A New Phase of the Hyperborean Research Society

We have been engaged in our own heuristic pursuits of the Great Work, the Heraclean tasks that we have outlined in the Membership and Initiation publication. We have had an increase of correspondence and interest that falls into the following categories: The first are so vulgar and mundane as to not deserve even a reply. The second are those that are interested and pursue their work at their own independent pace, contacting every once in awhile. The third are those who are exalted in energy and ready to pursue projects. It is to the latter we address these remarks.

We are faced with an onslaught of occult and psychic warfare, of demoralization, and the traps are ensnaring so many. Our goal is to guide those with the Memory of the Organic Light back to the Mysteries, the skillful means through the Spheres of the Gods to Immortality. It is our goal to be a force and signal of Remembrance of the divine origins of the True Human Beings. We have regrouped and recovered from some dire assaults, set-backs and humbling acts of nature in the wilderness and will be set to continue with a new level of energy, commitment and aspiration that make all previous efforts seem ‘child’s play.’

Our alchemical missionary work takes many forms, such as guilds to heal the body and soul to more advanced projects to articulate and create true Adepts. These adepts are to create rural esoteric compounds of the Mysteries and guide those elite of spirit enough to begin and accomplish the Magnum Opus. To further this agenda, we continue to recruit artists, researchers, writers, video editors, musicians, illustrators, etc. to create works of great Beauty to counter the lures and snares of the Enemy. We invite those of exalted Mind and resources to invest your energy into creating the most beautiful expressions of the True Philosophy as the Soul’s Rebirth into the Celestial Realms.

We hope to create complete works of art, ritualistic Gesamtkunstwerk of presentations of the Hyperborean gnosis. From reviving techniques of alchemical pottery and glass blowing to creating classical handbound books to multimedia presentations, as well building functional intiatory compounds and Temples to the Gods. As we build the underground chambers, the mountain shrines and forest sacred groves, the incubatory temples, alchemical laboratories we will document this as templates for others.

While others give their time and money, their art and attention to the most frivolous things, we admonish those who waste this precious incarnation to join us in this Invisible College recruitment and alchemical mission. Members, we also advise the most serious to contact via direct mail for private publications as well as trades, contributions, private correspondences, gifts, art, etc. Submissions to a private internal publication gains access to such a publication.

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