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Any group, any membership or affiliation must have rights and privileges; this is the point of citizenship in the ancient world, though it is now a meaningless concept in the modern era, where illegal immigrants have superior rights and less penalties than the actual tax paying citizenry. This is the true evil of globalism, the destruction of nations, of culture, a spiritual and initiatory genocide of all Traditional societies and cultures. We hope to research and preserve as much of the Hyperborean, Indo-European esoteric lore and create and nurture a society to do so. We seek those that see the forces gathering to eradicate these traditions and that want to contribute to projects that see that they endure. But, like a nation that appreciates and honors its citizens, membership must be incentivized in a way that is mutually beneficial to both the individual and the group. Membership should likewise entail responsibility, commitments, but also a shared part of the outcomes, resources and abundances. It must be exclusive and merit-based or else there is no standard, no core purpose, no shared worldview or objectives that allows for cooperative projects.

The point of our Research Society is to gather those elite in their dedication to the Mysteries, the Alchemical Great Work and the science of immortality of the Indo-European traditions. The benefits are that one has access to alchemical medicines, unpublished manuscripts, the fellowship of those sharing a Weltanschauung and life time quest, and research resources. The latter is truly the focus of the outer research group, the acquisition and copying of ultra rare texts, and the subsequent distillation and exegesis of their contents. This is the chief expense, the procuring of the essential primary research materials and manuscripts. This is also the chief incentive to join our group, namely that unless one is extremely wealthy, many of the key texts, academic and primary, are starting at $500. We have vast archives to share as PDFs in large USB drives for Members as well. Due to the subject matter, certain texts are available only to vetted members. There are no Membership fees other than purchasing the Membership and Initiation monograph, which shall explain our worldview, our structure, and the exoteric and esoteric goals of our group. We do accept donations and support and conduct fundraising activities through special offerings in our guild affiliates for special projects which members should support through sharing such initiatives. It is imperative to engage in mutually beneficial works, to never be parasitic or exploitative, but to remain sustainable, self-funding and autonomous.

The MAGUS series from Magus Publishing has articulated the worldview of the Modern Adept, and it is the metasigil or manifesto and template towards a self-reliant, mountain dwelling Master that is skilled, stocked and remote for the deep seclusion and retreats. We have structured our life and kin domain as such that our costs are minimal, and we are as autonomous as possible in these modern times. We seek to define and presence a new Adept consciousness that is exoterically and esoterically refined, honed and proficient, from survival to the highest arts of the Muses, theurgy and the Great Work. We create the kin domains, fortified mountain compounds of mutual self preservation and research into the keys of Immortality. Mastery here is to have the freedom of one’s own time and space in this modern time to pursue and articulate such research for those devotedly pursuing the ancestral Memories. We create abundance and a living resource for the collected research of our inner circle. We thank you all for supporting the various publications that create the energy that inspires and drives us to produce more and work harder.

We will be featuring ‘want lists’ and acquisitions. There are some texts that we keep in our archives when copying is not an option for various reasons. Otherwise we may exhaustively submit a text to the Peers, who will all prepare a monograph from their study, at which time we collect them and edit them together for a dossier. Then the text is either sold or traded for other key works, as we are not book collectors but researchers. We keep a sizable core library and archives, much of which is accessible to senior members or those with specific research topics. In the past, we have been contacted by Universities and Scholars seeking a particular volume that we have managed to obtain exclusively (such as original translations of rare Persian sufi alchemical texts).

Other benefits are sponsorship/fundraising for retreats and expeditions for those who prove worth such investments. Consultations with elite guild herbalists, group buying offers for bulk items needed for survivalism, hermit retreats, etc., equipment, private monographs, oral traditions, sacramental offerings, ritual regalia, special gifts and awards for service or achievements. These can be special antiques, alchemical items, talismans, ceremonial weapons, idols, etc. rare texts, alchemical pottery, glassware, blacksmithing, and other Traditional European items. We also have heirloom seeds, heritage breeds of livestock/animals, internships, and partnerships in the guild for business with the goal to join the kin domains or establish a homestead or hermitage that is associated with the Guild and Society.

We look forward to the beautiful works we can create and disseminate that articulate the noble, pure and honorable pagan worldview that is free from the extremes of degenerates and dilettantes. We hope to progress in producing multimedia articulations of the Mysteries free from the pop-occultism, kabbalistic distortions and appropriations that have infected the Western Tradition.

Join us together in a round table, an invisible college, a silent society, a think tank that competes in research and daring to find the fragments and Memories of our original Tradition. Let us join silently, anonymous, and singular in purpose producing initiatory content for our own beloved folk and kindred. At the core, we are hermits, pilgrims of the Sun, seeking the Organic Light of the Goddess. As a Cult of Memory we must Remember within the dream of death that we are Immortal. Ultimately we must all do the work alone, in the quiet solitude of the silent alchemy, but we give homage and respect to those master teachers who have left the maps, the markers and lamps along the way. Like the bee, we gather the nectar from many flowers and produce the sweet honey, the elixir against Death.