Topics include, Shamanic fasting, Hyperborean diets, detoxification and herbalism, shamanic paraphernalia, Hermetic seals, ancestral diets and alchemical correspondences.

This monograph is distillation of a lifetime of research in the Mysteries of alchemy, herbalism and healing and seeking the transmuting initiations written about by the ancients. The quest was initiated and amplified by the actual diagnosis of impending blindness and then terminal illness that no modern medicine could cure. The doctors said go home to die, harsh news at the prime of youth but a gift to place the priorities of this life in true perspective. The doctors attempts to mitigate the discomfort exacerbated and intensified the primary sickness while introducing many others from side-effects and suppressed symptoms. We turned to seeking Living Treasures, herbalist masters and shamans of every lineage and tradition, seeking the remarkable men and women of these ancient arts and studying their ways embedded in the tradition. We sought to cure this deathly, cold sickness with the highest tantric empowerments, nearly every shamanic or entheogenic plant in its authentic preparation from masters, and decades of ascetic practices as a hermit. This is not just our business nor a hobby nor an interest, it is beyond a passion. This is our religion, our constant study and devotion, it is the Way back from spiritual and physical sickness. But truly it is for the elite. The elite as in the superior, capable of the most discipline and who seek to evolve to highest human and personal potential. It is also for the elite of suffering and broken, those sick of being sick, and who need with the desperation of one’s last breath the redemptive transmutation from their base, diseased self to a twice-born Renewal.

The modern world is the conspiracy of conditions for the profound sickness of the soul and body. The worst and most widespread disease is spiritual. This is the human condition sensed by the ancients, but made the more dire in our exile from the true wisdom centers. This is the wound of Grail King that casts the realm into the wasteland, echoing back to the Heroic sagas and primordial Hyperborean Lore. This is the Solar hero slaying the toxic dragon, and winning the fruits of spiritual immortality. The spiritual imperative and ordeal is for us to arise from the abyss and become the lamps in the encroaching darkness. We must, both the elite in strength and sickness, reach deep into the shamanic ancestral lore that arose in the central homeland and dispersed across the nomadic empires of the Indo-European people and return with the core doctrines of their enthusiastic wisdom. This is another installment in our shamanic missionary work to articulate the modern adept built upon a core of Tradition. The investments from our faithful readers has allowed us to greatly expand the operations and we will be publishing further monographs on the shamanic arts, lyre construction, permaculture, spagyrics, ancestral ferments, European herbalism, theurgy, and much more. At the core of these publications is a dedicated research collective, emerging on the Winter Solstice of 2018 as the Hyperborean Research Society. Please contact to contribute or aid this work.

There are many who reduce reality, health and consciousness to a chemical phenomenon, and that enlightenment, or in modern terms the ability to ‘feel’ sane or numb in an insane world, is simply a chemical balance achieved in the brain. They believe that taking a substance, pharmaceutical or entheogen will heal them or resolve the issues of a life time like a panacea. The truth is none such exists. It is the complete upward striving and effort that culminates in the great spiritual sacrifice that meets the downward descending energies of the Gods. This comprises the mastery of the elements that combine to create existence and then transcending them in turn. We often write as the modern world as a perfect storm for this cancerous sickness of the body and the spirit, the collusion of pollution, decadent lifestyle, genetic modifications as ‘the silent weapons for quite wars’ against the population. As herbalists with a tiny practice, we are besieged with the ill with the same cluster of symptoms of a dazed weakened, drained existence. Men and women in their prime who are constantly tired, sick, distracted and diseased. Many of the older generation are ending the final years in senility instead of transitioning to the wise elders. The reproductive, sexual disorders and digestive issues in people that should be at the apex of health reach truly epidemic, systematic levels of sickness.

At the core is an ultimatum of our ontology, on the origins and purpose of life. These are the questions at the core of the Mystery Traditions, and the beginning of philosophy, gnosis and healing. Knowledge of self uncovers much toxic illness and waste of the world. This is the self that is executed in holy, incessant rituals for and by the True Self. It takes a great spiritual integrity to not revert back to default conditioning, habits, or simplistic, or nihilistic worldviews that negates purpose and efforts. We are either the horrible accidents of chaos, achieving an agonizing hell of self-awareness of meaningless, futility or we are sacred, microcosmic embodients of consciousness. There is truly no in between. The true implications of this must permeate one’s existence and infuse the sacred in all actions from the lowest chore to the highest theurgical rituals. The true fast is holding firm in the waves of destruction, in fastening the heart and spirit to nobility, and abstaining from the poisons of the profane modern world.

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