Project Asgard

Asgard is the fortified compound of the Gods, the mythological home of our ancestral deities. So many have become distracted from what is essential, what is fundamental to life. This is health, strength, and abundance that can only be presenced in the deepest connection to the land. We must reconnect, remediate and cultivate the soil with our blood and sweat, to create new tribal territories, sacred groves, holy mountains surrounded with bountiful gardens and fields. We must create secure, insulated communities for our children, for our heirs, that we may be remembered as great ancestors. We must become patriarchs and matriarchs of new clans that preserved the Old Ways, the heritage flora and fauna, the Lore and esoteric secrets of the past. Project Asgard is the propagation of skillful means, strategic permaculture, and resources and guidance for securing land, building community, and positioning self and family into self-reliance, autonomy and strength. We focus on the exoteric and practical considerations of acquiring land, revenue streams, artisan tools, heirloom seeds and livestock, to security and creating a truly sacred, Traditional space worthy of the Gods.