The proceeds of the monograph sales are reinvested into purchasing books, manuscripts and other such items for the library and laboratory. This is a section for bibliophiles and researchers to see some texts that we esteem enough to purchase, evaluate and to retain in our collections. As we are in the process of building a permacultural initiatory center for alchemical research and spiritual training, these will be crucial resources for study and future writings. They will be listed with perhaps a short note as having earned a place in our library.

Those wishing to support our work can engage in our research society, support our shop and aid their health in the process or donate as well for the further acquisitions of research items. We are so thankful to the many readers and supporters who anonymously fund our work and allow us to devote our lives to healing and research. It is a responsibility we do not take lightly and we seek to honor these investments in every way. The sickness of body and spirit has evoked the concentration and focus that desires not for anything of this world. For decades we trace this alchemical path, seeking the masters and lineage holders, translating texts and maintaining the secret fires of the Art. The old texts and sacred forests are the only companions amongst the herbs and retorts. The ascetic devotion is not an escapism or shunning of the world as much as it is the blissful ekstasis of the path of the Wise. In the pain, the isolation and the exile, the dross burns away, revealing the quintessence of life’s purpose and mystery. Ora et Labora.

Kingsley, P. 1995. Ancient Philosophy, Mystery and Magic: Empedocles and Pythagorean Tradition, Oxford University Press.
Wright, M. R. 1981. Empedocles: The Extant Fragments, Yale University Press.
Two essential books on the enthusiastic wisdom, giving deep context into the Mystery Traditions and fragments of the Adepts that preserved and presenced the Hyperborean ideals. The cosmology and basis for the magical and alchemical traditions and the deepest esoteric doctrines are found here in the pure spiritual fire of Empedocles.

Gershenson, D. 1991. Apollo the Wolf-God. Institute for the Study of Man.
The series of monographs from the Institute of Man are of the highest quality. Though we do not agree with a lot of this author’s conclusions, the research is solid overall and gives details to the God Apollo.