100 gram, family harvested air-cracked cell wall.

Pine pollen is a potent source of bio-available androgen and adaptogens, and phyto-hormones. It contains many therapeutic phyto-sterols such as Androstenedione, Androsterone, DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), Testosterone and many other adaptogenic and adrogenic (200 plus active constitutents) compounds studied for cardiovascular health, anti-fatigue, anti-inflammatory, detox of liver and gallbladder, prostate health, antioxidant and weight management (and muscle mass). We encourage the pairing of this product with our Spagric Nettle Root extract which has a synergizing effect with pine pollen, balancing and maximizing the positive effects. We love to do our detox fasting with the Altai pine and bee pollen, propolis and nettle spagyrics with the mycomedicinal spagyrics as well. This is a complete protocol for a deep cleanse and revitalization. It is the perfect catalyst to beginning a new phase or radiant health.

As we state in many descriptions, Russia has become the standard in organic agriculture and thus the surrounding country sides are renewed with the vital signs of pristine nature. Our guild has many family members in this region, in the remote off-grid kin domains of the old ways. Camps so remote one is given coordinates instead of an address. It is here we source so many herbs. In the Viking era, Russia was known as Greater Sweden. As we document in our Hyperborean monographs, this is the Indo-European homeland, the source of the Vedic and Persian masters, the Scythian tribes that brought the Hyperborean fruits to the mystery centers of Europe.

It is a beautiful, dynamic region where we get the best bee products, mushrooms, roots and herbs as well as what we consider pine pollen. We are pollen fanatics (check our Swedish flower pollen, pine pollen spagyrics, etc,), and members of our guild source pollen from Korea to Norway and we still feel that the Altai is superior, likewise the same is with the shilajit products of this region. We feel the Indian is over-harvested, and the conditions not as perfect for the most potent pollens of various sources. The Altai pine pollen is a richer, darker color, much more bio-active. It is a superior herb for boosting vitality, testosterone, the phyto-nutrients and essence of the forest. Pine pollen is not just for men, it can help women’s libido and with different phases of life such as menopause because it is balancing hormones.

We use these herbs in a very intense method of fasting on pure tonic herbs, which is the shamanic and yogic training from the forests of the North in the sacred herbalism of the wise people to Tibetan yogis and Siddhas. It is a high Tantrik practice to subsist off energetic fasting and consuming precious flower pollens (chulen) essences. Please consider reading our work on fasting techniques Self to Self, in the zines/monograph section which gives an insight into what we call Noetic Herbalism. This is an herbalism that understands the mindful, ritual approach to healing, training and the alchemy of the self. This is not an egoistic selfishness, but a provisional level of self-care and mastery in redefining and maturing into a person capable of aiding our loved ones and our community. Strength and health are vital for focus, for discipline for manifesting goals. The sacred approach to herbalism integrates the ritualistic, sacred approach to life and Nature.

All medicines work as signals, and the disintegration of this cellular signaling in the body is the cause of illness. The integrated ritual healing is the core of every ancestral system and spagyrics, where one harmonizes the body and spirit, much as how one tunes a fine instrument. These simple lifestyle adjustments often reap great benefits. For those training for elite sports, to get in shape for their children, to begin a new phase in life or to complete a project these herbs aid in the initial energy and, most importantly, the recovery period. Many rely on drugs and stimulants for energy and recovery, which causes adrenal fatigue and collapses into true terminal health conditions. These herbs were part of the ancient warrior and shaman traditions, hardwired deep within the DNA of thousands of years of use. They connect one with the soul and mountains of the ancient primordial homeland, the gates of the North Winds, the place of the original people. We are so pleased to offer this seasonal, artisan batch of air cracked pine pollen direct from our families wildcrafters.


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