Hyperborean Research Society Announcement

Lapis Lazuli King and Lord of Medicines

As the storm clouds gather, we intend to use all of the assaults and events as catalysts to deep and profound engagement in specific esoteric practices. These represent the supreme teachings of the Hyperborean Dharma, the Solar Buddha ( Mahāvairocana or Dainichi (lit. “Great Sun”) the supreme ancient Original Buddha, the primordial black sun of the infinite darkness, ‘the Absolute or Truth Body’ of the Dharmakaya of all Buddhas. Here we merge the Greater and Lesser Dharma with the way of the Gods, the ancestral expedient use of the skillful means of “merging Gods and Buddhas.”

Steiner understood this as Wotan and Buddha, and the scholars understand the deep Greco-Buddhist connections that have created and influenced central aspects of Dharmic sacred Art. The Buddha as Apollo, the heroes as Bodhisattva warriors and Dharma guardians are the source of the most sublime expressions of truth and beauty. We presence the ancestral shen-tao (the way of the Gods), within our karma and wyrd, our folk soul. Our mountain Gods and heroes, such as great grand All-Father Wotan, High, Wodanaz, Votan, Mahabrahma King of Heavens, the Sun behind the Sun, Dyēus Patēr, Skyfather Tsagan Evgen, The White Old Man, the Lord of Nature, God of longevity, herbs and medicine, magic, writing and war, whose consort is Mother Earth. Our mission and this lineage, like the truly powerful of the past, emerge from a crisis, one of identity to the very survival of the people and the Dharma and Way. We have spent the decades to the pure shamanic and Indo-European, the Scythian heritage Dharma in the remote temples of the steppes in the autonomous regions beyond China and Russia, where the gates of East and West converge, the threshold of the vajra and the hammer, the chambers of the North Wind in the Northern peaks.

In many ways this is the most dire, profound and existential threat to humanity that the world has ever faced. We must rise to this situation, and become so purified and imbued with the true, organic light of the primordial energy that to transgress us our calm abiding is to transgress the essence of life itself. We must become so pure of heart, sanctified in our authentic Being that to oppose us is to oppose the Gods and Buddhas themselves.

We seek to silently, anonymously, articulate, teach and facilitate a new Mastery, a modern Adept skilled in medicine and martial arts, in survivalism and philosophy, in the esoteric rites and artisan crafts, in the celestial alchemical agriculture and the regenerative permaculture farming. Nothing less than a true spiritual elite, of militant honor, refinement, and infused with real power and skills to truly presence compassion, healing and mercy tempered, protected and balanced with the insulating ability to defend it at all costs. Become extreme is skill, strength and health, radical in practice, commitment and training. Strive and push the limits of body and Mind to the goals of the Way, of the inner and outer elixirs and Supreme Awakening.

We are the center of the world, we are the axis mundi, the locus of divinities and Buddhas. The occult wars have sought to debase and demoralize, to exile one from attaining to realization in this very body, in this very lifetime to so dim a concept that to even have awareness of the Way is nearly a miracle in this Wolf’s Age. The solvents of psychic and spiritual warfare cannot erode the deep yearning and striving within, the profound gnosis of something Other they ridicule, mock, deny and scorn. To remove obstacles, veils, delusions and distractions reveals the adamantine nature of the Self as astral light cloaked or entombed in matter.

Our Guild is the exoteric and sustaining method of our self-reliance. It is through autonomy that we maintain our integrity. From this foundation we build the Hyperborean Research Society, the philosophical and alchemical research study group. We have moved to the next phase, of creating a Dharma lineage and Sangha, which is in dire need in this time of the global psychological operation towards a new normal of dystopian tyranny.

The red-haired, blue-eyed Barbarian monk Bodhidharma

We exhort all those to practice the transmissions and teachings each day as if it was their last, with the focus that this year is a profound push and surge to awaken. We plan successive rites and fasts that culminate on Dec 8th and Dec 21st of this year in different cycles that correspond to our full-spectrum cultivation. We have posted information on our associate guild site, but will hopefully have an independent website for the Mountain Forest Dharma Sangha, for the peaks and woodlands are the true mandala of this realm, and a series of publications available rapidly.

We pour out our guild and master teachings for the esoteric ascetic mountain training, the sacred fire rites, purging the corpse-demons, the true mantra and mandala, the inner and outer alchemical elixirs, the parad mercury and Siddha precious pills, dark room training, and methods of the subtle body.

We have several Research Society Monographs coming soon on Greco-Buddhist and Orphic-Buddhist Studies, Hyperborean entheogens and the Gardens of Apollo, Pythagorean Dharmic Studies, and Hyperborean esoteric astrotheology. We thank you for your support, and please consider obtaining our elixirs for your radiant health and meditation. We work for the immanent Buddhahood and realization of the Pure Land.

Greco-Buddhist monasticism

Hercules/Vajrapani, Greco-Buddhist art

The Sangha and Research groups prosper by the investment and energy that are given. We seek quality, serious individuals to contact to participate and assist in our mission. We thank all those who support us especially during this time and allow us to allocate special resources, time and commitments to such projects.

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