Winter Solstice release: Our guild has many branches, and at the core is the alchemical, theurgic and philosophical research of Hyperborean Laboratories. As students and seekers of the Northern Mysteries, we have recruited an elite group of researchers dedicated to finding all of the fragments, texts, and scattered lore of the Primordial Polar Ancestors. We recruit translators, scholars, archivists, practical alchemists and those Master Teachers who have lit the path in this abyss of darkness. Our goal is to regain the empowering gnosis of the ancient philosopher shamans and our mission is to distill this to those seeking an authentic form of initiation. At once practical, magical and alchemical, we hope this text will spark the quest for those seeking to complete the heroic labors of the Magnum Opus. Topics include meditations on the black sun in alchemy as well as spagyric, alchemical and theurgic sources of Indo-European culture, religion and sacred herbalism/metallurgy. This is a labor of love, expressing the solar consciousness or solar theology of the Hyperborean gnostics. It is a meditation of this ancient Northern Lore in the form of essays, extracts, sacred writings and many images, symbols and icons of the Sun King and related alchemical arts.

It is the first in a series of meditations on the conjunction of the solar and lunar essences, of integrating the soul illuminated by the alchemical black sun. The blackness of despair, alienation, and exile of this modern world has driven many to madness, depression and suicidal resignation. This darkness is the first stage in the alchemical process. We must transmute or mutate, ripen or rot on the vine. This is the spiritual ultimatum of life and the Great Yearning that prompts one to seek initiation and to do the Great Work. This is of an internal alchemical process of psycho-spiritual amalgamation, of reconciling the opposing forces within as solve et coagula. It is the external alchemy of the true energized medicines, of exalting matter to truly healing medicines. We intend this series to be a lamp on the dark path of nihilism and destruction that has destroyed the Mystery schools, burnt the libraries and adepts or scattered them to the winds.

Those that enjoy the spagyric and alchemical remedies from Hyperborean Laboratories and Asatru Apothecary will see some of the research and methods we use in crafting these artisan elixirs. Due to space, we only present some of the outlines of this solar method, and establish the philosophical and practical foundation of how these are created using only the sun as an external energy source in the stages of extraction, calcination, etc. While it does stand alone, it is complimentary to the monographs already published, those available only to members, and to those forthcoming such as a special series devoted to our method of spagyrics. This is a method of solar theurgic spagyrics, what we call noetic herbalism and is a unique expression of the various Indo-European alchemists and the master teachers with whom we have trained in the various alchemical lineages that survive today.

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