Much have I suffered, labored long and hard by now
in the waves and wars. Add this to the total—bring the trial on!

Some profoundly misunderstand the lotus-eaters from an initiatory perspective, which is a person who spends their time indulging in pleasure and luxury rather than dealing with practical concerns. It is time to awake and shake off the illusions and fantasy and prepare for the wandering path back Home. So many have become decadent with the luxury, ease and stimulation of the degenerate world age that they cannot even conceive of doing any real Work, Labor or Tasks to completion. To those that have dissipated the illusions and understand how crucial every moment is in this precious incarnation, we welcome you as allies.

We wish to thank all for the support, correspondence, submissions, donations, patronage and interest. These are ‘interesting’ times, as the cohesive, lockstep measures are deployed rapidly around us. The ultimatums that are to be forced upon us are the attempts to checkmate our very core human, albeit limited, freewill. Freewill or predestination or biological determinism has long been such a philosophical debate (or seen as an illusion to reductionists of neurosciences). But here is where the abstractions melt away. Here is where you decide if you have free will to resist these agendas that seek to dominate you down to when you can leave your house, whom you can associate with, when and how you may worship, do business, down to your genetic code and body sovereignty. Such measures are calculated to decimate and demoralize any who remain steadfast in the initiatory understanding of life itself.

They have already, long ago, crossed the point of no return and all established norms will be rent asunder and torn apart at the seams. One must use this time to pursue true Mastery. Whereas these parasites and predators want complete control of others, but cannot control themselves, we must assert the control of the Magus over self of every thought, word and deed. Many are so hubris to think they will be Masters when they cannot control themselves for even a few minutes let alone the lifetime pursuit of the Art. This is why we stipulate to treat each day as if it is your last, each year the final one. We break the training into 100 days of intense, personal practice. For some, they do backbreaking labor, or lonely research for 20 hours a day, others are in hermitages engaged in alchemical experiments, or meditation. The best have blended all these together into protocols that allow them liberation from the parasites.

These summer months are times of Work, not vacations, not distractions. It is a time from spring to plant the seeds, for the summer to grow and mature and harvest in fall. This is the alchemical season, which concludes in rituals of the winter, enjoying the bounty of the year. Yet so many are so dissociated from Nature, from themselves that such results that come with true mastery will evade them like trying to grasp at shadows. One must sweat out the physical and spiritual poisons in the soil, one must exhaust the brain’s chatter with the sacred master’s works, one must pacify the restless intellect in the alchemical laboratory, and heal the body with the resulting medicines. Yet to have the freedom to pursue these tasks requires its own set of conditions that must be met. Indeed, even if most were given all they desired to know and to do, they could not handle it.

It is like a cheap crucible will not withhold the reactions of transmutation. It will shatter and burst, and likely injure all those around them. Like in all things, those that are the most superficial often gain the most attention as being ‘serious’ or true, but it’s all a lie to themselves most of all. They cannot hide from the truth of their failures, weakness and descent into madness and misery when they are alone. They who are lost and overcome in the shallow waters will never cross the deep abysmal waters between the realms. They will drown in the spinning eddies of hopeless swirling cycles of endless rebirths and tortures of their own dark waters.

To the anonymous, quiet students of the Art we give you support, love and honor. To those that diligently stick to their work despite all obstacles, intrusions, set backs, who let no excuse deter them from the Work no matter if it is family, illness, pain, finances or any other. We sincerely salute your efforts. You will be repaid in inner elixir that the dabblers, dilettantes, and triflers will never even glimpse. Thus our output on the digital side wanes during these hot months, as we pursue the Work and Tasks laid forth in the Initiation Monograph ourselves. These are lifetime pursuits. And though it may seem that the times will never allow such tranquility and peace for such engagements, we must work as if we have no time but prepare for the future as if we are immortals.

This means that we act with the knowledge of certain outcomes, just as the Gods understood the events of the twilight of this world age, the loss and tragedy. They fought as if victory was assured even if the occult knowledge told them otherwise. This is the only healthy, heroic worldview to take in the growing storm clouds of this coming chaos that will increase exponentially. One must be steadfast in all things, from the most trivial to the most sacred and essential. This is the only way to achieve true mastery, true integrity, True Humanity, which is the path of Immortals. But those that neglect their duty, their small but essential tasks, will never grow to larger ones. For in the end, there are really only Masters and slaves. But if you cannot master yourself, you will always be someone’s slave. If you cannot control that voice within that destroys your inner world, you will never have a genius as a servant.

We assure you, the enemy never misses their rituals, their training, they do not make excuses or complain, or feel sorry for themselves. If you can not meet and exceed their level of devotion, you have already lost and might as well resign to an eternity of slavery. It is the slavery of the body, of the mind, and of inferior beings in a dark heirarchy of enslavement, indentured to debts and bondages that can never be resolved. If you state you will do a thing and give your word and it is not accomplished, even if it is silent and to yourself of your own commitment, then you are a slave. This is why the master’s talk of the enlightenment as liberation, it is the escape from the tyranny of the uncontrolled self, which in turn demands a certain respect and empowerment from the universe itself, because Nature itself favors acts of will and strength.

All have the potential, yet so few can harness it and make it productive, stable and able to transmute. Otherwise it is dissipated, like a lightning rod that takes the flashes of brilliance and grounds them to nothing. Or like a surge, that burns the filament and destroys the light, its a waste again. Only those that can harness that soma-like ecstatic energy and potentiate it through the herbs, the elixirs, the rituals and power items of the theurgic art can shatter the limitations imposed by this material realm. Those that waste their own and others’ time should feel the gnawing anxiety in the pit of their gut, as the time to act drifts away and the ground itself will swallow them and their pathetic efforts. You must make your ancestors proud as the culmination of your lineage or become the rotting, latent mutation towards something worse than beasts. Honor your ancestors and the Gods by behaviors that are consistent with your divine heritage and pierce the poisons within that they may be rendered into purest ambrosia.

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