Delphic Maxims

According to the Delphian poetess Boio [Boeo], says Pausanias, the shrine of Apollon at Delphi was built by a group of Hyperboreans led by Olen, Pagasos and Agyieos. Olen was the first prophet of Apollon, chanting the hexameter oracles. Here we see the Hyperborean origins of the moral and spiritual principles of Europe and Western Culture and what are nearly universal values, except in modern times. One has to see who holds the influence in the various power centers of media to finance and what dark reification they push onto the people. This is a true spiritual discernment. Those who wish to resist this encroaching modern hell, must truly seek the numinous in the opposite of what is being normalized and pushed as an agenda. The anti-traditions articulate the madness making the sides clear.

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