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Sol Niger Vol. 1

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Hyperborean Mysteries

The Great Adepts in history have been those that preserved and protected the initiatory sciences from distortions and perversions. They are the masters who instituted and reinstated in the Mystery Traditions from the dark parasites that seek to erase all traces of the Way. These are the Philosopher Shamans, those possessing the secret fire, the philosophical magnets that infuse the mundane with the exalted correspondences that lead one to the Gods. In this rubble and rubbish of the Modern World, we take on this Great Labor, this Holy Work with our dedicated allies.

The Sages of old have inscribed the Traditions across time and space for those with the inspiration and discipline to apply every fiber of their being to wrest the truth from the rust and dust of the falsehoods and deviations. The anti- and counter- Traditional forces have sought to either eradicate or pervert what remains. They have attempted to abolish even the notion of initiation or else to lace the Holy Sciences with lethal spiritual poisons that bind the soul and mind to the most insidious of entities. We work in tireless focus to gather and present the spiritual remedies and the modes of true transformation and transmutation in the occult wars. They seek the devolution and mutation of humanity and have ensnared the masses in their grand rituals of indoctrination. We call upon those elite of spirit, intellect and body to join us in our Mission. #occultwars #hyperborean #realalchemy #northernmysteries #mysteryschools #Traditional #solazaref #solveetcoagula #theurgy #shaman #hermetic #occultstudies #solartheurgy