Norse outcast who has been banished from their community for various crimes. This is comparable to the Vanvas (Sanskrit: वनवास, is a Sanskrit term meaning residence (vās) in a forest (van)). While it can be undertaken voluntarily, it usually carries a connotation of forced exile as a punishment. Vanvas in Ramayan and Mahabharat are for Tapasya, the ascetic generation of the spiritual fire, the inner purifications. Vanavasa was given to a person with the intention of keeping him away from the society so as to maintain peace, but in real terms exile helps to the person to increase his spiritual power which Rama and Laxman, Incarnation of gods, took benefit of it to kill Ravana and his family.

The justice systems of the worldly cultures were based on the celestial order, the understanding of banishment from the central sacred center and blessed community. No matter if outlaw, voluntary, punishment or for spiritual purification, the intention at the core is not death but refinement and redemption and to learn, to realize, to be tested and tried in the fires of matter and experience. The Gods are to taste the human misery, the human to lose all human comfort of civilization, and in doing so they discover, through the sacrifice of self to Self, their true Self and identity. It is thus the supreme initiation, the trial and ordeals that are perquisites to individuation, of knowledge of self: kaivalya. Yogatattva Upanishad (16–18) reads, “Kaivalya is the very nature of the self, the supreme state (paramam padam). It is without parts and is stainless. It is the direct intuition of the Real-existence, intelligence and bliss. It is devoid of birth, existence, destruction, recognition, and experience. This is called knowledge.” Kaivalya, (Sanskrit: “separateness”) in the Samkhya school of Hinduism, a state of liberation (moksha: literally, “release”) that the consciousness of an individual (purusha: “self” or “soul”) achieves by realizing that it is separate from matter (prakriti).

Draupadi with the five brothers, the the Pandavas, are demi-gods, each fathered by a different deity. The brother Yudhishthira lost his wealth, kingdom, and possessions due to his gambling, which was also attributed to Shakuni rigging the dice game but it is the workings of the demon Kali, who waited 12 years for this attack. Therefore, the Pandavas were sent into exile for thirteen years. After spending twelve years of forest exile, they lived in disguise in the Matsya Kingdom for one year. This exile, like other Gods, is a time to amass an army to avenge and wage war on the demonic forces. Odin’s exile on earth is a similar recruitment period for warrior. The brother’s shared a common wife, as did Odin and his brothers Odin and his two brothers, Vili and Ve (some sources name the gods Odin, Hoenir, and Lodur, Hárr (“High”), Jafnhárr (“Just as High”), and Þriði (“Third”)). Vili means “Will,”and means “Temple”, so just as with the Pandavas, the polyandry (Draupadi, daughter of the king of Panchala, is married to five brothers) is a ritual function of the Goddess and the Gods specific correspondences, as well as reflection of certainly strategic and sacred relationships amongst the highest class of royalty to preserve bloodlines. Even though the brothers are exiled for 13 years, the day they return is Dasera which is the tenth day of the Navaratri or ‘nine nights’ that Devi, the supreme Goddess, the divine pervading Shakti as the Supernal Light, defeats the demonic darkness. She fights the demon over nine nights in three forms, each having three forms. First she is Durga, then she is Shri Lakshmi, then she is Goddess Sarasvati. This is also the day Rama defeats the ten-headed demon Ravana in the Ramayana. Thus, like the Nine nights Zeus makes love to Mnemosyne as Supreme Goddess then births the Nine Muses, or Odin’s Nine Nights of hanging or his taking the place of the nine slaves for mead, or Nine years of slavery of various Gods, these are also linked with the seven spheres plus two, or the nine worlds (See Eta).

Rama, along with his younger brother Lakshmana and wife Sita, exiled to the forest

The exile of Philosophers is a constant theme from the Greeks such as Empedocles, Solon, Heraclitus, Democritus, to the philosopher meant an exile from the gods, then a further worldly exile from homeland, from family. The Philosophical discourse of many of these adepts is exegesis on the central themes of exile, of Memory and purification to retain their status. They understood their political or social exile as a further extension of the divine exile from the company of the Blessed. Many understood the implications of this truth into society, or the evolution of life, the individual’s place, and the extreme suffering of birth. Some understood life in such a way that it was necessary, and the majority lived a balanced understanding, still having family and children, and striving to create microcosmic versions of their divine homelands with sacred sites. The temples are reflections of these divine realms, their homes or regions recreations of Olympus, Asgard, Meru etc.. Some taught extremes to seek to stop incarnations, such as lifestyles of non-procreative sex, to other extremes that resulted in a perversion, degenerate understanding of the mysteries, a type of extreme disgust and hatred of the body, found in many gnostic traditions. There was a balanced “middle way” that used skillful means of certain ascetic practices, purifications, visionary herbs, erotic rites to awaken and Remember one’s divinity or divine origins, just as the Orphic injunction of asserting one’s divine heritage in the afterlife of “A child of Earth am I and of starry Heaven” is saying you are not ordinary mortals that are to sink to the mire of oblivion, lethe, and rebirth.

The intentional destruction and replacement of the Mysteries with corrupted versions are magical ‘traps’, snares and strategic tactics of the occult war to bind and fetter souls to a lower existence with no means to initiate and Recall. The obliteration of the Way is thus an even further exile, and one that can mean a permanent inability to regain or liberate from lower incarnation. As we suggest elsewhere, those that Remember their status three times in consecutive Philosophical life-times are thrice great, and liberated, thus the true master’s decline in this realm as they no longer are reborn in this low world. This is the origin of the Bodhisattva vow to remain in this realm until all sentient life (and all that appear human are not in anyway ‘sentient’) is liberated. The poet Sappho was exiled as well. Exile could be a punishment or a period of purification such as with Oedipus, who blinded himself and went into exile. For many thoughts on the situation and subtleties of exile, see De Exilio On Exile by Plutarch. This mythology is everywhere the Indo-European and Hyperborean lore is found, such as in Ireland: “The divinity of the Tuatha Dé Danann is still recalled. Eochaid O’Flynn (tenth century), doubtful whether they are men or demons, concludes, “though I have treated of these deities in order, yet have I not adored them.” Even in later times they were still thought of as gods in exile, The Religion of the Ancient Celts – John Arnott MacCulloch

An exile, I fare forth upon the deep, with my comrades and son, my household gods and the great deities VIRGIL, AENEID

Concealed Godhood and Vagabond Gods
The concealed Godhood theme is an Aryan concept, and it is the source of the Christian theology of the word Logos, made flesh or a savior God that comes to Earth. There were many savior Gods before Christianity, from Asclepius and heroes such as Herakles to much longer lists such as Krishna, Indra, Atys, Mmitra, Prometheus, Zalmoxis, Adonis. The story of Baucis and Philemon entails Zeus and Hermes came disguised as ordinary peasants that are seeking righteous, pious people and are given hospitality, crucially located in Phrygia for understanding the cultic origins. When the Gods come in disguise and one greets them with full respect and hospitality, this is known as theoxenia. Telemachus shows xenia to the disguised Athena in Book One of the Odyssey. In the Hrólfs saga kraka, the Saga of King Rolf Kraki, a number of themes are tied together as King Hrólfr departed with 120 men and his twelve berserkers and during a rest they were tested by a farmer called Hrani (Odin in disguise) who advised Hrólfr to send back all his troops but his twelve berserkers.

An incident that has ancient Indo-European ritualistic implications of a sword initiation (or weapon no one else can pull out, yield, or a bow no one can string) is found in the Völsunga saga. Here the marriage of King Volsung’s daughter Signy to Siggeir, king of the Goths is interrupted during the bridal feast by the arrival of a stranger, the god Odin in disguise as a hooded man with one eye, who drives a sword into a tree-trunk. Though everyone tries to draw the sword, Volsung’s son Sigmund is the only one who can, like King Arthur in the Grail myths. Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks (The Saga of Hervör and Heidrek) Gestumblindi sacrificed (see Blót) to Odin asking him for assistance in a contest of riddles (again involving 12 men with berserker-like qualities). Shortly thereafter, a stranger appeared at Gestumblindi’s homestead, and this stranger, Odin in disguise, also called himself Gestumblindi. The two men were so similar that no one could tell them apart and they changed clothes and Gestumblindi went away to hide and Odin, in disguise as Gesumblindi, goes on to wisdom and lore contest that is featured in other parts of the lore as a supreme initiatic function of Memory and testing.

Odin is the masked one (Grimnir Hooded, Masked One), and, as is said in the notes of the Grimnismol in Bellow’s translation of the Poetic Edda, “As in nearly every episode Othin appeared in disguise, the number of his names was necessarily almost limitless. Grim: “The Hooded.” Gangleri: “The Wanderer.” Herjan: “The Ruler.” Hjalmberi: “The Helmet-Bearer.” Thekk: “The Much-Loved.” Thrithi: “The Third” (in Snorri’s Edda the stories are all told in the form of answers to questions, the speakers being Har, Jafnhar and Thrithi). Such a battle of riddles is a contest of Memory of the lore, just as the seeress question by Odin “Remembers” the origins of the Gods and creation in Völuspá. This is a central theme in Odin disguised contest with Vafþrúðnir in the Poetic Edda poem Vafþrúðnismál.

The Gods, sages, and heroes engage in this practice, known in Vedic terms as Agyatvas, which is basically an incognito exile. An individual who is following agyatvas must hide the identity of himself/herself for a fixed tenure. The Pandavas ( पाण्डव, pāṇḍava) refers to the five brothers in exile in the Mahabharata: Yudhishthir disguised as minister of virat, kank; Bhimasen as cook, vallabh; Arjun as brahannala, teacher to princess uttara; Nakul as keeper of the horses, by the name granthik; Sahadeva worked as a cowherd in exile. The Gods as culture bearers, and the seers and wiseman and mendicant saints are known as parivrājakācārya, wandering all over the world and giving good instruction. Parivrājaka means wandering, and ācārya means teacher. For the true devoted mendicant (parivrājakācārya) one must experience all varieties of reality and creation by traveling alone through all forests, hills, towns. There are also dark forces that function in the same way, sowing strife and disorder, pain and misery and false-teachings.

The wandering period is broken by periods of slavery, or forest asceticism, or some task or ordeal that must be accomplished. The wanderer must go obtain various tonics, elixirs, meads, herbs to produce the purification and Ékstasis (ἔκστασις), the sources of secret fire, such as obtained from ascetic deprivations, fasting, sexual pleasure, magical visionary rites. Odin takes the places of nine slaves, as discussed with in the printed version of this monograph Bǫlverkr V.1, in his quest for the mead. He crosses a river to leave Asgard, and after causing the death of the ‘nine slaves’ he takes their place.

“Perhaps I can help by handling your fields.
I am Baleworker, best of farmers.
I offer to bale all of your hay,
to fill the shoes of your fallen slaves.”

Apollo tending the flocks of Admetus, Apollo seated holding a lyre and flanked by a cow and a dog, a serpent winding around a dead tree at right.

Landscape with Apollo Guarding the Herds of Admetus – Claude Lorrain (1604/1605–1682)

Pastoral Gods, Shepherds and Cowherds
There are many shepherd Gods, such as Pan in Greece (or forest godlike beings such as Silenus), the Vedic Pushan is a pastoral God and this is natural from pastoral societies. Hermes is considered a God of shepherds. The Vedic Rudra/Agni is called sometimes paśupati “the shepherd” in the Atharva Veda, and he is “lord of bountiful prosperity, has found a path for (his?) offspring, he who has found the sun, the shepherd of the clans, the begetter of the two worlds. The gods have held Agni as the giver of wealth.” Vishnu, especially in his cowherd form Krishna, is exiled to earth as a hidden avatar. Krishna is the Forest Cowherd, and names of Krishna, Gopāl and Govind. Go means cow and pāl means tends to; Gopāl is the one who tends to cow, nurtures, cares and provides for her. Vind means to find, thus Govind is the one who finds the lost cow, the cow that has wandered astray. He is always trying to save the cow from all the forces waiting to prey on her; but the mind through lack of control over its natural tendencies to stray, does not heed the call of the lilting flute and falls into the plight of its own temptations.

Pashupati (Sanskrit Paśupati; devanagari पशुपति ) is a Hindu deity and an incarnation of the Hindu god Shiva as “lord of the animals”

As a Vedic scholar notes this theme in all sects of Vedic traditions such as, “The Shaivite three components are easily understandable as pashu (litt. cow), pasha (litt. rope) and pati (litt. cow-herd). All atmans or pashus are eternally tethered by pasha and they don’t know their destination. There comes pati to rear them towards the Moksha. This pati differ from ordinary cowherd as he doesn’t obtain any advantages either by growing or shepherding cattle, and pashus cannot realize anything with their limited movement caused by pasha. It is the same language of yoga (to yoke) as mentioned above, and the notion of fetters, binding, or tethers. We do not have the space to discuss the implications on initiatory brotherhoods and cattle theft in the Indo-Europeans, or the extensive esoteric symbolism such as Hermes stealing the cattle from Apollo. This is a vast mythology of raids that inform cosmology, society, worldview and initiation, the tensions of security and war, property, wealth and death. There is much lore of the Cyclops, the “food for centaurs” and other such mysteries in this lore. There are instances when the shepherd is also the cattle thief, such as Cacus, a mythological Italian shepherd, who lived in a cave, and to have committed various kinds of robberies including theft of a part of the cattle of Hercules.

Apollo was supposed to work in servitude to a mortal, and so Apollo became herdsman to Admetus. King Admetus who ruled over a small kingdom in Thessaly and knew his subjects by name and so, one night when a stranger appeared at his door begging for food, he knew it was a foreigner and he must offer hospitality Xenia (ξενία). He fed and clothed the stranger and asked him his name, but the man would give no answer other than to ask Admetus if he could be the king’s slave. Admetus had no need for another slave but, recognizing the man was in distress, took him on as shepherd for his flocks. Here is exiled Apollo, incarnating as a slave or servant as a shepherd.

Hesiod and the Muse

Hesiod was a shepherd and wrote he was tending sheep, when a muse appeared to him. The solitary humble herdsman, alone, beholding the vault of heaven, tending his sheep in cloak and hat is the life that the race of men lived who understood through the Mysteries they were children of the Gods. Thus, the Gods would come to them in the guise of farmers, hunters, shepherds, cowherds and the Gods would likewise even assume these forms to seduce each other. Zeus, in a form of a mortal shepherd, and Mnemosyne slept together for nine consecutive nights, thus conceiving the nine Muses. The supreme Goddess Mnemosyne’s cult was the most secret truth of the Mysteries, and thus she is often relegated to a minor cult. But she is known to presided over a ‘spring of Memory” in Hades that the true initiate must drink from while asserting their divine heritage and to Remember to no drink river Lethe, according to a series of 4th-century BC Greek funerary fragments. Reincarnated souls would lose their memory, their continuity of self that is retained across lives and transmigration whereas the initiate was reminded they are Gods. Again, those that are initiated and Remember three times are liberated, and Thrice-Great. Zeus’ incarnation into a mortal, as some purification rite from the war of the Gods and bloodshed, is to manifest consciousness into corporeal form, perceived through the five senses and the nine gates of the body (the seven holes in the head plus genitals and anus) for a total of 14. Zeus takes the guise of a Shepherd to seduce the Goddess to birth her daughters the Nine Muses. The Nine muses and their Arts correspond to liberating the nine gates or nine slaves of the human experience that Zeus birthed as a means to transcend the fettered human experience bound and exiled to matter. The Nine slaves are discussed in Bǫlverkr V.1.

Demons often use disguises, and can also gain power through tapas and even boons from the Gods since tapas are rewards and the Gods must be fair. An example of demons in disguise is Sita’s kidnap: Ravana, King of the Demons, with 10 heads and 20 arms, watches Sita in the forest and falls in love with her. Ravana gets his evil servant, Maricha, to disguise himself as a golden deer and tempt Rama and Lakshman away from Sita. Lakshman draws a circle in the dust around Sita to protect her and tells her not to step out of the circle. Ravana disguises himself as an old beggar man or hermit, and begs Sita for food and drink. Sita takes pity on him and steps out of the circle. The beggar man becomes Ravana. Ravana catches Sita in his arms and pulls her into his magic flying chariot. The origins of the protection of magic circles and mandala and yantra originate with these heritage cultures. The Srimad Bhagavatam discusses the cow and Kali Yuga, and the evil demon Kali (many confuse this with the Goddess Kali) Parîkchit Received the Age of Kali Emperor Parikshit, the grandson of Arjuna, came across a Sudra dressed as a king who was beating a cow and an ox with a club. Parikshit immediately led his chariot over to the scene and angrily berated the sudra for abusing the sacred cow and her mate. However, the sudra was Kali and the cow and ox were embodiments of the earth goddess and Dharma.

(1) Sûta said: “Oh scholars, Parîkchit, the great devotee, thereafter, being instructed by the best brahmins, ruled over the earth with all the qualities that the astrologers, who predicted the future at the time of his birth, thought he would have. (2) He married with Irâvatî, the daughter of King Uttara, and begot four sons in her of whom Janamejaya was the first. (3) At the Ganges he performed three horse sacrifices wherein the demigods showed themselves. Kripâcârya, whom he had selected as his spiritual master, was therefore awarded appropriately. (4) Once on a military campaign he, the valiant hero, by dint of his prowess managed to overpower the master of Kali-yuga who had disguised himself as a king but who, lower than a s’ûdra [a laborer], was hurting the legs of a cow and a bull.”

(5) S’aunaka inquired: “Why did he during his campaign subdue the master of Kali who dressed up as a king like a low s’ûdra was striking the legs of a cow? Please oh fortunate one, describe that to us, if that would relate to the topics of Krishna. (6) What is the use of other subjects that being illusory do not relate to His lotus feet the nectar of which is licked by the truth-loving souls? That would be a waste of one’s life! (7) Oh Sûta, those among the mortal human beings who are sure to meet death here but who desire righteousness [truth and eternal life], call for the great lord of death [Yamarâja] to perform the preparatory rites. (8) The great sages invite him because no one will die as long as he, the great lord who causes the end of life, is present here. Ah! May everyone in the world drink from the nectar of the narrations about the divine pastimes of the Supreme Lord. (9) Those after all, who are lazy, have a dull mind and are short-lived, pass their days and nights with aimless activities and sleeping.”

Yugas as a cow that the gods watch over

And pure Apollo, god exiled from heaven The Herdsmen of Admetus – Constance Phillott (1842-1931) – PD-art-100

Orpheus was a shepherd, and he used his lyre to calm the animals and to scare away the predators. Such stories are told of the modern era cowboys, who sang beautiful songs and acoustic melodies to the cows at night, or the flutes of the Indian cowheards, the Pipes of Pan. Here is the inner harmony, the poetry of the songs, the invocation and Mystery of the Muses, the perfection of human potential, its balance of wild and cultivated, civilized and rustic, the integration of the struggle of live and the temporary peace and safety.

The lore of shepherds is so vast in the Grecian mythos that it could fill volumes. The central figures of the Mysteries of Eleusis and Orphic rites are Triptolemos (a three-fold warrior, or thrice great), a herdsman, Thracian Eumolpus a shepherd, and Eubouleus a swineherd. One specific account is of Aesculapius was born at Tricca in Thessaly (Strab. xiv. p. 647), and others again related that Coronis gave birth to him during an expedition of her father Phlegyas into Peloponnesus, in the territory of Epidaurus, and that she exposed him on mount Tittheion, which was before called Myrtion. Here he was fed by a goat and watched by a dog, until at last he was found by Aresthanas, a shepherd, who saw the boy surrounded by a lustre like that of lightning. (See a different account in Paus. viii. 25. § 6.).

Of course, the sacred cow gives the elements of the sacrifice, the panchagavya means “five cow-derivatives” which also give the adept food and medicine, heat, and the secret visionary fungi. This applies to the other herds like goat and sheep. Ethnobotanical scholars point out the prevalence of the petasos cap, the wide brimmed hat of the traveler, hunter and shepherd especially as resembling a mushroom. In its various forms it is seen in depictions of Hermes/Mercury and Odin and many other Gods and heroes, often with wings. Psilocybe semilanceata is known to grow on fields that were grazed by sheep, Psilocybe cubensis known to grow in cow dung, and of course the mushrooms of the forest would be the Indo-European fungal sacrament of Amanita muscaria.

For our own efforts to create a mountain retreat, forest ashram, temple to the Gods, permaculture farm and alchemical laboratory, see our works such as Strategic Permaculture Series, Project Asgard series (forthcoming), where we discuss our exoteric work to obtain heritage herbs, food, breeds from the old world and to propagate ancestral flora and fauna when possible from Icelandic chickens, sheep and goats, to Norwegian Elkhounds, and even sacred cows from India (which are different in fundamental ways from all others in disposition and spiritual potency as understood in agnihotra and Vedic farming practices).

All of the ancient temples are reflections of the higher astral form that is the supreme reality, just as the stars are the Immortals or the long-lived, and only some humans will take their place with the celestial immortals. The earthly temples were attempts of the race of the Gods to recreate these abodes in their exile, of recreating the homeland in a microcosmic way from the yurt to the vast necropolis and Mystery centers to the Tantric architecture of India and Asia. The soul’s journey back home through the seven worlds plus two, the nine realms or spheres are discussed in Eta.

Those who undertake the authentic initiatory alchemy and engage in the Great Work overtime will be exiled from the red dust of the world, for good and bad. There are sacrifices, denied aspects of the normal human experience that one must forgo for higher, deeper modes of Being. The isolation, the training, the solitary ordeals literally remove one from the company of others for extended periods, and the experiences are as such that they can not be communicated to most people if anyone. The knowledge gained can estrange one from the common people the unwashed, even good friends and loved ones as one has to choose between the quest and work over ordinary pleasures and certain social interactions.

One has to live a secret, truly occult private and hermetically sealed personality as the purifications cleanse the heart and spirit. There are those who Remember this Primordial Organic Light and those who will be entranced by the artificial flickering of technology. A dreadful truth is that they are deeply incompatible, irreconcilable worldviews and visions for life’s purpose and meaning. The further one goes on the way, the natural instinct for the wanderer, the recluse and hermit emerge within. Yet, the good Daemons, the Hyperborean ancestors and Bodhisattva continue to incarnate even in the worst conditions to be a lamp in the darkness of this world age.

The pilgrim, in this image Christian, (which is a gnostic Mystery cult, with much related topics beyond the scope of this article, also see Sub Rosa) still retains the elixir gourd and staff. The pilgrimage routes in Spain have ancient alchemical associations, such as the mines associated with the alchemical saint The Camino de Santiago (Latin: Peregrinatio Compostellana, “Pilgrimage of Compostela” and Christ is a shepherd or pastoral ‘god’, (the Biblical patriarchs and Muhammad, etc. are all herdsman of some type as such and represent various Traditions, anti- and counter-Traditions, or artificial, faux, counterfeit ‘religions’ as political control through a cult and sorcery.) The Hyperborean Lore of the wounded king, the exile from the company and presence of the Grail is thinly disguised under the compulsory Christian veneer. Though again, as Traditionalists we seek the numinous and find that the Christianity of the Middle Ages was sublime and had been transmuted by the European folk spirit into a heroic, spiritual path that was ‘pagan’ at its core. It is part of our Membership task, like Sir Richard Francis Burton, to adopt the complete form of groups to ‘infiltrate’ or walk among them, such as he entered Mecca in disguise.

Figure taken from “An Artist Resting by the Roadside” Jørgen Roed. The Romantic spirit of Great Longing and Yearning, the restless spirit and sense of confinement that the modern age was presenting birth a spirit of wandering, of wanderlust, of understanding the profound exile of the spirit into hypermaterialism and nihilism, German Sturm und Drang (“storm and stress”). Poets such as Goethe, with the “Wanderer’s Nightsong” (“Der du von dem Himmel bist”), and the music of Schubert, the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich, Julius von Leypold capture this spirit in the emotional storms and exquisite articulation of a mood of the soul the pervades reality.

The Antique To The Northern Wanderer
by Friedrich von Schiller

Thou hast crossed over torrents, and swung through wide-spreading ocean,–
Over the chain of the Alps dizzily bore thee the bridge,
That thou might’st see me from near, and learn to value my beauty,
Which the voice of renown spreads through the wandering world.
And now before me thou standest,–canst touch my altar so holy,–
But art thou nearer to me, or am I nearer to thee?
And so I’m alone. But you, above the clouds,
father of the fatherland! mighty aether! and you
earth and light! you three who rule and love,
100 Eternal gods! I never break ties with you.
from you, I wandered with you too,
you, you joyful I will bring you back more experienced.

me now, up to the top of the Rhine warm mountains filled with wine!
105 That I drink the gods first and the memory of the heroes,
the boatmen, and then yours, you dearest ones! also ‘
parents and friends’! and forget the toil and all the sufferings
and tomorrow and be quickly among the native
from The Wanderer (Hölderlin) – Der Wanderer (Hölderlin)

and likewise in the zen and wandering masters and mountain Hermits,

Like a child of a wealthy home
Wandering among the poor.
Lost on dark paths of ignorance,
We wander through the Six Worlds,
From dark path to dark path–
When shall we be freed from birth and death?
Hakuin’s Song of Zazen

“And the world suddenly appeared to me as such an awfully large place, with I so totally alone in it that I could have cried from the bottom of my heart.” Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts

“I have paid the penalty for deeds unjust,”—so speaks the soul, when she has finished her pilgrimage,—“and now I am come as a suppliant unto noble Persephone, beseeching her to be gracious, and to send me into the abodes of the pious.”

The Wanderer

THE WANDERER. by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
[Published in the Gottingen Musen Almanach, having been written “to express his feelings and caprices” after his separation from Frederica.]

YOUNG woman, may God bless thee,
Thee, and the sucking infant
Upon thy breast!
Let me, ‘gainst this rocky wall,
Neath the elm-tree’s shadow,
Lay aside my burden,
Near thee take my rest.

What vocation leads thee,
While the day is burning,
Up this dusty path?
Bring’st thou goods from out the town
Round the country?
Smil’st thou, stranger,
At my question?

From the town no goods I bring.
Cool is now the evening;
Show to me the fountain
‘Whence thou drinkest,
Woman young and kind!

Up the rocky pathway mount;
Go thou first! Across the thicket
Leads the pathway tow’rd the cottage
That I live in,
To the fountain
Whence I drink.

Signs of man’s arranging hand
See I ‘mid the trees!
Not by thee these stones were join’d,
Nature, who so freely scatterest!

Up, still up!

Lo, a mossy architrave is here!
I discern thee, fashioning spirit!
On the stone thou hast impress’d thy seal.

Onward, stranger!

Over an inscription am I treading!
‘Tis effaced!
Ye are seen no longer,
Words so deeply graven,
Who your master’s true devotion
Should have shown to thousand grandsons!

At these stones, why
Start’st thou, stranger?
Many stones are lying yonder
Round my cottage.


Through the thicket,
Turning to the left,

Ye Muses and ye Graces!

This, then, is my cottage.

‘Tis a ruin’d temple! *

Just below it, see,
Springs the fountain
Whence I drink.

Thou dost hover
O’er thy grave, all glowing,
Genius! while upon thee
Hath thy master-piece
Fallen crumbling,
Thou Immortal One!

Stay, a cup I’ll fetch thee
Whence to drink.

Ivy circles thy slender
Form so graceful and godlike.
How ye rise on high
From the ruins,
And thou, their lonely sister yonder,–
How thou,
Dusky moss upon thy sacred head,–
Lookest down in mournful majesty
On thy brethren’s figures
Lying scatter’d
At thy feet!
In the shadow of the bramble
Earth and rubbish veil them,
Lofty grass is waving o’er them
Is it thus thou, Nature, prizest
Thy great masterpiece’s masterpiece?
Carelessly destroyest thou
Thine own sanctuary,
Sowing thistles there?

How the infant sleeps!
Wilt thou rest thee in the cottage,
Stranger? Wouldst thou rather
In the open air still linger?
Now ’tis cool! take thou the child
While I go and draw some water.
Sleep on, darling! sleep!

Sweet is thy repose!
How, with heaven-born health imbued,
Peacefully he slumbers!
Oh thou, born among the ruins
Spread by great antiquity,
On thee rest her spirit!
He whom it encircles
Will, in godlike consciousness,
Ev’ry day enjoy.
Full, of germ, unfold,
As the smiling springtime’s
Fairest charm,
Outshining all thy fellows!
And when the blossom’s husk is faded,
May the full fruit shoot forth
From out thy breast,
And ripen in the sunshine!

God bless him!–Is he sleeping still?
To the fresh draught I nought can add,
Saving a crust of bread for thee to eat.

I thank thee well.
How fair the verdure all around!
How green!

My husband soon
Will home return
From labour. Tarry, tarry, man,
And with us eat our evening meal.

Is’t here ye dwell?

Yonder, within those walls we live.
My father ’twas who built the cottage
Of tiles and stones from out the ruins.
‘Tis here we dwell.
He gave me to a husbandman,
And in our arms expired.–
Hast thou been sleeping, dearest heart
How lively, and how full of play!
Sweet rogue!

Nature, thou ever budding one,
Thou formest each for life’s enjoyments,
And, like a mother, all thy children dear,
Blessest with that sweet heritage,–a home
The swallow builds the cornice round,
Unconscious of the beauties
She plasters up.
The caterpillar spins around the bough,
To make her brood a winter house;
And thou dost patch, between antiquity’s
Most glorious relics,
For thy mean use,
Oh man, a humble cot,–
Enjoyest e’en mid tombs!–
Farewell, thou happy woman!

Thou wilt not stay, then?

May God preserve thee,
And bless thy boy!

A happy journey!

Whither conducts the path
Across yon hill?

To Cuma.

How far from hence?

‘Tis full three miles.

Oh Nature, guide me on my way!
The wandering stranger guide,
Who o’er the tombs
Of holy bygone times
Is passing,
To a kind sheltering place,
From North winds safe,
And where a poplar grove
Shuts out the noontide ray!
And when I come
Home to my cot
At evening,
Illumined by the setting sun,
Let me embrace a wife like this,
Her infant in her arms!


* Compare with the beautiful description contained
in the subsequent lines, an account of a ruined temple of Ceres,
given by Chamberlayne in his Pharonnida (published in 1659)

“…. With mournful majesiy
A heap of solitary ruins lie,
Half sepulchred in dust, the bankrupt heir
To prodigal antiquity….”

Some Dreadful Truths

Reality, this life, our consciousness presents us with some severe ultimatums. We are either the product of pure chance, living a meaningless life of struggle and pain or there is a precise purpose, meaning or Way. If it is the latter, then we must accept that the ancients universally encoded this Truth into every aspect of their culture, and life was orientated to this process. We can decode from the mythos, the culture, languages, technologies, traditions that the ancients themselves posited a Golden Age and a central Homeland. Life was understood as an initiation, a ritual ordeal and study and apprehension of a celestial Mystery. As world ages ended, this stream of Tradition became diluted, diverted, polluted, though traces still remain. In the historical period, true masters appeared with miraculous and awe-inspiring presence and deeds, but they became few and far between as time eroded the centers of the Old Ways.

The Occult Wars are to extinguish the fire of consciousness in humanity. It is to break their connection with the past, with Tradition, with the ancestors, the Gods and with themselves. It is to induce a spiritual sickness, a lethargy of soul and Mind that can not recall its true heritage, its noble ancestry and divine nature and dignity. It was extraordinarily difficult in the time of these great masters to transcend circumstances, destiny, karma, and to find the Way. One can read of the saints lamenting not having the funds to go and get the transmissions and skillful means of the Dharma, or the languishing pain of future adepts traveling for knowledge, to seek a master, to get a text, to gain initiation and authentic teachings. The anti-Traditional forces, like counterfeiters, prey upon those whose poverty of spirit can be exploited by their frauds and false inversions of the original Way.

Thus, even in those ancient days, to prevail in the Great Work was rare indeed, and the culmination of many lifetimes and incarnations of struggle and dedication. The Dharma masters understood that the process of liberation meant that there are fewer adepts to teach. In the core of the Mystery Schools and Hermetic and Hyperborean and Neoplatonic traditions, if one recalls their true divine or Buddha nature three times they are liberated (such as Thrice Great Hermes). But this means that fewer spiritual masters or those on the path will continue to be incarnated, unless they vow to return for the spiritual benefit of those that remain, such as in the way of the Bodhisattva.

The Enemy forces have patiently destroyed and reverse transmuted the world into a veritable hell, a materialistic nightmare calculated to exploit every human aspiration, all initiatic impulses and psycho-spiritual tension points away from the Way. This is the complete, full-spectrum assault down to the genetic level to eradicate and permanently destroy every notion, every trace of memory, every instinct and noble sentiment. So again, even under auspicious times, with true master teachers, in a civilization dedicated to a spiritual path, it was a path for the most elite of spirit. Now we are in the most degenerate, decadent, and demoralized period, the true essence of the Kali Yuga and complete destruction of Tradition.

How is one to penetrate the Mysteries of this realm, to train and refine themselves as all collapses around them? There is no society anymore. There is no culture, there is no common sense of purpose or definition of the good, there is nothing sacred that all hold in common. There is pain, suffering, isolation. There are generations of soulless, subhumans that have had all of the magic and spirit drained and harvested begetting and replicating mere husks of life with no real spark of sentience or true humanity, which is of a divine heritage and celestial essence. Broken homes, collapsing social orders, endless trauma and selective scarcities press and extract any of the human spirit left. The tactics to distract, to weaken, to demoralize, to keep off-balance consumes the finite time, energy and resources, thwart many of even the most sincere seekers. Because destruction is in some ways more powerful than creation in that creation is fragile, it is vulnerable. Rome was not built in a day, but it can be destroyed in a few. The precarious achievements of the past, the hard-won insights, the preservation and enduring ways can all be wiped away like a sculpture or artwork that was painstakingly crafted that can be smashed or burned in an instant. All of one’s progress can be wiped away in some careless acts, some persistent behaviors or habits, some vulnerability introduced by some blindspot or some inattention to detail.

One’s exoteric goals must be to find and create conditions for the Way. To endure peers and relatives that have no inclination or notion, who are lost to pop culture and mainstream narratives and who live shallow, barren, miserable mundane lives is like living with an Enemy. They are hostile to authentic life, anything that reminds them of what they should be doing with this incarnation will cause deep psychic rifts within them that will cause them to lash out or become disassociate. To be confronted with a mode of life, of purpose, of meaning and accountability is too much truth to the lies they live upon. The heroic worldview, the Philosopher’s quest, these are the antithesis of superficial cravings, of boring and common diversions and the false comfort and luxury to which modernism grasps. They will never awaken to the true purpose of life, and anything that might disturb their anesthetic, trance-like slumber is hated as a painful intrusion of the True Reality into their construct of sensations and cravings. Even if they should have a profound, numinous, or mystical experience, their leaky heads cannot hold the Memory which will drain like a sieve.

Most grow up amongst the stench of the commonplace, this ‘botched and bungled’ inhumanity and base existence of miserable ordinary pursuits. To transcend these circumstances, to create and prime conditions and circumstances for true mastery is truly the most rare and precious pursuit on earth. Yet who can overcome the toxic relationships of destroyed families and peers? Who can wipe away the indoctrination and seeds of doubt that create a near schizophrenic inner world of beholding the awe and majesty of life filtered through the desiccating theories and mental viruses of ‘scientists’? Who can heal themselves of the wasteland-inducing wound of the king? Who can ask the right questions? Who can withstand the ordeals that assault every fiber and atom of being? Who can escape the lures and baits, the traps and fetters set on all sides? Who can master themselves when they take orders from inferiors? Who can engage in the labors to purify and Remember they are wandering Gods, exiled from the company of the Blessed?

As the world burns, as the chaos increases, there will be the Order enforced that is the next stage in alienation from the Way. It will be the convergence of technology and authority in such brutal inhumanity such as none can even imagine or fathom. It is the end of life and the world as we know it. One’s own mortality should be enough to awaken true, profound consistent effort. But even personally, it was only until death’s grip is on your throat that you realize how fragile is life, how precious is time, and how brief our chances are for true Work. The time is short and the unleashed chaos will accelerate. Most have wasted their lives in distractions, depression, in misery and mundane wastes of grand potential. Most will never read these lines, and most who do will fail by their distractions, their excuses, their inability to ask the right questions and to avail themselves of the skillful means to make true progress on the Way. No amount of words will be sufficient for them.

It is a dreadful truth that those that do not gain this knowledge in this life will be lost in the mire of the abyss, suffering to be born in realms of hell, of hungry ghosts, of psycho-spiritual enslavement that does not even have the means or language to express the understanding of being trapped in a binding prison consciousness. It is a dreaded truth that many are not ‘real human beings’ but vacant, dead-eyed husks, empty vessels, with no true claim to sentience as understood by the ancestors. It is a dreadful truth that most will die uninitiated back into a world that seeks to erase the Way and thus be trapped and harvested. It is a dreadful truth one can lose their birthright and divine heritage as Children of Earth and Starry Heaven by neglect, by forgetting to Remember, and who let their spirit and inner fire dull. It is a dreadful truth that all but the most elite will never Remember the Way and they will drink of the waters of ignorance and oblivion of this world and the next. It is a dreadful truth that many lack the courage, the discipline, the passion, and resolute fortitude to engage in the lifelong process of personal alchemy that is the Great Work. It is a dreadful truth that even of those who make some sort of effort, most are so hubris as to think they have accomplished any part of this sacred path. It is a dreadful truth that they tell lies to themselves and others to dull the piercing reality they will face upon death. It is a dreadful truth that if you cannot Remember in waking life, in anger, in erotic passion, in dreams, in the visionary rites, and within the ordeals you will surely forget in the assailing fury of the abyss. It is the dreadful truth that those who do not accomplish these tasks become the nourishment of the Enemy, the sustaining source of its energy. It is the dreadful truth that one feeds what traps and destroys them like the helpless host of a parasite.

Profaning the Mysteries

The Occult Wars are constant topics of our research and publications. One essential tactic of the Enemy is to eradicate all of Tradition; all of the holy and sacred mystery centers, the burning of libraries and assassinations of Masters. History is a witness to the purge through campaigns of violence, brutality and force but also to the use of the most subtle methods of propaganda, indoctrination, subversion, and psychological warfare. By destroying or infiltrating most of the initiatory schools, lineages, and centers they have left a vacuum in the human impulse and instinct to evolve towards a higher good and authentic alchemical transmutation. This is the whole purpose of the “New Age Movement” and pop occult systems, of manufactured counter-culture to the promotion of certain once cherished holy teachings or skillful means or herbs: to create a void in the lack of authentic teachings that can be filled with false doctrines to desperate seekers.

The latter is a most profound topic for considering the tactics of Occult War strategies. The ancient entheogens or magical plants were taken with the Master Narrative of the ancestors in ritual settings that only were granted after lesser initiations and purifications. The modern profaning of these has them used ‘recreationally’ or within the narratives of extremist indoctrination such as on college campuses. It is important to note that the ‘recovery’ of the entheogenic herbal knowledge was first suggested in many publications prior to the Life Magazine article by Gordon Wasson, the J.P. Morgan banker and intelligence asset. Other herbs were suggested for use in the soma of the Vedas in old scholarly papers, and Robert Graves and the Sufi Idris Shah likely formulated the original hypothesis. But it is a tactic to release such solvents of reality, such potentially sacred or infernal experiences and use them to shatter the consciousness of a generation to implant one’s own insidious Narrative. For full discussions of entheogens and occult wars see Magus series, especially Vol. 4.

Simultaneously, the counter-culture movement of artificial psychedelics was unleashed. The artificial and organic become conflated, interchanged, intermixed as minds are fragmented with these powerful synthetic drugs. Most were sincere seekers, cast into an age on the threshold of the old and the post-modern, where stifling social norms and promises of libertine bliss and enlightenment were made by simply taking a drug. But there were no true hierophants of the Mysteries, only charlatans, dark intelligence officers playing with sorcery with an intent to subvert and destroy, to infect with a psycho-spiritual poison that is like a spiritual immune disorder.

The conditioning to present the truth then subvert, divert towards the agenda of synthetic over organic. Life Magazine covers of Wasson in 1957 to the 60s LSD covers of a ‘potential danger’ in March to celebrated as part of Art in September of that same year.

The masses are lost, it is the seekers that are deprived of the ancestral Master Narrative, to aim the entheogenic rites with the skillful means of the true Mysteries. The instinct to find and seek these are met with false teachers, faux doctrines, counterfeit sacraments. A prime example is the push of the synthetic DMT and blending it within the ‘culture’ of ‘psychonauts,’ or those that want to explore consciousness, as the true last unexplored territory. Pop culture and mass media ‘heroes’ push and blend cannabis and other such substances and blur the lines. This softens the psyche to their indoctrination, which will also be presented with a veneer of truth with just a percentage of toxic spiritual poison.

The True Mysteries are authentically occult, hidden, secret, concealed. To reveal them is to profane and weaken. What cannot be diminished or subverted is then hidden amongst false and faux imitations, mixed with inverted systems, degenerate and corrupted virtual copies that are fatally flawed and laced with a deep venom. Immortality is promised, but is an artificial construct, the promise to the elite of this world who never can accomplish the Great Work. Thus, they must destroy the True Way, desacralize, and debase all and everything. Their goal is to reduce the human spirit to a subhuman level that justifies its eradication. Humanity is thus lured into its own status as victim of sacrifice through its inability to become noble, pure, and beautiful. Their reverse alchemy is a parody of the true Hermetic science and Dharma that lures even so many of the pure of heart who lack discernment and whose thirst for pure teachings has them drink of even the most polluted and toxic waters. We are Hyperboreans, Gods, and we must refine and purify the accrued filth and mire from our very being and act in accordance with our divine heritage. Every assertion of this Memory, of beauty, of what is noble is a resistance, an assault and defense against the predacious and parasitic Enemy.

These are lures, traps baited with promises of seeing entities, of profound experiences but they are not born of the earth mother. They are synthetic, chemical and they are part of a reductionist worldview that seeks to destroy the Mysteries with desiccated theories that have reduced the perception of life as an accident of explosions and gases. It is the reduction of the experience to a “god molecule” or the pineal gland, or reality as merely a chemical phenomenon and that enlightenment or perfection is a type of neurological chemical recipe that just needs to be refined. It is the negation of the divine, celestial heritage of Children of Earth and Starry Heaven. It is the negation of free will, of a soul, and it is always traced back to the kabbalistic and Freemasonic agendas that seek to conceal all true esoteric knowledge and replace it with a false, virtual, inorganic and transhumanist goal. Dr. Strassman, who also writes of combining Buddhism and his ancestral Kabbalah, collaborated with the DEA and the Scottish Right Freemasonry in his research injecting people with DMT to validate and groom those interested in entheogenic plants into these worldviews. It is a slow compliance, an acclimation, and part of other biomedical agendas from assaults on gender to genetically modified inputs all toward assimilation to transhumanists. The goal is to extinguish all of sacred humanity into the kabbalistic dream of the golem, the hackable organic human enslaved down to the genetic level.

Awe is the beginning of Philosophy, the wonder and ineffable majesty of beholding nature and the human spirit’s extremes of potential and baseness. We stand at the threshold of a world age, where they seek to forever wipe the Memory and traces of the Way. While the masses distract themselves in every possible way, the true seeker must stay aimed, focused, and resolute in the assaults that seek to demoralize and embitter. They must find the ways to revive the exhausted soul, to shake off the lethargy and red dust and rekindle the enthusiasm, the secret fire, the true sources of empowerment of the ancestors. It is a battle for this energy, this human spirit or fire of consciousness. It is an incessant war of tension and attrition to break the consciousness, to fragment the psyche, to tarnish and degrade the heart. Our quest is to heal, to become whole, to regain the soma, the haoma, the sacred mead, the kykeon, the Moly of Hermes, and rekindle the blazing consciousness that recalls itself in the darkness of the Abyss.

Do not dissipate and waste this precious incarnation, put your talents and passions, your resources, your time, and wealth into the pursuit of the Great Work. Join us in research and propagation of the true Master Narrative, to reinstitute the esoteric and intimate Mysteries in remote mountain settings, to produce the medicines and distilled monographs of research for heuristic training in becoming a true Adept and Master. Drink of the pure waters of Memory, Remember the divine heritage and birthright, and awaken to the reality we are Gods in exile. It is the goal of the Mysteries to purify and awaken one to this innate divine nature as they return home to the company of the Blessed.

The Reception Of Psyche Into Olympus by Polidoro da Caravaggio

An Extracted Footnote from the Hyperborean Research Trilogy

We have discussed the abomination of pedophilia in other manuscripts as a signature of the Enemy, it always emerges at the collapse of Empire as degenerate, insanity, and depravity cause all neglect for duty and honor. The Enemy have always been accused of this act, and ritual murder of children (blood libel, their own writings), and it is proven in many cases and continues to the modern day. This is discussed in the Occult Wars series and Sub Rosa. But in ancient Greece, the situation was the same, as we have argued in various monographs. The earliest laws forbid such actions of sexual relationships between adults and children, and foreign elite would entrust their children to the early Greeks for their upholding of this law. The earliest myths were always sexual conduct of adults. The oldest depictions of all the Greek Gods, Hermes and (and even some of Apollo*), were bearded, masculine that later became effeminate, beardless youth. “It is believed that in the Homeric world homosexuality was not favored.”

Archaic bearded Hermes, later becomes only portrayed as young, unbearded.

Plato says that everyone knew the Cretans manufactured myths to justify their debased, unnatural sexuality. Such is with “Catamitus” (and also “Ganymedes”), from which the English word ‘catamite’ is derived. According to Plato, the Cretans were regularly accused of inventing the myth because they wanted to justify their “unnatural pleasures.” This is part of the occult wars that is able to be encouraged and exploited in urban, luxury culture where people become detached from truly Natural relationships. Robert Graves and others have demonstrated a clear agenda and groups of poets that deliberately altered myth, art, etc. to normalize these practices. We have no prejudice against adults who engage in sexuality, from the Sapphic to other adult forms of sexuality, bisexual, orgiastic or monogamous. When is a person adult in an ancient society? Puberty?

The relationships of young adults and those slightly younger (like a 19-20 years old) is far different than someone (we deem worthy of ritual murder) that molests pre-pubescent children. The term ‘pedophile’ is not accurate, rather it was “Ephebophilia: which is the primary sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19.” Any such myths of the Gods are late inventions, distortions, from Orpheus to the nephew of Herakles. European beauty idolized Rubenesque women (or healthy voluptuousness, and not the waif, anorexic, addict-looking style of model they have pushed for years, nor obese, Venus, Callipyge, consider the implications of the nudity of Phryne (born c. 371 BC), the ancient Greek courtesan), thus this is not seeking some justification for pursuing younger partners, as we suspect many writers on this subject conceal such agendas (Michel Foucault and many others were involved in such relationships, and many of the “leftist” writers have this proclivity and state it openly). But just as you see history rewritten, statues torn down, even pop culture icons replaced by transgender, minority, or other ‘marginalized’ groups that are really an extreme minority, it is part of the occult wars, the mass psychosis of a certain type of degenerate liberalism.

Another example is the mythos of Orpheus, which becomes completely inverted, and it is the inverted and final form that is remembered, the original mythic true buried only to scholars of the Mysteries. Such notions are calculated to destroy nations and are always present before a society and civilization collapse, as if some magic awakens such latent decadence from mutated worldviews, or a deep suicidal impulse that rejects normal, procreative relationships. It is used to overthrow parental rights, since certain sexual proclivities or deviations cannot reproduce, it targets children through instinct and intent to groom and convert children to their “lifestyle.”

But it is also to feminize men and make women masculine, to destabilize every norm so that the dystopian hive can possess what is left of the broken individual, and the new normal can fill the vacuum of their decimated reality. Thus, within two generations of captured, groomed, youth will fight for their oppressors, turn on their parents, burn their own towns and cities, all to liberate into further depravity, to be equal in poverty, misery, and failure. Xenophon, the only historian with firsthand experience of the agoge (his sons attended it!), states explicitly: “… [Lycurgus] … laid down that in Sparta lovers should refrain from molesting boys, just as much as parents avoid having intercourse with their children or brothers with their sisters.” It is hard to find a more definitive statement than this and from the most credible source. To dismiss this evidence because it contradicts opinions are ignorant at best and part an Agenda at worst. Xenophon adds: “It does not surprise me, however, that some people do not believe this since in many cities the laws do not oppose lusting after boys.”

Helena P. Schrader writes, “the most important and lovely pieces of Spartan sculpture depict couples sitting side by side. Regardless of whom the figures were intended to depict (Helen and Menelaos, Chilon and his wife, a Spartan king, and his queen), what is significant is the greater importance given to depictions of a man and wife sitting side by side – that is, in partnership – compared to depictions of sexual intercourse. This is because marriage in Sparta was a partnership, not a tyranny as in the rest of Greece. Nor was a Spartan marriage merely for reproduction, it was also consciously intended to bring sexual satisfaction to both partners. Xenophon explains that Spartan laws required men and women to marry in their physical prime and not when too young (for girls) or too old (for men) and that they should be initially restricted in their sexual contact so as to not to become satiated, but rather to enjoy sex together. Note that there is an explicit emphasis on the desirability of the female partner enjoying sex as much as the male. Love, Sex and Marriage: A Guide to the Private Life of the Ancient Greeks, “Contrary to popular opinion, that world was not a paradise for homosexuals. Pederasty was held in such contempt that it was very heavily punished.”

The ancient “pagans” also honored chastity, virginity. For instance, “Vestal virgins were women priestesses to the goddess of Hearth, Vesta, in Ancient Rome. The main duty they must perform was to guard the fire of Vesta. With this they would be endowed with many honors and rights that a normal female would not have at that time. These women were very powerful in the sense that people would respect them because of the mission they were chosen to take in life. Their vow of chastity and their vow of sustaining the fire, made them vital individuals in that ancient time in history.” Even with Sappho, some scholars suggest the relationship was like Socrates had with his students, an intense personal relationship which would not involve sexual love and would be a platonic love. The Germanic tribes were remarked for their monogamy and sexual restraint by Tacitus, and the sexual deviants were buried in the bog, their memory removed from history, forgotten. Such as if society collapses, and there is lawlessness, clean the community of sexual predators, and hang your local pedophile THEN put them in the bog!

The Germanic Tribes dealt with sexual deviants by erasing their name from earth by sinking them in the swamps and bogs: “Traitors and deserters are hanged on trees; the coward, the unwarlike, the man stained with abominable vices, is plunged into the mire of the morass, with a hurdle put over him. This distinction in punishment means that crime, they think, ought, in being punished, to be exposed, while infamy ought to be buried out of sight.” -Cornelius Tacitus, Germany and its Tribes

* Carpenter claims that images of Apollo in sixth-century Attic art were wildly variable, showing the
god both bearded and beardless, and he states, “to the Attic vase painters of the mid-sixth century his age
was simply not an issue” Carpenter, T.H. 1994. “The Terrible Twins in Sixth-Century Art.” In Apollo: Origins and Influences, edited by Solomon. J. Tucson: University of Arizona Press

Hyperborean Internships

We are considering select candidates for internship opportunities. We have specific research products that can function as a mentorship program to the right person. Candidate should email their qualifications, skills, interests, goals and objectives and why they should be considered. We pay in herbal formula, exclusive monographs, private correspondence and consultation, and possible future opportunities to our herbalist guild, and other levels of interaction should there be an earned level of trust and good will. If one has not obtained the most basic writings, the first research monograph, initiation/membership zine, mystae trilogy, or sub rosa, there is no need to contact.

An Alchemical Invisible College

We have created a network of guilds, websites, entities, etc. to recruit and find those elite in passion, intelligence, drive and discipline to undertake the supreme quest and purpose of life, the Magnum Opus. We have collected such partners for decades, those that maintain the Path and pursue the alchemical secrets without excuse or deviation. We have sought teachers, infiltrated groups and monasteries, undertook arduous journeys, training in languages, and all the related disciplines needed to unlock manuscripts, symbols. We raise funds to find the rarest texts, to source the authentic elixir ingredients, the skillful means of Masters. We have encountered other similar groups with a purpose and have sought to connect and create sacred links with their Filiations and occult societies.

It is a true Invisible College of Alchemical, Hermetic and Ancestral studies that we have created out of the sheer yearning and desire. We have only begun to do the proper work of presenting the distillation of such efforts to those seeking the Way in this collapsing world age. We deeply thank all those who have supported us thus far. We hope to continue to attract those interested in the sincere, anonymous, and heuristic pursuit of their alchemical methods balanced with a discreet society of fellow researchers.