Orpheus: A Journal of the Orphic Mysteries V.2

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Our research is to find the source of the various Traditional streams that comprise the Mysteries. The lore and mythos is clear in all true Indo-European and related traditions of a central source, an original People, homeland. From here were dispensed the visionary entheogens, the skillful means to use them, and the Master Narrative of true initiation. From the legends of Hyperboreans, to Thracian and Scythian tribes that acted as emissaries and guards on the processions of the Sacred Way, this lore remained intact with a striking coherence and consistency from India to Ireland and all related cultures in between.

Our focus in this writing is of the Orphic origins to an initiatory understanding that echoes with this same consistency in various heritage and legacy cultures. This is of a cult of Memory, of magical or sacred springs of Memory, of oracular heads, and purification rites to Recall one’s divine race through specific ordeals and rituals. Such initiatic traces remain in the lore and cults of Odin and are templates and encoded skillful means of a profound Way. We personally feel these are some of the most important insights of the true esoteric path, the true alchemical Way, the Great Work and essential prerequisites to a true presencing of the Mysteries.

This will be an going series of research of Hyperborean, Scythian and Orphic/Thracian sources of the Mysteries, the cosmology, the herbal sacraments, the initiatory Master Narrative, the techniques and shamanic practices that are the true origins of the Western and Northern Tradition as well as the Vedic, Siddha and related alchemical, Tantric lineages.

84 pages. Summer Solstice 2022.

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