Membership & Initiation

For Membership & Initiation We require the minimal effort of obtaining and reading the Hyperborean Research Society Initiation & Membership monograph. If still interested, please inquire with manners, in formal style, listing skills, talents, resources, etc. for earning your place and gaining deeper access. We seek those elites of effort, discipline and refinement, capable of discipline and action. We are an alchemical think tank and Invisible College, an exoteric order of guilds and an esoteric inner society dedicated to the Great Work. We seek to distill the original ancestral Traditions from certain corruptions, deviations and suppressions of the Western lineages and the spiritual warfare against all ancestral Ways.

As our exoteric goals are to build autonomous rural communities, we are as self-sufficient as possible as individuals. Therefore, all funds and contributions are invested in the research (texts, translations, herbs, ingredients such as cinnabar, antimony, etc., soma herbs, rare ritual incense and theurgic items for the adepts). We have specific special offerings for certain objectives. A current one is to purchase a private alchemical trilogy that is of exceptionally rare availability but which is costly. Such a work we would obtain, have our society members translate, copy, and distill into a presentation for the Society in a series of monographs and commentaries.